When you hurt, you want pain relief and you want it fast! And nothing is faster than topical pain relief – creams, rubs, and ointments you can use to wipe away joint pain, muscle pain, neck and back pain, even sprains and strains.

Topical pain relievers are localized – used only where you need them – so they give you targeted pain relief, instead of flooding your system with unnecessary medication. And they’re fast, going to work in less than a minute...providing blessed pain relief in less than an hour. Meanwhile, some pain pills can take up to an hour just to “kick in.”

But don’t worry, because topical pain relievers are real medicine, with real, FDA approved pain relieving ingredients – like menthol and capsaicin. Menthol delivers cool, soothing pain relief, while capsaicin works to burn away your pain almost instantly. You don’t have to be held to the schedule of a pain pill, or try to choke down yet another capsule anymore. From neck aches to sprained ankles – and everything in between – with topical pain relievers, you get the pain relief you need, when and where you need it.

Pain Relief

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