Restore FX

Restore FX is designed to support hair growth. The ingredients combine to promote nourished roots and healthy hair follicles. 

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"Restore FX is an unbelievably awesome & great product! I noticed a difference in my hair after taking it for 3 weeks. I experienced lesser & lesser hair loss & increased hair growth little by little over the five months I’ve been taking it. My hair has become soft and shiny. Restore FX has helped improve my life. I started having confidence in myself. I have tried a lot of other hair products but I am pleasantly surprised with the splendid results after using it. Restore FX is the only product that really stopped my hair loss."
–Irene H., Macon, GA* Age 79


"SO FAR Restore FX IS THE BEST! I used to have very thick hair due to my Indian decent. I am 69 and the last 40 years of my life I have been washing my hair every day. My hair started to fall out maybe 10 years ago but last year I could see I'm balding and a lot of people noticed. Before using Restore FX, after every shampoo I have about 80-100 hair strands on my drain. After 5 weeks of using it, I noticed the hair is about 50 strands. Now it is like 30. Restore FX has very much boosted my confidence. I’m very confident after seeing the hair growth that I'm using the right product and am getting good results. My life has improved since I started taking it. I worry less about going bald knowing I am having less hair in the drain and in my hair brush. Please note, I really count my hair strands each time I bath."
–Nadine B., Albany, NY*


"Restore FX is worth it! My hair is shinier and a little curl is returning. I had curly hair when I was very young. I’ve been taking it about four months now and I noticed improvements after the first month. I have increased hair growth and less hair loss now. I'm not getting haircuts anymore. I'm just letting it all grow out. It takes a little longer to brush now. It's closing in on my shoulders which I could never imagine before taking RX. I'm always surprised when a product for hair actually works. I haven't tried many. But now don't have to I did think of going with the bald look but with this product, nope."
–Thomas K., Lewes, DE* Age 78


"Restore FX is the first real cure! I’ve experienced success finally. After taking it for one month, I now have fine hair on top of my head. There's hope at last! You must realize I lost my hair when I was 21. Now I am 81. Any regrowth after 60 years is a miracle. I have tried other products in the past. None have produced any results. It has restored my hope were there was none. I have to admit that Restore FX did more than the other products. Others did nothing. I thought it was just another false product. I have tried them all. Ebb hair weaves, wigs. Nothing worked. Restore FX is the first treatment that actually works."
–David M., Sante Fe, NM* Age 81


"The hair on the top of my head seems to be growing in since I started taking Restore FX. I noticed an improvement in my hair about five months after I started taking it. You have to remember your hair did not fall out overnight so I realized it will take time. Restore FX has helped boost my confidence!"
–Justin K., Boston, MA* Age 58


"Restore FX is a very good product. I first noticed an improvement after taking it two months. My hair is thicker! I have more confidence now thanks to Restore FX."
–Ron T., Indianapolis, IN* Age 59


"Restore FX is awesome- It works! My hair stopped falling out and I noticed small fine hair sprouting. The areas that had hair loss started noticeably filling back in. My hair seems thicker and healthier now. I’ve been taking it about two years and noticed improvements within the first 30 days of taking it. Restore FX has helped improve my day-to-day life. I’m much more confident in social and family settings. Restore FX has helped boost my confidence- It seems to matter in business too, people don’t discount my professional advice as much with fuller, thicker hair. It really works, be sure and order it today!"
–Ralph P., San Diego, CA* Age 66


"Restore FX is a fabulous product! My hair is much fuller since I started taking Restore FX. I have more hair on the top of my head. My hair is stronger and not as fine. I noticed improvements after taking it for two weeks**. I love getting compliments about my hair. My life has improved since I started taking Restore FX. It has helped boost my confidence."
–Kathryn J., Richmond, VA* Age 75


"I have thicker hair, more hair growth in the front and more hair on top since I started taking Restore FX three months ago. More hair, more confidence! I was surprised my hair was growing back."
–Richard E., Wilmington, DE* Age 59


"Restore FX is a very good product. I noticed increased hair growth starting two months after I started taking it."
–Art G., Montpelier, VT*


"I love Restore FX! I’m happy to see daily improvements since I started taking it about two months ago. I noticed some of my white hair is now turning black**. I also noticed new growth and am very excited to see how this product improves my hair each day."
–Jane L., Portland, OR*


"I’m glad I tried Restore FX. I’ve been taking it for 11 weeks and already have new growth! I feel good about what I’m seeing. My confidence has improved. I’m 82 years old. I was completely bad on top. I now have hair and it continues to fill in."
–Gary C., Glenside, PA* Age82


"I have been using Restore FX for a little over a month and my hair seems to be thicker and filling in where it was sparse. My husband is happy with the results and he is trying it too. In just a few days**, his hair is coming back on his fingers, his beard is growing faster and he is happy with the product. I would definitely recommend the product to anyone! I will stay on this product."
–Mary D., Asheville, NC


"I've got 2 months of Restore FX use so far and my hair has stopped falling me that's amazing!"
–John R., Somerville, NJ*


"I've just finished off my third bottle of Restore FX. There's no question that things are happening on my head, but they sure aren't doing anything quickly. The first thing I noticed was that my hair color was changing from white to dark**, but it's really very blotchy at this point. My barber and my wife both found some darker hairs in the bald area which is about three inches in diameter. I'm going to take another three bottles to see if we are going to get some more hair improvement. I'll buy on Monday. Thank you!"
–Patrick L, Columbia, MD*


"Restore FX really works! I’ve been using it a little over a month and I have stopped losing hair when I wash my hair. It’s really noticeable. My hair seems to be thicker. I would recommend Restore FX to friends and family."
–Penny P., Austin, TX*


"Restore FX really works! I have been almost completely bald except the lower area from ear to ear. The already existing hair feels way softer and hair is slowly re-growing in areas. Thin, but already can see my back head is getting to be covered."
–Roger P., Billings, MT*


"Restore FX has given me hope that I won't go completely bald.  I can see the hair growing on the bald spots and there is no longer any hair falling out when I take a shower!"
–Carl D’Angelo, Newport News, VA*


"I´ve been taking [Restore FX] for 4 months and the results are amazing! My hair is growing again... Thanks for such amazing product."
–Dan Garrison, Columbus, OH*


*Individual results may vary.

**Results not typical. Restore FX is designed to support healthy hair growth.

Allergy warning: contains soy

Warning: If pregnant or nursing, consult your health care practitioner before taking this product.

Remember to read all labels, check all ingredients and follow all directions before using any products.

You should always consult with your physician before using this or any such products.


Protect from heat, light, and moisture. Store at 15–30°C (59–85°F).

Do not use if seal is broken.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.