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Are you waking up 2, 3, even 4 times every night to use the bathroom? Whether you're not getting proper sleep, you're tired of looking around for the nearest restroom, or you can't stand over the urinal any longer waiting for your stream to "kick in," adding a prostate supplement can help give you relief. Try Ultimate Pro Support to help...

  • Keep your prostate healthy with 5 vital prostate nutrients...
  • Fully empty your bladder, so you can finally reduce the constant urge to go...
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How to virtually guarantee
a lifetime of mind-numbing,
make-her-beg-for-it SEX...

“Each night I use it before bed. The next day,
I have the best sex!” —Jared Collins

Dear Reader,

Whether you’ve known your dream girl for 3 decades... or 3 days... you’re the only one with the power to truly satisfy her...

So when she flashes you a seductive smile and demands that you take her upstairs—NOW...

When you pull her close... hungrily undo the zipper down the back of her dress... and watch it slide off her deliciously bare shoulders...

You’ve got two options for what happens next. You can either...

A). Satisfy every aching desire she has until the two of you collapse, tangled up in each other...



Until she wraps herself around you and begs you to give her an encore...

Or... B). You could miss out on the hottest sex of your life... because you’re so worried about another “false start” that you don’t even make it upstairs in the first place.

So, if last night wasn’t the most passionate, most explosive night of your life... or hers... then THIS is the most important report you’ll ever read...

Because what you’re about to see is the most misunderstood... overlooked... and IGNORED sex secret that every man over 50 needs to know...

And if you read this report all the way until the end, you’ll discover how it unlocks the door to

mind-numbing, make-her-beg-for-it sex...

For life.

But... if you’ve been let down by any of the hundreds of “male enhancement” supplements on the market... you might think you’ve already seen and tried it all.

But that’s NOT what I want to show you today. So many of those pills promise you the world... Firmer erections, endless stamina, white-hot desire.

Those are all important... but there’s one CRITICAL element missing—and the truth is...

Your sex life will always FALL FLAT without it.

And trust me—this secret is not what you think it is.

I’m not talking about a hidden pleasure zone on her body—I’m pretty confident you’ve explored every inch of her already...

And it’s not some complicated “technique” you’ve got to learn.

No, it’s much simpler... and that’s good to hear, right?

Because that means you don’t have to miss out on SENSATIONAL SEX night after night.

So here it is—the most overlooked sex secret every experienced man MUST know:

You can’t have fully satisfying sex
without a healthy prostate.

That’s not what you were expecting, was it?

None of the “male enhancement” supplements I’ve seen say ONE SINGLE WORD about this... and frankly, I’m shocked, because it’s all too true...

You need a healthy prostate to give your woman
the kind of wildly intense sexual encounter
she’s been craving...

...and reach that ultimate body-trembling climax.

And there’s been a surprising amount of research
over the past 16 years to prove it.

So let’s start with the most prestigious scientific opinion of all: Harvard Medical School’s Michael O’Leary, an MD, a professor, and a senior surgeon at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

Dr. O’Leary has published extensively on this topic since 1999, and his work points out this one undeniable fact:As prostate trouble increases... so do sexual side effects.

So if you’re getting out of bed 2... 3... or even 4 times a night to hit the john...

If you have to stand over the toilet and wait for that frustrating dribble...

And if your doctor has already ruled out a larger issue...

Then chances are, your prostate is letting you down.

And that’s the reason why your sex life
is just barely limping along.

Top researchers in the UK, the Netherlands, Japan and Italy agree. Analyzing results from hundreds of studies... involving thousands of men like you... they’ve all figured out that the prostate is one of the most important nerve centers in your body...

Especially when it comes to sex.

In fact, your prostate controls everything important below the belt.

It’s even in charge of making sure you get a fully loaded orgasm—

And what good are bedroom fireworks
without the explosive “finale”?

Now if you’re wondering why you’ve never heard about this sexual connection before... I’m willing to bet most doctors in your hometown are too shy to talk about sex... Maybe they avoid it unless you bring it up first.

But this is too important to wait... Especially when your sex life—and your confidence—depends on it.

And that’s why I put this special report together.

My name is Cathy Ann Turner. You may not know me, but you probably know the company I work for, Real Advantage Nutrients. For the past 12 years, we’ve served hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, developing new ways to help you stay active and live life to the fullest... and that includes when you’re in the bedroom.

So in the next few minutes, I’m going to show you

3 ways a healthy prostate can lead to the
mind-blowing sex you’ve been craving...

...and I’ll reveal exactly what you can do to make it happen.

Skeptical? I’ll let some of the guys who’ve tried it tell you about it in their own words.

Jared Collins from Raleigh, North Carolina, told us:

“I took your advice... and noticed a change in about a week.
I have the best sex! Each night I use it before bed. 
I skipped it for a few days and my sex life was back on
the rocks. So I started it again and I’m right back on top!
Plus I don't have to get up at night to go to the bathroom. At All!”

And Tommy Ogden from Austin, Texas, says:

“My sex life has improved. That’s a pleasant surprise!”

Ernie Chalmers from Columbus, Ohio, doesn’t kiss and tell... But he did tell me how it’s helped his other prostate concerns. He said:

“I very highly recommend this to any man 45 and over.
Why? Quite simply because it WORKS.”

Based on some of these letters, you might think I’m talking about a groundbreaking new sexual performance supplement. But the secret I’m about to show you was actually designed to support prostate health... and we stumbled upon its sexual supercharge almost by accident.

It can be our little secret, but... a lot of “prostate nutrients” being studied right now are actuallyundercover sex boosters.

I can’t promise these are going to turn you into a “marathon man” or a regular Don Juan... But, as the letters reveal, some men are getting a very nice—very satisfying—surprise.

So anytime you hear “there’s nothing else you can do” about your prostate concerns—or that you “just have to live with” the fact that you always want more in the bedroom...

Please don’t accept that nonsense.

Starting right now.

Because the first thing you need is a...

#1. Powerful flow rate.

It sounds strange, but this comes straight out of the Journal of Sexual Medicine...

Researchers discovered that one of the best ways to increase your chances of a truly award-winning sexual performance... with an earth-shaking climax... is to relieve one of the most frustrating prostate concerns:

The stop-and-start dribble.

In a study of 365 men, researchers found a strong link between better urinary flow... and better sex.

And the best way to get a powerful flow rate naturally is with a compound called β-sitosterol, or BTA.

Here’s what you need to know about it: BTA has been used by native populations on three different continents...with one fascinating twist:

Each group was getting this compound from a different plant. They were thousands of miles apart, yet they all discovered how powerful it can be.

So without any outside influences, generations of men across the globe had been using itas a sexual tonicand as a source of help for that annoying “weak stream.” And when its popularity began to spread in Europe... a special investigative team in Germany wanted to know why.

Did it actually work—or was it just folklore?

The German team put it to the test in a groundbreaking study with 200 men, and the results blew them away. Take a look: 

Compared to the placebo, BTA increased urine flow by 372%.

So instead of that unproductive drip-drop, you could let loose like you used to... and get in and out of the bathroom in less than half the time.

It certainly worked for Jeremy Abel from Virginia. He told me:

“Since I’ve started taking this, my urine flow
is that of a much younger man. This is superb!”

And remember, according to top researchers at Harvard, Johns Hopkins and the University of Michigan... a better flow rate means better sex.   

Next up, you need...

#2. Perfect emptying power.

Again, there’s not one sexual performance product on the market that will talk about this... but the evidence shows it’s just as important as surging desire... and a rock-hard erection.

“Perfect emptying power” means you’ll be able to drain your bladder dry... instead of having to rush back to the bathroom all night with that nagging urge to go.

Nothing puts a damper on romance faster than that.

The good news is, BTA’s got you covered here too.

Not only can it help turn that “drip-drop” into a “power stream”—it can also boost emptying power by more than50%.

Then, you can focus your energy and stamina between the sheets, where you really need it—and your prostate can do its job.

Because it does have a very big job... and this is the part that’ll really make you stand at attention. Your prostate is in charge of making sure you get...

#3. Maximum release.

The hard truth is... You need a healthy prostate for truly orgasmic sex.

It’s sort of like a secret G-spot for men.

Right at the explosive peak of pleasure, it propels fluid out for a wave of satisfying release... and then, the muscles contract to intensify the sensation.

So to make sure you fully enjoy the best part of sex... the explosive finale... let me show you the full list of undercover sex boosters you need.

This will take you by surprise, but vitamin E can be like a shot of adrenaline for your sex life.

Because some research suggests vitamin E may promote something called vasodilation.

That’s the word scientists use when they talk about getting the blood flowing right where it counts.

Why does that matter?

Because blood flow is what makes it possible
to have stronger, firmer erections...

So you can show her just how ready you are
to make tonight unforgettable.

Remember the days when you could feel her body melt with desire...as she let herself get swept away in the heat of the moment...

You both deserve to feel that kind of passion and excitement again.

And that’s why vitamin E is so important. Researchers already know vitamin E is strongly linked to heart health... and as it turns out, heart health is critical if you want a strong erection.

But an impressive erection can only get you so far.

What I’m about to reveal next could help maintain your physical performance, strength, and
natural hunger for sex.

And it starts with zinc.

Experts believe zinc helps drive your raw virility and sexual prowess for two reasons.

First – there’s a powerful link between lower levels of zinc and lower levels of testosterone. That alone could completely sink your sex life.

And there’s a good chance your zinc levels are low. 1 in 3 men over 60 need more of it if they don’t take a multivitamin every day.

And the second reason you need zinc for virility is kind of surprising. Not many people know this, but there’s more zinc stored in your prostate than anywhere else in your body. See the connection?

Along with zinc, experts also recommend...

  • Lycopene, to help you maintain a healthy prostate size...plus,
  • Selenium, because it helps increase your chances of keeping your prostate healthy.

When you put all of these undercover sex boosters together...

You could revolutionize your
sexual seduction power
in a matter of DAYS.

That’s how soon we’ve gotten reports from men who say this is a game-changer.

Are you ready to feel the difference for yourself?

You’ve waited long enough with your sex life on “pause”—it’s finally time to “play.”

But if you’ve ever tried a men’s formula before, you already know a lot of them have you taking handfuls of pills.

So to make this really easy for you... we’ve combined all of these key nutrients together in just one capsule.

It’s like having the exact formula for
mind-blowing sexual satisfaction...
hidden in a prostate pill.

This secret is called Ultimate PRO Support, and it was designed by our physician-led team to help keep you out of the bathroom and in the bedroom where you belong... night after night.

Men all over the world have snapped up more than 1 MILLION BOTTLES... and counting... making it our most popular formula of all time.

In one capsule a day, you’ll get everything you need to keep your prostate healthy—especially in those 3 areas that could matter most between the sheets:

  • Powerful flow rate—so you can trade in the annoying “slow flow” for a strong, forceful stream...the kind that researchers have discovered is undeniably linked to sexual satisfaction.
  • Perfect emptying power—so you can drain your bladder dry and have fewer “false-starts.” And...
  • Maximum release—so you can keep your prostate healthy and supercharged for epic, breathtaking orgasms

How does that sound?  Are you ready to bring confidence and intimacy back into the bedroom?

And the best part is...
Your satisfaction—and hers—is guaranteed.

(More on that in a moment.)

And you might not have to wait very long to feel that satisfaction... This formula does work a little differently for everyone, but some men get results within the first week—even in just a matter of DAYS.

Here are a few of the letters we’ve gotten from men who were shocked by how fast they noticed a difference in the men’s room.

Doug Pattison of Sarasota, Florida, says...

“I noticed an improvement in only 3 or 4 days.
I’m surprised it works so quickly!”

Garrett Burke in California wrote...

“Within about a week of trying Ultimate PRO, I was sleeping through the night. This has been the most helpful pill I’ve ever encountered. It absolutely works great and isn’t expensive.”

Dr. Rob Powell in Fort Meyers, Florida, even recommends it to his patients. He tells me:

Ultimate PRO Support certainly keeps my patients from frequenting the toilet during the day and night. Some of them observed it also adds oomph to their sex life! I think I can safely say that many of your customers are happy!”

But the best way to find out how Ultimate PRO can work for you... is to get started as soon as possible.

With Ultimate PRO Support, you get the powerful extracts that work... in just one pill a day.

Forget those handfuls of overpriced, underperforming “horse pills” that drain your wallet instead of your bladder...

Because the truth is, you just don’t need them.

We’ve heard from so many customers who like having this kind of protection in just one pill. Here’s one of my favorites, from Lonnie S. He told me...

“I was using about SEVEN saw palmetto capsules a night and those supplements are no comparison to Ultimate PRO Support. I saw results almost immediately. I’ve gone as long as seven hours without ‘the call.’

I’m so accustomed to products not fulfilling their promises that I’ve been a bit astonished at how good Ultimate PRO Support really is.”

And he’s not the only one.

Gilbert Walton from Oklahoma wrote in to say:

“I used your product and never have looked back, it does everything you said it would and more for me. Strong stream and no problems at all.”

Jeff Mitchell from Wisconsin tells me...

“I have used your product before but I decided to try another
prostate supplement. Boy was that a mistake. I went back to
yours and after four or five days I seem to be back to normal.
It’s nice to sleep through the night!

And he’s right... I know how tough it can be on you—and your wife—when you have to keep dragging yourself out of bed at midnight... then 2:00... 4:00... and 5:00 AM...

It’s enough to make you feel like a zombie by 6:00.

There’s no way you can be “at the top of your game” if you’re that bone-tired.

So if you’ve been spending more nights nodding off in front of the TV... instead of putting that dazzling, satisfied smile on your wife’s face...

This could be one of the easiest ways to get that
raw, sexually charged energy back.

Turns out, interrupting your sleep is a very big deal.You already know how hard it is to feel sharp and alert after you’ve spent the night tossing and turning...but the effects don’t stop there.

Believe it or not, your prostate needs more sleep too.

A study of more than 2,000 men shows that better sleep is linked to better prostate health in the long run—plain and simple.

The more sleep disruptions you have... the more likely you are to have peeing problems... a weak stream... and concerns about your prostate health.

So if nothing else... you owe it to yourself to try Ultimate PRO for a chance to sleep through the night and wake up truly refreshed.

Here’s how it worked for John Harris from Pennsylvania. He said:

“Now I don’t get up more than once and often I don’t get up at all.
My sleep pattern has changed from sleeping 4 or 5 hours a night
to 7 or 8. And I feel more awake during the day.

All this has happened within a month after ditching my old prostate supplement and taking Ultimate PRO Support.”

Gil Feeney from Greensboro, North Carolina, agrees:

“Works great for me. I take 1 capsule per night and sleep ’til morning.”

And here’s Frank Perring from Carlsbad, California, who writes:

“Your Ultimate PRO Support product is the best on the market.
I’ve tried many, many different solutions and
it works better than any of them!”

So if you’re ready to stop worrying so much about your prostate...

If you’re ready to feel more confident and in control
in the bedroom...

And if you’re ready to stop getting up at all hours of the night to stumble your way into the bathroom... and letting sheer exhaustion sabotage your sex life...

Then it’s time to get Ultimate PRO Support.

All it takes is one capsule a day.

And the next time you take your wife to that little B-and-B she loves...

Why not take her by surprise and show her how confident and ready to please you are...

Imagine the freedom you’ll have during the day... when you’re driving her through the countryside or heading over to that romantic Italian restaurant—enjoying yourself, instead of constantly looking for a bathroom.

Imagine the relief of FINALLY enjoying night after night of deep sleep, without being jolted awake by that annoying pressure in your bladder...

...and having enough energy to take your wife by surprise first thing in the morning.

Just one pill in the palm of your hand—and your prostate relief is set.

After seeing everything Ultimate PRO can do... you might think this kind of life-changing breakthrough would cost as much as a premium bottle of scotch...and you’d be right.

It’s not easy or cheap to get all of the finest ingredients together in one small capsule. 

But you’ll have a chance to save even more when you add the complimentary Auto-Delivery Service to your order.

With Auto-Delivery, you’ll get your FREE bottles and you’ll also get FREE shipping. You’ll see all the details on the order form.

But those savings really add up fast... and this is the best deal you can get on this formula anywhere...

Because Ultimate PRO Support is notavailable in any store... anywhere in the world. You can only order it from Real Advantage Nutrients, and this incredible deal isn’t even available on our website.

This special report is the only place you’ll find it...so please don’t miss this opportunity to reserve your 3 Bonus Bottles absolutely FREE.

When you order today, Ultimate PRO Supportgets shipped right to your door.

Men all over the country rely on this formula, making it the #1 bestseller of all time at Real Advantage Nutrients.

I’ll do my best to make sure everyone who wants it can get their hands on this... but I can almost guarantee we won’t have the same number of bottles in stock tomorrow.

So don’t wait.

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When you do, you’ll also have the option to order just 1,2, or even 6 bottles if you prefer. I won’t be able to offer you the same FREE Bonus Gift, but here’s what I can do.

If you order 2 bottles today, I can still arrange for you to get 1 FREE Bonus Bottle as my gift to you. That way you’ll get a 3-month supply all together, and you’ll be able to give Ultimate PRO Support the best chance to work for you.

Best of all, your satisfaction—and hers—is guaranteed.

You have nothing to lose, because you’re fully protected by the Real Advantage Unlimited Guarantee.”

It works like this. Try Ultimate PRO Support for as long as you like... If you’re not 100% thrilled, just give us a call and let us know.

If you don’t feel that Ultimate PRO has helped you keep your prostate healthy and put the sizzle back into your sex life... then you shouldn’t have to pay for it.

Just give us a call and we’ll promptly refund every penny you paid today—including any shipping charges.

It’s that simple. If you ask for a refund, we give you one. And we NEVER bother you with questions or ask for explanations.

So you can try it completely worry-free!

Go ahead and click the Add to Cart button above.

Prostate protection can be yours right now.

No more frustrating dribble-dribble...

No more “wake-up calls” that send you rushing to the bathroom at all hours of the night...

And no more missing out on
incredible, mind-blowing sex!

Take a few seconds and order your supply now.

Remember, your satisfaction—and hers—is guaranteed or we’ll refund your money.


Cathy Ann Turner
Vice President
Real Advantage Nutrients

P.S. Add Ultimate PRO to your cart to place your order and get the prostate support you need right now.

Remember to read all labels, check all ingredients and follow all directions before using any products.

You should always consult with your physician before using this or any such products.


Protect from heat, light, and moisture. Store at 15–30°C (59–85°F).

Do not use if seal is broken.

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"I am a returning customer. Your Ultimate Pro Support product is the best on the market. I've tried many, many different solutions and it works better than any of them!"

—Frank Perring, Carlsbad, CA*


"Works great for me. I take 1 capsule per night and sleep ‘til morning."

—Gil F., Greensboro, NC*


"Great product, I can now sleep through the night. Thanks!"

—Greg W., Colorado Springs, CO*


"Ultimate PRO Support WORKS. I didn’t have any side effects. Thank You!"

—Sam M., Medford, NJ*


“I was using about seven saw palmetto capsules a night and those supplements are no comparison to Ultimate PRO Support—it fulfills your claims. I saw results almost immediately. I’ve gone as long as seven hours without ‘the call.’ I’m so accustomed to products not fulfilling the promises that I’ve been a bit astonished at how good Ultimate PRO Support really is. Thanks and congratulations!”
—Lonnie Sutton, Salisbury, MD*


*Individual results may vary.