Prostinal is designed to support a restful sleep with fewer nighttime bathroom trips and a strong and powerful stream each and every time you need to go.

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I truly have seen improvements in all areas since I started taking Prostinal six months ago. From waking up 2 or 3 times a night to once or not at all. I empty my bladder more often than before. My sex live has improved.  My frequent urge to urinate has also improved since I started taking it.  

—David A., Marblehead, MA 


I have much better flow since I started taking Prostinal one month ago. I’m not having to get up but only one timer per night now. I thought I was on automatic refill plan. I’m out of Prostinal. Please send more!  

—Steve O., Venice Beach, CA 


Prostinal has made a huge difference in my morning urge to go to the bath room. I was waking up multiple times a night to use the bathroom. Prostinal has changed that after taking it several months.  

—Yoshito R., Dallas, TX 


Since I started taking Prostinal six months ago I have no longer have a sense of urgency to urinate.  I used to wake up multiple times each night to go. Now I’ll wake up at night only once in a while to use the bathroom. I always had a frequent urge to urinate and now I’ve even been able to reduce the numbers of times I use the bathroom during the day.  

—Fred F., Wilmington, DE 


Prostinal is the best supplement I have used so far! I’ve experienced improvements in the frequency, emptying my bladder, waking up in the middle of night to go and in my sex life since I started taking it.  

—Cory C., Milton, DE 


I have less night time urges to urinate and am experiencing easier bladder evacuation since I started taking Prostinal about a year ago.  

—Neil M., Annapolis, MD 

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