NeuroBrin is designed to help support cognitive health. This formula promotes a strong memory and focus.

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 “I was experiencing major “senior moments” a few months ago.  I fired up the computer, started my research, and ran across the article on Dr. Glen Rothfeld and NeuroBrin. The article was very convincing; what do I have to lose maybe I will have something to gain. Crossed my fingers and ordered the product NeuroBrin… I noticed after using the product I wasn't forgetting things like where I left my keys…. I am now into my third month using this product and I am so happy with this product in many I am more able to get things done. I am not forgetting the basics and I’m staying on top of daily issues.  Because of NeuroBrin I am feeling great!!  Not forgetting my keys or where is my cellphone, I am 74 years old but staying focused and sharp as a tack is no problem. Try NeuroBrin!!! Everything to gain nothing to lose!” 

-Donald F., Orlando, FL* 


Dear Dr. Rothfeld, Just want to let you know that my husband and I are both taking NeuroBrin and have notice that we are a little sharper in thinking. Mind you, he is 88 yrs. old and is doing great for his age but still has the occasional “senior moment”… I guess at his age this is common to older folks.  I had read about this in your advertising and thought that we could try it. I think that it has made a difference for both of us! Thank you.

-Holly H., Peoria, IL*


“I started with NeuroBrin and noticed changes when I started to remember things. One day it felt like I woke up! Had a feeling to try it.  Saw my doctor recently and he said that NeuroBrin was helping. We had tried most of the ingredients. Helps with focus and remembering. My organization is still in need of a lot of help. I am a psychotherapist and am remembering more of the vocabulary. My notes I feel are better. For a year it has been very challenging...I thank God that I had the gut feeling to try it! NeuroBrin has had a wonderful impact on my life.“                          

 -Diana T., Bowie, MD*


This product has already lifted some of the fog from my brain.  I feel my memory recall is beginning to improve. I look forward to further improvements. Thank you!

-Rachel B., Cedar Rapids, IA


I decided to try NeuroBrin because I was very foggy, every day-tired and unable to concentrate and get things done the way I wanted. I first noticed an improvement after taking NeuroBrin for a week or so.  I love that I’m more focused now and I’m on top of things. NeuroBrin has improved my life- I get more done most days!

-Oliver G., Fort Collins, CO*


I decided to try NeuroBrin because I had been reading about products that made claims like this and I really need something that works like that.

The fact that the product was described as having a dramatic effect in 60 minutes meant that it would be pretty obvious if it worked or not, and then I could decide whether to take advantage of the money back guarantee or not.

Well, unfortunately, it did NOT work as described on the first day, but I did think I felt something but I wasn't sure if it was my imagination or not. So I decided to keep taking the product for a week and see what happens.

Well, during the afternoon of the 3rd day I had about a 2 or 3 hour window of amazing brain power! Suddenly, I had and energy surge, and when speaking my ENTIRE vocabulary was instantly available to me without even trying. I was using words that I hadn't used in a long time (I had a graduation level vocabulary in the 8th grade). I used to talk like that a lot back in collage, but as the years went by the brain fog had rolled in.

I have since had a couple of events like that typically in the afternoon but they have become considerably less intense and less frequent. I totally love that feeling of suddenly having that surge of Brain Power.

-Karl W., Los Angeles, CA**


Neuro Brin has made a big difference in my memory. I feel that the capacity of brain has been expanded; I am thinking clearer and I am making more sense when I complete a sentence. I am able to recall thoughts easier. Thanks for convincing me to try the protocol.

-Aaron H., Tucson, AZ*


I am 81 and in good health. I decided to try NeuroBrin because my father and brother battled brain fog. . NeuroBrin has improved my memory and focus. I noticed an improvement immediately! I love that it has increased my focus, I can remember more and I'm experiencing less brain fog. Day-to-day I have a better attitude and happy spirit. 

-Yolanda M., Naples, FL*


“NeuroBrin works great for me. Thanks for NeuroBrin!”

            -Norman B., Johnstown, PA*


“I can focus better since I started taking NeuroBrin. The two things I love most about NeuroBrin are the increased focus and clarity. NeuroBrin has helped to improve my life- I feel more confident. Thank you for this product.”

            -Stanley P., Boise, ID*


“I am 71 and sleep difficulties and word search have been irritants. NeuroBrin helps my sleep be more restful, so I wake feeling rested regardless of length of sleep.  These are especial responses to NeuroBrin that I value since I am an RN and I still work 48 hours a week on the night shift.  I have told my patients and family and friends about my response to NeuroBrin. I appreciate the research you have done. I have a Masters in Nursing Science, and research for evidence based practice is very important to me. I only try supplements whose research impresses me; then I recommend only those I find make a real difference in my life.”

- Sandy S., Knoxville, TN*


 “NeuroBrin has improved my day-to-day life- it is now less stressful. I love that I now have more clarity and am able to remember more.”

            -Vince B., Salisbury, MD*


“My focus is improved after I take it in the morning. The thing I love most about NeuroBrin is the increase in focus it gives me that I need to get work done in the morning. It helps me focus to get the day started and focus on getting my work and tasks accomplished. Thanks!”

            -Nadine M., Syracuse, NY*


“I decided to try NeuroBrin cause I was forgetting some stuff and I feel after using one bottle, my focus and memory have improved a lot. I am less forgetful now and there's more clarity. I am a lot happier now. Thank you!”

            -Judith G., Detroit, MI*

“I really like taking Neurobrin and feel it makes a big difference in memory recall. I will order some more tomorrow when I get a new charge card.  Thank you!”

            - Jane P., Dallas, TX*


*Individual results may vary.

** Results not typical.

Consumers are cautioned to read all labels and follow all directions. You should always consult with your physician before using this or any such products.


Protect from heat, light and moisture. Store at 15-30°C (59-85°F).

Do not use if seal is broken.

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