Recently, researchers at Cornell University demonstrated that just a small change in portion size for one meal a day can add up to big weight loss rewards.

Over five weeks the food intake for 17 volunteers was carefully monitored. For the first week the whole group was allowed to choose all their meals and snacks from an open buffet.

For the next two weeks half of the volunteers continued to chow down at the buffet for lunch, but the other half was given pre-packaged portion controlled food that added up to approximately 200 calories. And finally after two weeks the buffet group traded places with the calorie-controlled group for the last two weeks.

It turns out that when the volunteers ate the portion-controlled meals they didn't make up for the lower-calorie lunch at other meals or at snack times throughout the day. That approximate 250-calorie reduction in food intake resulted in an average weight loss of 1.1 pounds for each of the volunteers during the two weeks.

Now of course I don't recommend eating a pre-packaged meal that's likely loaded with health-destroying sugar and refined carbs. But if you're looking to lose a few pounds I do recommend making a conscious choice to cut back just a little at lunch.