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  • Help provide you with more flexibility, mobility, and comfort...
  • Double the effects of glucosamine and chondroitin, shown in a peer-reviewed, head-to-head study...
  • Deliver fast, comforting relief you can feel in as little as a week...
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Joint relief genius
stuns science—rattles neighbors—with incredible in-home discovery

And now... studies are coming in fast showing this single, strange breakthrough could be your key to complete joint comfort and flexibility

Dear Reader,

Ok, there’s no other way to put this...

The man you’re going to read about, Dr. Eugene Moore, well... he’s a little odd.

Vince, his neighbor back in Georgia, even refers to him as the “Mad Scientist of Madison”.

But you’ll soon see how this modern-day mad doctor is ushering in...

A brand new era of
natural joint comfort

With a breakthrough shown to be twice as powerful as two of the most popular joint solutions on the market.

  • It’s miles ahead of glucosamine and chondroitin in a peer-reviewed head-to-head study (I’ll show you the amazing results in a minute).
  • An early version helped participants achieve eye-opening results—in three separate preliminary studies from Harvard doctors (including one in which 4 participants experienced complete joint comfort).
  • And from your aging elbows down to your overworked knees... it’s scientifically designed to help provide you with more flexibility, mobility and comfort than you could ever imagine.

But this joint-relief breakthrough wasn’t concocted in a super lab to boost profits for some corporate conglomerate...

And it didn’t involve an army of pencil-pushing lab techs...

It’s actually all thanks to one odd (but revolutionary) discovery made by a chemical engineer named Dr. Eugene Moore one morning at his very own kitchen table in the tiny southern town of Madison, Georgia.

Hi, I’m Cathy Ann Turner for Real Advantage Nutrients and Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld...

And before I get into the specifics of this natural joint support breakthrough, let me first tell you a little more about Dr. Moore.

Because while his methods may be a bit eccentric, he’s also one of the most well-respected scientists in his field.

In his long and distinguished career as a chemical engineer, he has...

  • Received a $1 million grant for an outstanding research proposal
  • Published over 20 scientific papers
  • Been awarded over 47 patents for new discoveries

But he considers the joint-soothing breakthrough you’re about to see one of the crowning jewels in his long and distinguished career.

Because he didn’t do it for the money, the patents or even the recognition.

But for something much more important...

To help ease his only daughter, Ann Marie’s, own joint concerns.

Now, if you have children then I’m sure you know they can be one heck of a motivator...

And Ann Marie had shoulders, knees and hips that gave her those everyday joint concerns. 

And she had tried a boatload of so-called joint “solutions” on the market...

But nothing gave her the freedom of movement and the blessed sigh of relief she longed for.

So Dr. Moore set out on a personal quest to find real support for his daughter’s joints.

One that was altogether different from those disappointing dime-a-dozen joint formulas she’d already tried over and over again.

And after months of leafing through dusty medical journals, mountains of scientific studies and stacks of old notebooks—he stumbled on something incredible.

 An amazing find that made him wonder...

Why is no one
talking about this?

It was a study done by a Harvard doctor that seemed to have been published with little fanfare and all but forgotten.

It showed that a form of collagen from everyday barnyard chickens was producing an altogether unique immune response.

One that worked to support the immune system rather than boost it...

And this approach was getting unbelievable joint comfort results.

In fact, this double-blind, placebo-controlled study done with 60 people showed that patients treated with the collagen experienced relief from their sore joints within the first 30 days...

Even more impressive, the researchers reported four participants even experienced total joint comfort.

That’s when he realized...

This one study could change
joint health forever

But there was a problem... Dr. Moore couldn’t find the collagen anywhere.

And as far as Dr. Moore could tell, nobody was in a great hurry to solve that problem...

But Ann Marie’s joints sure were... And so was Dr. Moore!

So he rushed out to the grocery store...bought as many chickens as he could carry and set up a fully functioning lab in his very own kitchen!

He worked all hours of the day and night. His neighbors started wondering what the heck was going on over at the Moore house!

But after months of trial and error, countless hours of research and God only knows how many sleepless nights, he finally had something he felt could work.

So he made sure it was safe, gave some to his daughter and... waited.

But he didn’t have to wait long.

After just a few days, she started to feel it.

Her movements were more fluid.

Her joints felt stronger.

She was feeling more comfortable than ever before.

In short...

Ann Marie’s joints were gliding
along like magic!

And remember Dr. Moore’s neighbor, Vince? Turns out he also had joint concerns, so Dr. Moore offered some to him, too...

And after a few days, Vince’s joints were as freewheeling and easy as ever!

Dr. Moore’s discovery has come a long way since that exciting day back in his Georgia home...

It’s been awarded numerous U.S. and international patents...

And it’s been refined by an award-winning manufacturer into the joint comfort miracle we know today as UC-II®.

And the science behind this miracle continues to grow and grow...

UC-II topples two
Joint-Relief Giants

In fact, just recently, a double-blind study involving 52 participants measured the effects of just 40 mg of UC-II against 1,500 mg of Glucosamine and 1,200 mg of Chondroitin... COMBINED.

Now I’m sure you’ve heard of Glucosamine and Chondroitin and there’s a very good reason for that...

They work.

So much so that they’re currently the top-selling natural joint support products on the market and routinely account for hundreds of millions in sales.

That’s why scientists and researchers alike were blown away when UC-II was clinically shown...

More than TWICE as effective at improving stiffness and physical function...



More than TWICE as effective at relieving overall joint discomfort...



And nearly 3 TIMES as effective at improving joint comfort during daily activities...



You heard that correctly... Just 40 mg of UC-II supports joint comfort, mobility and flexibility TWICE as much as 2,700 mg of Glucosamine and Chondroitin.



The “Mad Scientist of Madison” has done it!

He’s found the revolutionary key to help ease your joint discomfort...

Loosen your stiffness...

And keep your joints moving free and easy... especially on your most active days.

Once these results went public, the health community took notice in a big way.

In fact, legendary natural doctor, Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld, M.D., who has...

  • Practiced medicine for over 40 years
  • Authored more than 20 books on health
  • Appeared on television and radio
  • And writes a health news e-letter with over a hundred thousand subscribers

...went so far as to call UC-II the “breakfast table breakthrough that could change joint science forever”.

In fact, he’s so impressed by UC-II, he’s decided to make it the centerpiece of an advanced joint formula.

A joint-soothing miracle known as SemperFlex.

SemperFlex uses a revolutionary tri-action formula to help soothe, improve and protect your overworked joints.

All of its ingredients were handpicked for their ability to go above and beyond typical joint solutions...

And to protect your joints from every conceivable threat, including...

The 5 most innocent foods that could be sabotaging your joint comfort

(Hint: You’ve probably already eaten
two of them this morning!)

More on those in a minute...

First, I’d like to show you another way SemperFlex works to help flood your joints with comfort.

If you have joint concerns, then you’ve probably already heard of Boswellia Extract and its amazing ability to help soothe those everyday aches and pains your joints face due to age-related wear and tear.

This amazing plant extract has been used in the well-respected Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine for hundreds of years...

Which raises the question...

Can you really improve on centuries
of joint comfort perfection?

Here’s how.

When you break down Boswellia Extract into its chemical components...



There’s one in particular that really stands out for its ability to help keep your joints smooth and comfortable.

An amazing active ingredient known as AKBA.



This one single molecule alone helps Boswellia soothe over 113 genes directly related to everyday aches and pains on a cellular level.  

But there’s a problem.

Boswellia Extract in its natural form typically only contains about 2-3% of this joint-comforting compound...

So it normally requires a larger dose for you to feel its soothing effects.

It’s also notoriously difficult for your body to absorb AKBA, so it can be hard for it to get to your joints and start working its magic.

So now you’re starting to see that even this age-old joint supporter has its shortcomings...

But thankfully, so did the developers of a groundbreaking joint-supporting ingredient, known as AprèsFlex®.

The researchers behind AprèsFlex developed a patented method of concentration that guarantees a minimum AKBA level of 20% in every dose. That’s more than 6 TIMES the amount found in natural Boswellia Extract. 

And it’s also been scientifically shown to make AKBA an eye-popping 50% more absorbable in your bloodstream...

What does this mean for you?

Better, faster joint comfort and protection—that’s what!

AprèsFlex goes to work on your joints better than one of the most popular Boswellia brands on the market!

It’s true!

With AprèsFlex, the soothing power of AKBA is rushed to your joints, and the difference it makes in your comfort and mobility is second-to-none.

Now it’s one thing to say this, but you and I want proof.

But we aren’t the only ones... so did the scientists behind AprèsFlex.

So they used the gold standard of joint comfort tests, the WOMAC Scale, to test AprèsFlex against one of the top-selling Boswellia Extracts on the market for 90 days.

And the results speak for themselves...

When compared to placebo, AprèsFlex is scientifically shown to help...

Relieve joint stiffness by 60.1% (that’s almost 31% better than the leading brand!)



Improve physical function by 49.4% (that’s two times better than the leading brand!)



Improve overall joint comfort by 61.7% (that’s two times better than the leading brand!)



In short, when it comes to AprèsFlex, there’s simply no substitute.

Whether you want to work all day or dance the night away, AprèsFlex makes sure you’ll do it in comfort with joints as smooth as silk.

So you can sign up for that aerobics class you’ve been putting off...

Take that hike you’ve wanted to try...

Or finally plant that garden in the back yard...


AprèsFlex sets
your joints in motion

And believe it or not, we’re only getting warmed up...

I've shown you how SemperFlex uses two cutting-edge ingredients—with tons of research behind them—to help soothe and improve your joint comfort and flexibility...

But now let’s touch on how SemperFlex helps support your joints by protecting you from multiple threats to your comfort...

Many of which you’d never suspect could have an impact on your joints.

And this first one is huge...

You see, your body is constantly exposed to what are known as Advanced Glycation End Products, or AGEs...

AGEs can cause unwanted inflammation, which scientists believe could contribute to joint concerns...

And these AGEs can show up in the most unlikely of places...

For instance...

  • Apple Pie
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Meat Loaf
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Buttered Toast

They all seem harmless enough but they’re actually the 5 most innocent foods that could be sabotaging your joint comfort.

I know... I was surprised too!

But it’s a sad fact that everyday foods such as eggs, poultry, fried fish... (and many, many more) are loaded with AGE toxins... Especially when grilled, fried or broiled.

Overtime, these AGEs can steadily build up in your body, until before you know it...

Your joints, muscles and tissue
could be loaded with junk

So what does this have to do with your joint comfort?

Plenty! As I explained earlier...

AGEs can cause inflammation in everyone.

And unfortunately, there’s just no way to completely avoid these AGEs...

They’re virtually everywhere you look!

Milk, eggs, bacon... you name it.

But there IS a way to help fight the effects of those AGEs and help support overall joint comfort.

And you don’t have to start eating rabbit food, drinking fancy green teas or schedule an expensive new-age detox to do it...

In fact,

Soothing joint comfort
has never been easier

All you may need is a simple natural ingredient known as Bromelain.

The science behind Bromelain stretches back to the late ‘60s and researchers have long been blown away by its potential to promote a healthy inflammatory response...

Which is why you need some soothing help for AGEs.

But a more recent study really put Bromelain on the joint comfort radar...

In this open-label study, 77 participants were given either 200 mg or 400 mg of Bromelain and then asked to measure their comfort level before they began taking it and again after 30 days.

As before, this study used the Gold Standard of joint comfort measurements, the WOMAC Scale... And the results show exactly why Bromelain’s potential makes it an absolute must for your joint comfort and mobility.

When compared to their baseline scores the group taking 200 mg showed...

  • Improvement in overall comfort
  • Reduction in overall stiffness
  • Improvement in overall physical function 

And the group that took 400 mg of Bromelain reported even MORE improvement in all three areas when compared to those who took the smaller dose!

So the more Bromelain they took, the better they felt!

And Dr. Rothfeld thinks Bromelain is so important to your overall joint comfort that he’s not stopping at 200 mg, 400 mg or even 600 mg.

He’s authorized our development team to pack SemperFlex with a whopping 750 mg of Bromelain in every dose!

You won’t believe the difference in joint comfort you’ll feel with Bromelain on your side.

Whether you’re walking, running or jumping, Bromelain helps you do it all with more comfort than you’ve ever imagined.

But believe it or not, Dr. Rothfeld wouldn’t let us stop there.

Because there’s one more threat to your joint comfort out there that almost no one is talking about... And it’s growing every day.

In fact, Jeffrey Blumberg, Ph.D., Professor of Nutrition at Tufts University, says...

Your body is now more exposed
to this threat than at any other point
in the last 200 years

So what is this mystery menace that could be affecting your joint comfort?


The same process that causes apples to turn brown, strips paint off your car and turns metal to rust is causing problems inside your body (including your joints) as we speak.

And as levels of pollution have risen over the centuries... So have our bodies’ oxidation levels.

Over time, oxidation takes its toll on your joints and contributes to those joint concerns that come with age.

And like AGEs, oxidation is an unavoidable reality of life in the 21st century.

That’s why Dr. Rothfeld insisted on what he thinks is one of the most powerful antioxidants around.

One so powerful that world-renowned Doctor Oz even referred to its juice as...

“The ultimate anti-oxidant.”

Tart Cherry

That’s right, I’m talking about tart cherry...

And there’s a reasons he’s excited about this simple little ingredient.

In fact, there are LOTS of reasons to be excited...

For one thing, tart cherry is absolutely jam-packed with vitamins such as A, E, K, B3, B5, and C... As well as minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium—all working together to help decrease oxidative stress and help soothe your joints.

And scientists believe it helps promote a healthy inflammatory response...

In fact, a study performed by Oregon Health & Science University said tart cherries do more than any other food to help promote a healthy inflammatory response.

So why do your joints need such a powerful antioxidant?

Two reasons.

  • Your body has never been exposed more to the ravages of oxidation and...
  • Scientists have suggested that in many situations your ability to resist oxidative stress declines with age.

So your joints are being dealt
a one-two punch!

But tart cherry helps make it a fair fight by supercharging your natural defenses. So you can fend off oxidation at the pass.

And this helps SemperFlex make sure your joints will feel comfortable and cushioned taking that walk to the store...

Jogging around the block...

Or getting in a quick 18 holes with your buddies.

For SemperFlex, this truly is the “cherry on top”.

A bright red exclamation point on the end of a groundbreaking formula that’s helping usher in...

The next generation of
complete joint comfort

Frankly, Dr. Rothfeld has been doing this a long time and he can’t think of a more advanced joint formula.  

With SemperFlex you get...

UC-II: The “Breakfast Table Breakthrough” that doubles the comfort you’ll get from joint giants Glucosamine and Chondroitin.

AprèsFlex: The patented form of Boswellia Extract that works to soothe your joints better than even the most popular brands on the market.

Bromelain: The joint “junk” fighter that helps combat the effects of AGEs by promoting a healthy inflammatory response to help ease your joint concerns.

And Tart Cherry: The “ultimate antioxidant”, that helps fight oxidation and could take your joint comfort to new heights.

Believe me, with SemperFlex on your side...

Dancing days are
here again!

Dancing, hiking, golfing, swimming, walking, jumping...

Whatever it is you want to do!

SemperFlex makes sure you do it with more joint comfort and support than you’ve felt in years by combining these four revolutionary ingredients into three easy-to-swallow capsules.

But you need
to act fast...

This is the first time I know of that these four joint-soothing miracles have been combined into one single groundbreaking formula...

And with the amount of science, research and hype surrounding these ingredients, we expect demand to go through the roof.

So I want to be sure you can always get SemperFlex—and at the same low introductory price it is today.

And that’s why when you place your order today, you can lock in this low price* by adding our free Auto-Delivery Service at no charge.  

And as long as you stay enrolled in this complimentary service, you’ll never need to worry about running out...

That way, when everyone else finds out about the awesome power of SemperFlex—you’ll already have your bottle AND the low price you pay today will be locked in forever*!

Yes, even if demand skyrockets like we expect and our suppliers start charging more and more—that cost will NEVER be passed along to you.

And best of all, this service gives you...

Free shipping on every bottle

And it couldn’t be easier. In fact, you don’t have to do anything.  We’ll keep you enrolled in this free service for as long as you want! You’ll never have to call to reorder or worry about the price going up—or deal with any hassles of any kind.

When you check the Auto-Delivery Service box during checkout, right before you’d run out, the same credit card you use today will be charged and your next order will conveniently show up right at your the shipping’s on us!

And we give you complete control! You can change the timing of your deliveries, place your order on hold—or even change the day your credit card is charged all with a quick phone call. And if you ever want to, you can cancel at any time.

And remember—all of this is absolutely FREE.

Because once you’ve tried SemperFlex—I know you’ll never want to run out. And with our Auto-Delivery Service, you won’t even have to think about it.

But that’s not the only perk! When you order right now, you’ll also receive Dr. Rothfeld’s exclusive...

Relief or Refund
Ultimate Lifetime Guarantee

How can we offer a 100% lifetime guarantee?

Well, it’s safe to say that Dr. Rothfeld is an expert when it comes to natural joint comfort...

And he’s so impressed with SemperFlex that he’s called it, “the most powerful natural joint formula I’ve seen in 40 years of practicing medicine.”

So that’s why we’re confident enough in SemperFlex to let you try it for as long as you want, risk-free.

Give SemperFlex a try for 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 doesn’t matter!

If you don’t feel a dramatic difference in your joint comfort, flexibility and mobility, then simply return your bottles and we’ll pay you back every last cent of the product price! No questions asked.

It’s as simple as that.

Think about it...

The sooner you order,
the sooner your new life begins

Just add SemperFlex to your cart and complete the quick, easy and secure checkout process and in a few short days, your risk-free order will arrive at your doorstep...

And that could be the last time you feel that creak in your back when you bend to pick up the package, that tweak in your legs as you carry it up the stairs, and that kink in your neck as you throw your head back and swallow.

Because you’ll be one of the first in the country to feel these four cutting-edge ingredients working together to soothe, improve and protect your aging joints.

You’ll practically feel SemperFlex massaging your back, kneading your fingers and rubbing your neck.

This is your no-strings-attached opportunity to help you keep...

  • Bending, stretching and kneeling in comfort
  • Reaching to tie those shoe laces with ease and agility
  • Hopping, skipping and jumping along with your grandkids

Heck, even if you just want to play putt-putt with the grandkids without feeling those tweaks and twinges—SemperFlex has what you need.

Simply put...

This is the miracle your joints
have been aching for!

So reach out and grab it today and finally experience what the next generation of joint comfort has in store for you.

Don’t delay.

Get your risk-free supply of SemperFlex now...while it’s still in stock.

To a new era of natural joint comfort,

Cathy Ann Turner
Vice President
Real Advantage Nutrients

P.S. SemperFlex truly is the next generation in true joint comfort. A tri-action formula that works to soothe, comfort and support your aging joints with 4 cutting edge ingredients. Including the joint comfort breakthrough, UC-II... clinically shown 2 times more effective than Glucosamine and Chondroitin COMBINED at improving joint comfort, mobility and flexibility. Try SemperFlex today risk-free by taking advantage of our “Relief or Refund” Ultimate Lifetime Guarantee. Don’t miss out. Place your order today.

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