RevitalizeQ Plus

Get the most out of your CoQ10 supplement with RevitalizeQ Plus—designed to keep your heart healthy as you age. This natural heart health supplement helps promote healthy cholesterol and blood pressure, while increasing your natural energy levels. Try RevitalizeQ Plus to...

  • Feel younger with more energy and a stronger, healthier heart...
  • Support your cardiovascular health with 8 powerful ingredients...
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RevitalizeQ Plus

What are you looking for in a healthy heart vitamin? Healthy cholesterol levels. Good blood pressure numbers. What about a powerful CoQ10 supplement? Or more energy? Are you expecting your healthy heart vitamin to keep you feeling young, energized, and ready to take on the day?

You should be. And you could be, if your healthy heart vitamin was RevitalizeQ Plus.

Unfortunately, not many people know about the importance of having a CoQ10 supplement as part of their heart health routine – but you’ll swear by it once you try it. CoQ10 is an enzyme that may help keep your blood pressure numbers exactly where you want them. But more than that, it’s essential for your body to create energy. The energy that drives you, that keeps your muscles working, and your heart beating strong and healthy.

Your body creates plenty of CoQ10 – until you’re in your 40s. At which point, production slows down. Which is why the RevitalizeQ Plus formula also includes vitamin B6, because this particular B vitamin helps your body create the CoQ10 enzyme it needs! And instead of adding just any form of vitamin B6 into the mix, we added one known as PLP. By combining PLP with CoQ10, not only do you get an infusion of CoQ10, but you give your body a better chance at making it.

Then, we added BioPerine, a patented black pepper extract that helps your body absorb the CoQ10, creating a completely efficient CoQ10 supplement.

There’s still more to this healthy heart vitamin. While RevitalizeQ Plus is a powerful CoQ10 supplement, it’s not just a CoQ10 supplement. Which is why you also get resveratrol, the compound that makes red wine so good for your heart. And antioxidants, to fight the free radicals that are aging you, wearing you down, and making you feel old before your time. Whatever you’re looking for in a healthy heart vitamin, it’s here. Whatever you’re looking for in a CoQ10 supplement, it’s here.

Whatever you’re looking for to keep your heart healthy and feeling great, it’s here, in RevitalizeQ Plus.

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"About 30 days after taking CoQ10, I noticed a difference.  My blood pressure readings last week were healthier than ever. I am 89 years old and take no medications. Three doctors told me recently that if they had to estimate my age, they would say 65.  I don't tell you this to brag, but to let you know how other medical professionals see me."

—Robert Charles, Columbia, MD


"I ordered Revitalized Q Plus because of the ingredients.  I feel it has been successful.  I have maintained a good blood pressure reading. My husband has also begun to take it.  I need to up my supply."

—Wilma Truelle, Jefferson City, MO


"Revitalize Q provided the heart, brain and energy support I was looking for. I noticed a difference after one day. It has given me enough energy to walk an average of 7 miles a day at work as a security guard.  I'm 64.  I've started with 15 pushups and I am now up to 28 per day, every day.  Hope to beat my old Marine Corps record of 63.  I want to do 65 pushups on my 65th birthday next year."

—Dennis Strong, Shreveport, LA


"I have tried so many supplements in the past and CoQ10 is a must for me. I finally decided to take Revitalize Q  last month and immediately felt the difference. I am so grateful to God that I found this supplement. The energy that I experienced is a miracle because I am able to stay active and take walks to the mall (as my exercise. I’m getting healthier,  and my doctor is really happy about that. Friends and relatives who have seen me lately are amazed at how I look. Most of them say I look more alert and move gracefully. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share this experience with Revitalize Q Plus."

—Mary Alice Anderson, Fort Wayne, IN


"I definitely got a good value for Revitalize Q. I feel it is the best Q10 supplement on the market. It started working for me in a couple of days."

—Paula Hardy, Lincoln, NE


"I noticed a difference the first day. YES, this product was a great value. I took COQ10 (one type) for about 10 years. With the two types of COQ10 in Revitalize Q, I feel I'm now in a higher, improved state of normal. I have more energy and endurance."

—Paul Brown, Greeley, CO


"I have been taking a different CoQ10 but yours sounded like a much better choice so my wife and I switched to Revitalize Q. It’s working, and I feel much better and more energy overall."

—Ryan Van Allen, Phoenix, AZ