A new twist on sick and tired

I've been warning you for years about the dangers of not getting enough sleep. I raised the red flag way back in 2008 about what a lack of good quality sleep could do to your health...causing your weight to balloon and your cholesterol levels to skyrocket. Less than a year later I revealed the link between poor sleep and diabetes risk. And then earlier this year I just flat out told you that your lack of sleep could be making you fat.

Now scientists from the University of Chicago are confirming what I've been saying all along...poor sleep can make you not only tired, but fat and sick to boot.

In a study of obesity, sleep, and diabetes published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, researchers confirmed that not spending enough time with Mr. Sandman wreaks havoc with your fat cells. In fact, the impact on your fat cells is so big that their ability to respond to insulin plummets by 30 percent! And you know what that means: obesity and type-2 diabetes could be lurking just around the corner.

The solution is simple: commit to getting more shut eye and soon you can wave goodbye to all those elevated risks as if they were nothing but a bad dream.