Prostate Defense

If you're just taking beta sitosterol, you may be missing out on the most important vitamins and nutrients for your prostate. That's why NorthStar Nutritionals developed Prostate Defense, a more complete prostate support supplement. With Prostate Defense, you could...

  • Stop waking up 3–4 times every night to pee...
  • Reduce your urge to "go," whether you're at the ballgame or watching a movie with your wife...
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Is it too much to ask to
pee normally...
sleep all night...
and have explosive sex?

In this report: Learn how to use the “4 Pillars of a Perfect Prostate” to help dramatically reduce your nighttime peeing... AND enjoy a “FIRE HOSE” stream that goes full blast until you feel complete, lasting relief...

Dear Sleep-deprived Friend,

A few minutes from now, you’ll have an opportunity to join a select group of men... men who NEVER wake up 4, 5, or 6 times a night to rush to the bathroom.

Because in this short, eye-opening presentation, I’m going to reveal an astonishing shift in the way we understand how to maintain YOUR prostate health—something called the “4 pillars of a perfect prostate.”

It’s a brand new approach that could change your life.

I guarantee it’ll surprise you, but this secret could help you forget all about those infuriating nighttime trips to the bathroom.

Imagine, night after night of more restful, rejuvenating sleep...

But that’s not all.

With this powerful new knowledge on your side, you could soon be...

  • Taking control of your bathroom urges so you’re never caught in an embarrassing situation again...
  • Making it through movies, ball games, and rounds of golf without rushing to the john every 15 minutes...
  • Enjoying a stream so steady, and so POWERFUL, you could use it for riot control...
  • Never hearing that humiliating questionfrom your wife: “honey, did you go before we left?”
  • Relaxing in total comfort, without that awful nagging urge to go again...

And who knows, you might even start to ENJOY going to the bathroom again!

After all, it’s supposed to feel good, remember?

You’re supposed to step up to the toilet and effortlessly open the floodgates... instantly release a powerful stream... fully drain every drop... and shiver with COMPLETE RELIEF!

So if you’ve already been to your doctor and he’s ruled out any serious prostate problems...

And you still get that horrible nagging feeling that you’ve never really finished peeing...

Not to mention the lost sleep, and the devastating effects on your sexual potency...

Then I promise—the next few minutes could change your life.

Hi, I’m Dr. Allan Spreen. Yes, I’m an M.D. with decades of experience in natural health and conventional medicine. And yes, I’ve done extensive research on prostate health.

But I’m talking to you today not ‘doctor to patient,’ but man to man...

As someone who understands that this is a lot more than just an annoying bathroom habit. It can throw off your whole “rhythm,” and take a heavy toll on your life.

But I also know—because I’ve seen it over and over, and experienced first-hand—that when you give your “male plumbing” proper nutrition—it does what every part of your body is designed to do—it takes care of itself.

And that means you can go back to enjoying life...

Just ask Dan Aaron from Nashville. He wrote me just to say,

“Of everything I’ve tried, this is THE BEST. I started noticing positive results after the second day, and I’ve been using it faithfully ever since.”

Now, Dan’s results are pretty extraordinary—I can’t promise you’ll see results in the first 2 days like he did. But even if it takes a little longer, I promise it’ll be worth the wait...

Imagine transforming your nights—from a bunch of unsatisfying trips to the bathroom—into hour after hour of great sleep AND great sex...

So listen. This is about A LOT MORE than maintaining your prostate health. It’s about taking your life back and not putting up with a problem when there’s something you can easily do about it.

After all...

Is it too much to ask to
pee normally, sleep all night,
and have explosive sex?

Of course not!

And that’s what this presentation is all about.

But you’re probably wondering why this is ANY different from all the other so-called “prostate breakthroughs”.

I’d be willing to bet—dollars to donuts—that you’ve tried at least one of them before. Maybe saw palmetto?

Let me guess—you kept hearing about it over and over, so you forked over your hard-earned cash and gave it a try?

And it did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for you?

Then I feel your pain... and please, keep reading. Because you’re about to learn what could be...

The REAL reason nothing has
worked for you—and the breakthrough
that could finally change your life.

Our story starts with a well-known fact about your prostate—with an astonishing twist:

See, men have been using herbal extracts to support healthy prostate and urination for centuries—all the way back to the ancient Indians.

But there’s new research pointing to a startling conclusion—and it could finally reveal why nothing you’ve tried before has worked like you wanted.

See, research is now indicating that...

Your prostate needs
4 “pillars” of targeted nutrition
to give you REAL RELIEF

Your prostate is a very complex organ. And it needs a complex blend of nutrients to keep working properly—especially as you get along in years.

So if you’re what they call a “high-mileage man”—you’ll want to pay close attention.

Each of the 4 “pillars” of prostate-specific nutrients is a combination of vitamins, minerals, natural oils and herbal extracts. And each one addresses a key part of your total prostate health.

In study after study, scientists have shown that one ingredient alone just doesn’t cut it. (In fact, one study proved that saw palmetto alone FAILS for more than half of the men who take it. For them it’s no better than a placebo.)

So let me go on record right now to say: saw palmetto alone may NEVER let you...

Pee like a teenager...
Sleep like a baby...

It’s only when you combine it with the extract of a certain European herb that it forms a nutritional “platform” your prostate can use.

But that’s just the beginning.

When you combine 4 of these prostate-targeted “platforms” into one formula, that’s when you can look forward to REAL relief. That’s when I can GUARANTEE you won’t be disappointed.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to take a prostate formula that actually does what it says?

Wouldn’t it be great to go to the bathroom ONCE before you go to bed—then sleep like a rock all night?

Wouldn’t it be satisfying to coast past a rest area without a second thought?

And how ‘bout never having to subject yourself to another dirty, disgusting public restroom—because you know you can wait until you get home?

That’s the whole idea behind the formula I want to introduce to you right now. It’s called PROSTATE DEFENSE, and it’s guaranteed to make your life better -- or your money back.

It’s that simple, friend. If it doesn’t work, you don’t pay for it.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let me quickly explain a little bit more about the “4 pillars of a perfect prostate”—and how they could quickly turn your life around.

The first Pillar is...

The Foundation of Perfect Prostate Nutrition:
Saw Palmetto and Urtica Dioica

Now I know what you’re thinking—‘didn’t you just say that Saw Palmetto can be pretty much useless?’

Yes...pretty much useless—on its own.

But team it up with a strange-sounding plant from the European countryside, and get ready for blessed relief!

I’ll tell you about that European powerhouse in a second. But first, you’ve GOTTA start with the best form of saw palmetto.

Now I could go on and on about the chemistry behind different saw palmetto extracts.

But you don’t want a science lesson, you want RELIEF.

So here’s all you really need to know: the ONLY way to get the most out of saw palmetto is with a specific kind of extract. It has to come from the berries of the plant, and it must be standardized to contain at least 85% fatty acids.

(That “standardized” part is important—it means the extract is rigorously tested to contain a specified amount of the ACTIVE ingredients.)

But as you now know, saw palmetto ALONE may not give you the full satisfaction you’ve been missing.

And one thing is crystal clear from the research: the perfect saw palmetto “sidekick” is a European plant called Urtica Dioica, also known as nettle root.

It’s a flowering herb that’s rich in compounds called phytosterols. Together with the fatty acids from saw palmetto, they may help to block the enzyme that turns testosterone into its evil twin, DHT.

What could this mean for you?

Well, no matter how long it’s been since you had a long, powerful, completely satisfying urination—you don’t have to wait any longer. Now you can help open up those floodgates and let it ALL go—all at once.

Then you can relax, and enjoy that feeling of sweet relief—knowing you may not have to go again for HOURS...

But this dynamic duo of prostate support is only the first pillar. And you’ll need all 4 if you want to build a stable foundation for a perfect prostate.


The Prostate “Power Team” That Unleashes Your Urinary Force: Pygeum Africanum and
Pumpkin Seed Oil

If you’ve tried other prostate products, you’ve probably heard about Pygeum Africanum.

It comes from the bark of an exotic African tree. Bushmen have used it for thousands of years to deal with urinary symptoms.

And unlike saw palmetto, Pygeum CAN work some minor wonders by itself.

In one unblinded, non-placebo controlled study, men who took Pygeum alone reduced their nighttime peeing 32% and they saw a surge in maximum urinary flow rate. Flow rate is how scientists measure your “peeing power.” You know how scientists love to measure everything...

Now, 32% less nighttime peeing AND “Fire hose” urinary force—that’s exciting enough. But when you combine Pygeum with all-natural pumpkin seed oil, you get a shot of several of those beneficial phytosterols.

Those are the nutrients that preliminary research suggests may positively impact your hormone balance and help promote a healthy sized prostate.

That may mean less of that “never-ending urge”... that “why can’t I get it all out?” feeling...

And it means NOT having to dehydrate yourself in the evening—just so you can sleep through the night. Now, I can understand giving up some things for the sake of your health.

But a glass of water before bed?

Not even prisoners are subjected to that kind of abuse! So drink up—PROSTATE DEFENSE  has you covered.


The Prostate Antioxidants: Vitamin E and
the “Watermelon Wonder”

Pillar 3 is all about fighting the oxidative stress that may make your peeing problem so urgent.

That requires a “tag-team” of prostate-targeted antioxidants. And there are reams of studies that demonstrate the power of these two in particular.

First, researchers noticed that the more Vitamin E you get from your diet, the more likely you are to have a healthy prostate.

But Vitamin E alone won’t give you relief you can really feel.

When you add an antioxidant compound from a juicy summer fruit, though, things start to get interesting.

I call it “the watermelon wonder,” but you probably know it as Lycopene. It’s gotten a lot of press for its potential benefits for your eyes and heart. And with good reason—research suggests it’s one of the most potent antioxidants for those age-sensitive parts of your body.

But it really shines in the ‘manhood’ department...

See, Lycopene’s antioxidant action can help support the health of your prostate cells.

Which means that along with the other ingredients, it can help reduce that nagging urge... and when you do have to go, it could help you unleash a power stream like a garden hose on full blast!

Sounds pretty good, right?

But we’re not finished just yet.

See, I believe in dealing with what could be the real underlying cause of your frustrations.


Zinc and Selenium

Here’s something you may not know—there’s more zinc in your prostate than anywhere else in your body.

This is one of those mysteries scientists still haven’t quite solved. No one knows exactly why zinc is so important to your prostate.

But one thing is clear: zinc, along with selenium, are two of the manliest minerals on earth.

They’re both crucial to healthy fertility...

And they’re even more important for a healthy prostate. Studies show they’re directly involved in something called “apoptosis” which is the technical term for cell death.

Now, cell death sounds like a bad thing—and most of the time, it is.

But when your goal is to keep your prostate to a healthy size, you need some cells to die off.

In this case, it’s not just a good thing— it’s the only way to maintain a truly healthy prostate in the years to come!

That’s why the 4 pillars of prostate health are so important.

Just think—how great will it be to finally get some satisfaction when you pee?

Imagine, feeling total release—just relaxing and letting it go...

Then you can move on with your life—watch TV, read the paper, go for a walk, or out to dinner—WITHOUT that urgent sensation dragging you down...

And even when you do have to go, imagine being able to comfortably “hold it” until it’s convenient for YOU... Won’t that be nice the next time you’re in the middle of the row at a movie or a ball game?

Think how much more you’ll enjoy the simple things in life!

Think how much freedom you’ll have—when you don’t have to map out the nearest men’s room everywhere you go!

And as great as it will be to finally get some urinary comfort, let’s not forget...

Your prostate is a SEX organ

Without a healthy prostate, you can’t even have a real ejaculation!

I’m sorry to be so blunt, but let’s be honest—we’re talking about the most intensely pleasurable sensation you’ll ever experience.

Isn’t that worth protecting?

Don’t you want to keep having satisfying sex—FOREVER?

Especially when you can help maintain healthy urination– and keep a red-hot sex life going... in one fell swoop?

Mike Burns from Worcester, MA did it. And take a look at what he wrote me:

“I have been using PROSTATE DEFENSE for 4 or 5 years.” he said. “I thought it was another flash in the pan, but it works like a miracle... I am finally truly satisfied.”

So think for a minute about prostate solutions you’ve tried before. If you’re using one now, you could even check the label.

Does it address all 4 pillars of a perfect prostate?

Does it contain each of these ingredients—in the right forms—and in the specific dosages?

And most importantly—has it actually worked for you? Are you getting up at night LESS than before? Or are you still stumbling through the dark on your way to the bathroom 4, 5 or 6 times every night?

When you go, is your stream fast and forceful? Or is it still a dribbling series of starts and stops?

When you finally flush, do you have that relaxed feeling of relief and comfort? Or do you already feel like you have to go again?

Friend, it’s time to try something that can work for you. Something that’s actually worth your hard earned dollars...

And right now, there’s NEVER been a better time for you to try PROSTATE DEFENSE.

Here’s what I mean.

Ordinarily, it would cost an arm and a leg to get all these ingredients in one powerful formula.

And even then, you’d have no way of knowing if you were getting the right forms.

Luckily, with help from my team at NorthStar Nutritionals, I’ve done all the legwork for you. All you have to do is try it...

And there’s more good news. By reading this report, you’ve unlocked a special offer... and if you choose to take advantage, you’re going to save a bundle on premium prostate support...

It couldn’t be simpler: Just select a 3 or 6-month supply of PROSTATE DEFENSE today, and you’ll get a BIG discount off the single-bottle price.

Click the button below to see what I mean. I know you’ll appreciate the savings...

And keep in mind, if you just want to get started with a one-month supply, you can do that too.

But whichever option you choose, let me tell you about our free delivery service. You’ll love this, because it’ll let you lock in today’s discounted price forever—and save you even more by entitling you to FREE shipping.

Here’s how it works...

When you place your order, be sure to check off the Auto Deliver Service box and we’ll take it from there!

Before your first order runs out, our system will automatically alert us.

Your card will be charged for the same order you place today and we’ll rush you a fresh supply of PROSTATE DEFENSE. That way, you never have to lift a finger to keep enjoying powerful, satisfying urinations AND long nights of restful sleep.

We’ll never raise your price* and you’ll never pay a penny for shipping – as long as you’re enrolled.

But PLEASE DON’T WORRY—there are no strings attached here.

You can always change your delivery schedule, pause the delivery service or cancel it altogether —at any time.

My respectful, responsive service agents are always just a quick call away. A toll-free number comes with your shipment. And the people on the other end are under strict orders to be attentive to your every request.

So you get exactly what YOU want, whenever YOU want it. Nothing more, and nothing less.

Sound good?

I think you’ll really LOVE getting the best possible price AND free shipping. In fact, I know of folks who have been Auto Delivery members for more than 5 YEARS. And they’re still paying the rock-bottom price they paid for their very first order.

For them, satisfying urinations and restful sleep are something they don’t even have to think about. Their comfort, relief, and FREEDOM are on autopilot—so they can focus on living their lives.

And keep in mind—these smart guys NEVER pay for shipping. That’s right -- as long as you remain a member of Auto-Delivery Service, shipping will ALWAYS be completely FREE.

Sound like a fair deal?

Now, having felt the power of the “four pillars” myself, I KNOW you’re going to love PROSTATE DEFENSE. But if not, I’ve got you covered. Because PROSTATE DEFENSE is backed by my unlimited, no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

That means if at any time, for any reason, you’re not thrilled with your results... just say the word, and I’ll give you a full refund of the product price. Promptly, and with no hassles.

That’s my promise to you. And it’s good whether it’s your third bottle—or your hundred-and-third.

Combine the convenience of Auto-Delivery Service with my ironclad Guarantee, and you can feel confident placing your order for PROSTATE DEFENSE today.

So if you’re ready for REAL RELIEF...

Simply click the button below.

Remember, you don’t have to make a final judgment on PROSTATE DEFENSE right now. You’re just agreeing to give it a try—and THEN decide. All the risk is on me.

So why not go ahead and click the button below right now?

With the 4 pillars of a perfect prostate working for you, your discomfort and frustration will be nothing but a distant memory...

So please, don’t wait any longer. Click below to order your supply of PROSTATE DEFENSE right away.

Allan Spreen, M.D.

P.S. I’m expecting a strong response to this special discount. Things could get out of hand, and I may be forced to take down this presentation very soon. So if you want to take the next step to a perfect prostate, there’s never been a better time to try PROSTATE DEFENSE! But remember, the BIG SAVINGS are available through the button below. Click it right now!

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“I have been taking Prostate Defense for about 6 months and have noticed a huge improvement in my urine stream and the ability to sleep through most of the night.”

—Ned Koerner, Santa Ana, CA*


“Within 2 weeks, I was able to sleep through the night with only one visit to the toilet.”

—Jim Ruzzo, Lake Placid, NY*


“I used to get up 8-10 times per night, but am now only getting up 2-3 times. And there’s no more stopping and starting… I’ve enjoyed a steady stream. This is definitely the best prostate solution I have tried. ”

—James Blakenship, Columbus, OH*


“I got up two to three times each night with other prostate solutions. I now sleep through the night.”

—Wayne Morrow, St. Paul, MN*


“For 8 years or so, I was taking another prostate product. However, Prostate Defense does so much more for me. I am only getting up once a night now, which is critical because I have a difficult time falling asleep once my sleep is interrupted.”

—Freddie Dungman, Utica, NY*


“After about 10 days, Prostate Defense cut my trips to the restroom in half.”

—Benjamin Ware, Essex, MD*


“Prostate Defense has worked very well! I went from having to “push to flow” to actually having a mild stream. And it only took 2-3 days to notice the difference!”

—Dave Crosby, Jacksonville, FL*


*Individual results may vary.