BenVia Gold Seed

BenVia Gold Seed

Amazing super food discovery leaves all others in the dust!

  • Rich, dense source of Omega-3s
  • Supercharge your heart health
  • Fight nasty free radicals
  • Give your bones a boost
  • Great-tasting source for fiber
  • Dial down occasional digestive stress
  • Satisfaction guaranteed! You have an unlimited amount of time to decide if BenVia Gold is right for you.

Introducing great news on how to provide amazing support to your blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol balance, energy, skin, digestion and so much more...

In a gram-to-gram analysis, this amazing discovery packs awesome amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids, plus 5 times more calcium than whole milk, 13 times more magnesium than broccoli, 3 times more antioxidant power than fresh blueberries, more fiber than flaxseed, more protein than soy...

Imagine a food so perfect that just a tiny bit every morning could transform your entire day. You simply stir a bit into your cereal or yogurt, and presto...

  • Suddenly, you're surging with energy, so you may not need that afternoon nap and you may sleep better at night...
  • You've never been more regular, as occasional constipation, bloating, gas and cramps virtually disappear...
  • Weight-control becomes more manageable, as hunger pangs and cravings fade, and you feel amazingly satisfied...

Then, as the weeks go by, imagine...

  • Your heart, arteries, blood pressure and even your cholesterol balance are all beautifully supported...
  • Friends say you're even looking younger and compliment you on your skin...
  • But here's the best part:  It turns "guilty pleasures" into stealth superfoods-- even mouthwatering brownies!

This miracle can transform all kinds of delicious foods. You can blend it into your breakfast shake, sprinkle it on our yogurt, add it to your salad, make flavorful dinners with it, bake cookies with it, or use it as thickener for sauces; it just makes everything more satisfying!

It's a grain called Salvia Hispanica L, and when modern researchers ran tests, THEY NEARLY FELL OVER...

Because these seeds tested off the charts! Packed with so many vital nutrients-- it was clear that they had uncovered a nutritional goldmine.

Best of all, your satisfaction is guaranteed! You have an unlimited amount of time to decide if BenVia Gold is right for you.

See what people are saying about BenVia Gold...

Far and Away the Best!
"BenVia Gold is far and away the best product I've tried.  It's especially good for healthier bowel movements.  I've been surprised by how effective it is.  BenVia Gold is a great product."

-- Mack Dorvy, Topeka, KS

So Many Benefits
"We don't miss a day.  If we are out, we take it with us. I have it shipped on Auto-Delivery Service. I recommend this to everyone that wants a healthy colon and digestive system.  There are so many benefits to taking BenVia Gold! I feel great!"

-- Al & Bea Hammonds, Minden, NV

Totally Shocked!
"I was totally shocked when I received my blood work results this week.  It was as good as I could have hoped for after 5 months of use.  I will definitely continue with BenVia Gold."

-- Laura Nevins, Big Sur, CA

"There is NO Comparison."
"I had hoped BenVia Gold would help me-- but I really didn't expect the improvement to be so significant."

-- Diana Dodson, Tampa, FL

This Product is for You!
"I'm regular with BenVia Gold and irregular when I'm not taking it.  If you want regular bowel movements, this is the product for you!"

-- Dan Stevenson, Lafayette, LA

"It has not let me down!"
"This is the best I've felt in a long time.  People say I look like I'm 50 (and I'm 70 years old!)."

-- Richard Custis, Houston, TX

"I've got energy levels I haven't had in years!"
"BenVia Gold has been outstanding!  It's easy to mix with foods or drinks and it doesn't change the flavor of anything, which makes it very easy to use each day.  I feel so much better than I thought I would!"

-- Jack Pratt, Chicago, IL



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