Men's Vitamins, Supplements and Topical Pain Relievers

As a man in your 50s, 60s, or 70s, it’s tough to cope with some of the health issues that arise as the years go on. But, it’s not your fault. Today’s diets aren’t designed to get you all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to stay strong. And that’s why we recommend adding a nutritional supplement to your daily routine. Whether you struggle to carry all the groceries in one trip like you used to, you’re not performing at your best in the bedroom, or you’ve noticed a few more stray hairs gathering by the shower drain, you deserve a solution.

Luckily, NorthStar Nutritionals has developed a full line of men’s health supplements, vitamins, and pain relievers to keep you healthy and feeling your best. Our natural health products are specially designed to help you regain that feeling of a “perfect” bill of health. From muscle support, to prostate health, sexual health, hair loss, energy, stress relief and so much more—our team of researchers has created the right formula for a variety of men’s health concerns. 

  1. Antioxidants


  2. Blood Sugar Support

    Blood Sugar Support

  3. Digestion


  4. Energy


  5. Hair Loss

    Hair Loss

  6. Heart Health

    Heart Health

  7. Immune Support

    Immune Support

  8. Joint Support

    Joint Support

  9. Memory & Brain Support

    Memory & Brain Support

  10. Muscle Support

    Muscle Support

  11. Pain Relief

    Pain Relief

  12. Prostate Health

    Prostate Health

  13. Sexual Health

    Sexual Health

  14. Skin


  15. Sleep Support

    Sleep Support

  16. Stress


  17. Urinary Health

    Urinary Health

  18. Vision


  19. Weight Loss

    Weight Loss

  20. Anti-Aging


  21. Longevity