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New blood sugar support product heads off sugar spikes naturally
2013-08-22 - A powerful new blood sugar support product combines several sugar-spike busting botanicals including green coffee bean extract and curcumin to help you maintain normal blood sugar levels.

Seniors beat youngsters in consistent cognitive performance
2013-08-22 - In a new study older adults performed more consistently on a series of nine cognitive tests than younger adults.

Low vitamin D levels could lead to disability
2013-08-15 - A new study find that vitamin D deficiency... a common problem with seniors... is linked to physical limitations and may lead to further disability as you age.

Anemia in seniors linked to higher dementia risks
2013-08-15 - A new study has linked anemia in seniors with a significantly higher risk of dementia.

Flawed fish-oil study finds bogus link to prostate cancer
2013-08-08 - The mainstream media is claiming that a rehash of data from an older study links fish oil to raised prostate cancer, but their logic is full of flaws and their conclusions bogus.

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