Lumivella is designed to support natural beauty. The ingredients promote healthy collagen production. 

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“I did receive one compliment since using my first bottle of Lumivella. A friend told me I look younger than before...I had not seen her in just over three weeks. I am truly excited and have ordered the 3-bottle supply with Auto-Delivery Service. I have a 50-year high school reunion coming up June 2, 2012.”

—Sandra Gould, Myrtle Beach, SC*


“I had the best sleep with Lumivella. I could tell a BIG difference in my face, also. Thanks.”

—Bev Cullen, York, PA*


“I am very satisfied with Lumivella. I get compliments on how I look young and vibrant.”

—Holly Santore, Greenwich, CT*


“I’m 63, soon to be 64. People have been complimenting me on how young I look. One person even made the statement that I seem to be getting and looking younger… how about that?”

—Priscilla Tyler, Lewes, DE*


“I love Lumivella! I attend an annual meeting and every year since using Lumivella I receive so many compliments. It really is a pleasure when someone asks me why I don’t age. It is also a pleasure to sleep peacefully each night.”

—Debbie Spindler, Washington, DC*


“I have been taking the Lumivella and really enjoy the results.  I really like it and have passed on the name when my friends have noticed my nice skin.  They ask me “what have you been using?””

—Elaine Saltsman, Glens Falls, NY*


“I tried Lumivella to see if it could eliminate the dark circles beneath my eyes. And it works better than anything I’ve ever tried… including topical creams! Since using Lumivella, I’ve noticed that I’ve been sleeping better, and don’t feel as tired in the morning.”

—Suzanne Couch, Easley, SC*


“My friends tell me that my face is glowing!”

—Judy Jenkins, Menifee, CA*


“I don’t wear very much make up and have been getting a lot of compliments and questions on what I have been doing to have my skin look so good. And I feel really good. The best thing is I am mentally more upbeat.”

—Laurie Delcamp, Virginia Beach, VA*


“My skin seems smoother with Lumivella. The difference is that Lumivella works from the inside-out. ”

—Christa Shaw, Passaic, NJ*


“It really does make my face glow.”

—Olivia Jury, Glendale, CA*


*Individual results may vary.

Allergy warning: contains protein derived from milk

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Protect from heat, light, and moisture. Store at 15–30°C (59–85°F).

Do not use if seal is broken.

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Individual results may vary.