Ever compared a grocery store tomato to organic tomatoes grown in your own backyard? There's no comparison! Your backyard tomatoes burst with flavor. Plus, they're darker red and the meat is firm. Grocery store tomatoes tend to be kind of pink and mealy.

Sure, I know you treat your backyard tomatoes with lots of TLC. You water them just enough. You protect them from the elements. And you sure as heck don't spray harmful pesticides on them!

And believe me, all this hard work is worth it. Your backyard organic tomatoes probably contain more nutrients than the grocery store variety.

In fact...

Recently, Spanish scientists compared the juice from organically-grown tomatoes to the juice from conventionally-grown ones. They found that the organic tomato juice had many more polyphenols.

Polyphenols are compounds found in fruits and veggies. They protect you against heart disease, degenerative diseases like arthritis, and even cancer. And if you buy conventionally-grown fruits and vegetables, chances are, they don't contain anywhere near enough of them.

So even if you can't grow your own tomatoes, just make sure you buy organic ones at the grocery store. And don't cringe at the price. Just smile and remember that you're getting a better product...with more nutrients!