Men's Sleep Aids

For men, choosing a sleep supplement can be a challenge. You need a sleep aid that’s strong enough to work, but mild enough that you aren’t groggy and out of it the next day. And you don’t have time for side effects, or worrying about addiction. You just want something that will help you sleep, then let you get on with your life…alert, feeling fully rested, and ready to take on the day.

Which is why our natural sleep supplements for men are a smart choice.

Not only can you get the sleep you need, but natural men’s sleep aids can even target the real reasons you aren’t sleeping. If the worries of the day are weighing too heavy, L-Theanine provides sleep support as strong as you are to help you get the sleep you need. If your adrenal glands are overactive and have you up all night, something with ashwaganda may be just what you need.

Whatever your reason for needing men’s sleep support, the right sleep supplement for men can help you relax, and drift off - without adding to your concerns. Check out your men’s sleep aid options below… 

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  1. Peak Adrenal X6

    Are you tired of slogging through your days half asleep? Try Peak Adrenal X6—NorthStar Nutritionals' top adrenal support supplement. It's completely natural, so you feel full of energy without the crash later. With Peak Adrenal X6, you can...

    • Get natural adrenal support, so you can feel great all the time...
    • Increase your energy and alertness, without feeling jittery or losing sleep at night...

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  2. ProSupport PM

    If you're looking for around-the-clock prostate support, Real Advantage Nutrients has a revolutionary formula just for you. Introducing ProSupport PM – Dr. Rothfeld’s premier prostate formula. It’s designed to help empty your bladder more completely, so you don’t have that uncomfortable “leftover urge”.

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  3. EZzz Spray PM

    Introducing EZzz Spray PM, NorthStar Nutritionals’ first ever natural sleep-spray formula that’s designed to help you fall asleep in minutes—sleep deeply through the night—and start each morning off fully rested and restored. With Dr. Spreen’s cutting-edge spray formulation, you’re always in control—because it’s easy to customize EZzz Spray PM to your sleep needs each night.

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  4. Sleep Dissolves

    If you're still lying awake for hours, trying to fall asleep, try Sleep Dissolves—a top natural sleep supplement. With nutrients to help restore your natural sleep patterns, it can help you fall asleep just minutes after your head hits the pillow. And with Sleep Dissolves, you'll...

    • Fall asleep quickly and easily...
    • Drift into a deep sleep that lasts until morning...

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  5. Adrenal Performance Plus

    If you're sick of feeling tired and have low energy all the time, you might be ignoring these tiny glands above your kidneys. Adrenal Performance Plus is designed to support your adrenals, giving you long-lasting energy throughout your day. And because it's natural, you don't have to worry about the "crash" later. Plus...

    • Promote mental clarity, concentration and alertness...
    • Feel higher energy levels for the zip you need to keep going...

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