Ultimate Tendon Support

If you have stiff, sore, aching joints, you may be focusing on the wrong solutions. Ultimate Tendon Support is a natural supplement for your tendons, designed to help alleviate the discomfort which causes your joints to feel stiff or ache. In fact, it's been referred to as, "glucosamine for your tendons." Try Ultimate Tendon today, and...

  • Feel smooth, comfortable, flexbile joints, no matter the time of day...
  • Experience life the way you want to—outside, with friends, and doing the activities you love...
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Ultimate Tendon Support

Joint health is important to maintaining independence, flexibility, and mobility. So you take supplements for joint health. But… the truth is, they just aren’t working quite as well as you’d hoped. Maybe you’re taking the wrong supplements. If joint health supplements aren’t helping, you may need tendon supplements. You may need Ultimate Tendon Support.

Tendons are the most overlooked and underrated part of joint health, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore them. Not when there are more than 4000 tendons in your body.

Think of them like the rubber bands in your body. Tendons support every grip, squat, bend, stretch… every single movement you make. And like rubber bands, if you use them long enough, say over the course of a lifetime – and often enough, say every single time you move, they’re going to wear out.

But traditional joint health supplements don’t necessarily work. So we developed Ultimate Tendon Support, our tendon supplement that focuses directly on tendon health.

We started with the type of collagen your tendons need most, with a special compound that helps hold them together, keeping them strong and flexible, Ultimate Tendon Support gives your body the nutrients it needs to keep your tendons healthy. Then, we finished the formula by adding vitamin C, because this classic vitamin helps your body create the collagen your tendons need! It’s a tendon supplement that takes joint health to the next level.

Joint health is important, yes, and we’ll never say otherwise. But sometimes you need something different. Sometimes, you need a tendon supplement. Sometimes, you need Ultimate Tendon Support.

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“This stuff is great! I could tell within a few days that it was working and now I'm walking much more comfortably.”
—Lydia Brach, Charleston, SC*


“I have been using Ultimate Tendon Support for about 1 month and I can really feel the difference in my joints. I've also found that I'm not so stiff when I first get up in the morning. Thank you Dr. Douglass for a wonderful product.”
—Caren Brenton, Wilmington, NC*


“I used Ultimate Tendon Support and it really helped my tendons and joints. I was able to run and walk better and my joints did not stiffen when I stretched them after sitting for hours in hte car. Thank you for an amazing product.”
—Frank Ingram, Atlantic City, NJ*


*Individual results may vary.