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EUREKA! Scientists find strange nutrient in tree bark that promotes your body’s glucose metabolism

Could this be the faster, simpler way to help keep your blood sugar in line?

Dear Fed-Up Friend,

If you’ve been tearing your hair out trying to maintain your healthy blood sugar... forcing yourself to eat like a rabbit... and dreading every checkup...

This may be the most important message you’ve ever read.

When you learn the facts I’m about to share with you, you may never drive yourself crazy worrying about maintaining your healthy blood sugar again.

Instead of letting your quest to maintain healthy blood sugar take over your life, you’ll learn how to confidently keep control...

Just think—with all that freed up time and energy, you could start really living again...

You could...

  • STOP worrying about those occasional indulgences...
  • START loving your healthy food again...
  • STOP suffering through lectures from “health nags”...
  • AND START enjoying real blood sugar support!

So what’s all the fuss about?

Well, if you stick with me through this short report, I’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Researchers from the Human Nutrition Research Center in Maryland have just made a mind-bending discovery... a breakthrough that’s poised to help erase your blood sugar stress once and for all...

It’s all about these newly-discovered compounds called Type-A Polymers. They do something that sounds like MAGIC:

They perform a VANISHING ACT
on blood sugar!

By helping convert it into energy for your body—like never before.

Oddly enough, they were discovered inside a very special kind of tree bark—I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.

But first, let me explain why these Type-A Polymers are creating such a stir...

It’s simple, really. The science behind these natural compounds defies everything conventional wisdom has to say about blood sugar.

Of course, we all know diet and exercise are still important—that’s never going to change.

But as you also know, when your blood sugar numbers are healthy, you want to KEEP them that way. And that’s all about proper glucose metabolism.

And most experts are thrilled if they can manage to boost glucose metabolism even a tiny little bit.

But in a recent in-vitro study,

Type-A Polymers boosted glucose
metabolism over 20 fold!

Now, this research is preliminary. More studies are needed to determine exactly how these Type-A Polymers work in the body. But these results are so promising, you shouldn’t have to wait...

With this level of support, you could finally stop worrying about keeping your blood sugar healthy!

Sound impossible? It might make a little more sense when you learn that Type-A Polymers are...

The secret weapon behind the blood sugar-improving power of CINNAMON

Now, maybe you’ve heard all about cinnamon and blood sugar. It’s been all over the news, and frankly, I understand if you’re “over it.”

But if you’re at all concerned about healthy blood sugar, keep watching. Because what you never heard on the news is that until recently, cinnamon’s effect was a complete mystery...

That’s right—no one knew exactly how it worked, or what it is about cinnamon that does the trick.

So if you wanted to take advantage of cinnamon’s blood sugar benefits, the best you could do was to swallow big, bulky capsules of cinnamon powder, and hope you were getting the GOOD stuff.

Quite frankly, you might as well have been gnawing on a cinnamon stick and crossing your fingers...

That never was good enough for me, and it’s not good enough for you, either. And now there’s a better way.

It’s all thanks to a researcher at the USDA’s Human Nutrition Research Center, who dug deep into the “cinnamon mystery.”

He spent years picking apart samples of cinnamon at the molecular level, painstakingly testing each compound...

And what he found could be the key to healthier blood sugar.

He concluded that these Type-A Polymers are the secret to cinnamon’s power. They work by opening up the glucose receptors in your cells, which is how your body “vacuums up” blood sugar and burns it into energy.

Think about that for a moment—these unique compounds actually stoke the “metabolic fire” that incinerates glucose...

That helps your blood sugar levels stay nice and healthy, AND you have plenty of energy for all the things you love to do...

And thanks to this quantum leap in blood sugar science, you can now take advantage of a powerful new form of cinnamon extract that’s PACKED with highly-concentrated Type-A Polymers. Once you learn how to harness its power, you’ll not only enjoy life more...

You may actually look forward
to your next blood sugar checkup!

Can you imagine that? Strolling into your yearly checkup without an ounce of worry on your face... and hearing the thinly-veiled shock in your doctor’s voice when he announces the healthiest results you’ve ever gotten!

My name is Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld, and I’m here to tell you—that little daydream could be coming true sooner than you think...

Because the new breed of cinnamon extract works astonishingly FAST. You could begin to see results just in time for your next appointment.

But the benefits go way beyond maintaining healthy numbers.

You’ll actually FEEL the difference—with less of that post-meal sluggishness that drags us all down...

That’s what happens when your numbers stay right in the middle of the healthy range—you have plenty of lasting, stable energy.

In other words, this could be...

Your faster, simpler path to
healthier blood sugar

Not to mention all the blessed stress relief that comes with it...

Now this may be hard to believe, especially if you’ve been let down by other blood sugar supporters, so I don’t expect you to take my word for it.

In a few minutes, you’ll get a chance to read about folks who have tried this breakthrough themselves. They’ll tell you how they can feel their “blood sugar stress” melting away, day by day...

That’s exactly what happens when you deploy cinnamon’s secret weapon, Type-A Polymers.

And that’s why I’m so excited about this new breed of cinnamon extract—because I checked with the manufacturer, and they said it’s packing over 20 TIMES the active Type-A Polymers compared to regular cinnamon...

That’s a BIG difference—but why should it matter to you?

Well, keep in mind that Type-A Polymers boosted glucose metabolism 20-FOLD in a recent in-vitro test...

And you already know that, in conjunction with diet and exercise, glucose metabolism is the key to keeping your blood sugar healthy...

So you can just imagine how a daily dose of these powerful nutrients will make that a whole lot easier!

If you’ve tried run-of-the-mill cinnamon before, this will be a bit like going from a Ford Fiesta to a super-charged Mustang. They’re made from the same raw materials, but the amount of power is VERY different...

And just think how great it will feel to know you’re getting the most advanced natural blood sugar support available...

And amazingly enough, it does MORE than just revolutionize the way you handle your blood sugar. Consider this a little icing on the cake...

Because one small cutting-edge study showed that cinnamon may also help maintain healthy body weight!

So don’t be surprised if those healthy blood sugar numbers are soon accompanied by a little less flab around your midsection...

Powerful blood sugar support AND a little boost to your fat loss efforts—don’t you just love it when one thing makes your life better in TWO wonderful ways?

And just in case that’s not enough for you, consider this: cinnamon ALSO has powerful antioxidant properties! That means it may help promote healthy levels of inflammation and maintain a strong, healthy heart...

Imagine the peace of mind you’ll have knowing that you’re not only taking an important extra step to support healthy blood sugar, you’re also helping keep your heart in tip-top shape...

Can you see why there’s so much excitement surrounding this spice rack staple?

But before you take advantage of this breakthrough, there’s something you really need to know.

Here’s what cinnamon CAN’T do...

Now, this is the kind of information that a lot of supplement makers would rather keep quiet. They’d like you to believe their products are flawless—that they’ll put an end to your frustration forever.

But you know better than that, and so do I. Maybe this is why they call me a “medical maverick,” but I say you deserve the unvarnished truth—let the chips fall where they may...

And the fact of the matter is—there are some things cinnamon just cannot do.

Even this incredible new breed of cinnamon extract—as powerful as it is for supporting healthy blood sugar metabolism—is more or less helpless against the effects of inevitable blood sugar spikes that come after meals.

If you’ve ever had that sleepy, sluggish feeling after a meal, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Even a perfectly healthy meal can cause spikes and slumps in glucose.

And let’s be candid here—no matter how much will power you muster—not every meal is going to be perfectly healthy—and you know you’re going to reach into the cookie jar every once in a while.

So what I’m saying is—

Sugar spikes are a fact of life

Even for us healthy folks. You just can’t get away from them.

But you’re about to learn how to protect yourself from their effects.

Now I have to warn you, what you’re about to hear is a little-known secret of metabolic science—the kind of thing a lot of so-called experts haven’t learned yet.

See, new research shows that sugar spikes are one of the primary causes of AGEs. If you haven’t heard, AGEs (or Advanced Glycation End Products) are very bad news...

They’re unstable molecules formed when glucose hangs around for too long in your blood stream and reacts with proteins.

And then, they attack sensitive cells in the most important parts of your body...

They’re like little gangs of “glucose thugs”—running around making trouble for everything in their path.

And there’s only one way I know of to guard against these “glucose gang members.” I call it...

The “Sugar-Shield” Vitamin...

And get this—it’s actually an under-publicized form of a common B vitamin. I’ll tell you what it is in just a minute, but first let me explain the strange way this super-nutrient was discovered.

It started in the 1960s with a group of German researchers.

But here’s the strange part—their research had NOTHING to do with blood sugar!

They were looking for nutrients that support a healthy nervous system.

They stumbled onto a compound called benfotiamine, which is a little-known form of vitamin B1. It just so happens that it’s much better absorbed than other forms.  In fact, one study shows your body absorbs benfotiamine 5 times better than standard B1...

And since B vitamins are so important for your nerves, the German researchers made huge advancements in nervous system support.

But what does this have to do with YOU? How can this help you protect your body parts from those gangs of glucose thugs?

Well, in 2003, a doctor from the Research Center at Albert Einstein College of Medicine made the startling connection. His name was Dr. Brownlee, and he had one of those “aha” moments that makes you wonder why no one had thought of it before...

He knew that vitamin B1 does more than keep your nerves healthy. It also acts like a “glucose thermostat”—when sugar spikes happen, it cranks up a certain enzyme that helps your body burn away the AGEs.

So if you could simply boost the levels of B1 in your bloodstream, you could protect your cells against those nasty glucose gangbangers.

The problem was—how to boost levels of B1.

Generic vitamin B1 tablets—like the kind you’ll find at the drug store—are not absorbed well enough to make much of a difference. In fact, they barely show up in your bloodstream and tissues—and that’s where you need them.

But this Dr. Brownlee said, “Hey, wait a minute... What about this other form of B1? You know, the one that’s absorbed 5 times better? HAS ANYBODY EVEN TRIED IT!?”

And this, my friend, is where things get really exciting.

Dr. Brownlee showed that benfotiamine could...

Scare off those “glucose thugs” better than a SAWED-OFF 12-GAUGE SHOTGUN...

It supports and helps protect the health of your most important body parts.

You do want to maintain crystal clear vision, a strong heartbeat, and healthy kidney function, don’t you?

Well benfotiamine could help you do that and much more.

See, over the past few years, researchers around the globe have put benfotiamine through the ringer—testing it in heaps of preliminary clinical trials—and it has earned its title as the “sugar shield” vitamin.

Here’s a small sampling of the research, so you understand why I’m so excited:

  • A researcher from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine demonstrated that benfotiamine activates a key blood sugar-metabolizing enzyme 250% in-vitro compared to regular vitamin B1—which boosted the enzyme a measly 25%. That’s 10 TIMES BETTER—the kind of increase that could make a real difference in your life...
  • Doctors from the Bristol Heart Institute showed that in mice, benfotiamine protected against elevated glucose’s reckless activity—helping to keep the heart muscle strong... and it doesn’t get more “mission-critical” than your heart.

I could go on and on, but ask yourself—why haven’t you (or your doctor) heard about benfotiamine?

After all, this could be the tool you need to stop living in fear of “glucose thugs”... and start enjoying life again...

But it’s not your fault (or your doctor’s)—this kind of information has a way of staying out of the limelight. Could it be because it threatens the profits of some of the world’s greediest corporations?

You can call me a conspiracy theorist if you want—just don’t let it stop you from giving benfotiamine a try.

I mean, think about it... aren’t your body parts worth supporting?

And with my breakthrough formula from Real Advantage Nutrients, it’s never been easier OR more affordable...

It’s called GlucoComplete, and boy does it live up to its name...

It’s the only formula I’ve seen that contains BOTH the “cinnamon secret weapon,” AND the “sugar shield” vitamin, benfotiamine.

And if that was all this formula was packing, I’d still recommend it to you with my whole heart. I’d feel so much better knowing you were taking the right steps to improve your healthy blood sugar and help your delicate tissues handle the glucose that comes their way.

But any doctor worth his salt knows there’s another piece of the glucose puzzle. And it’s a BIG one...

I’m talking about insulin sensitivity.

How important is insulin sensitivity? Well imagine that your cells are like the houses in a neighborhood. Insulin is kind of like the milkman, bringing fresh milk (glucose) to your front door...

Proper insulin sensitivity means you can “hear” the milkman knocking—so glucose is safely delivered to your cells where you can use it for energy.

And one thing is for sure—if you want to support your body’s healthy insulin sensitivity, you NEED the mineral chromium.

Research shows that it’s essential for the formation of glucose tolerance factor, which is a key part of insulin sensitivity.

So with the healthy dose of chromium in GlucoComplete, you can rest assured that when insulin comes a-knockin’, your cells will perk right up and answer the door.

And you’ll feel the difference. Because by supporting proper insulin sensitivity, your numbers stay right in the middle of the healthy zone.  

And that could help you feel more focused and energized, with less of those fogged-over, sluggish spells that happen to us all after we eat a high-carb meal.

Now, I could go on and on about GlucoComplete. I take it myself before every meal and it’s so simple—I never have to worry about keeping my blood sugar in check.

But I want to give you a chance to read about folks with real-world blood sugar concerns. They took my advice, tried GlucoComplete, and, well... I’ll let them tell you how it worked out...

“You’ve Earned My Trust...”

“Just thought I would take the time to let you know that GlucoComplete is the real deal. In as little as one week, my energy levels went through the roof, and it has helped support my blood sugar levels. After one month, I no longer had sugar spikes or low energy concerns.

This is a great product... you’ve earned my trust!”

—George A., Louisiana

“It Made Me A Believer...”

“I decided to try GlucoComplete because I was concerned about my blood sugar. It provided results in 30 days... I DEFINITELY got a good value with this product. It made me a believer.”

—Gary G., North Carolina

“I Never Miss A Dose!”

“GlucoComplete absolutely provided the results I was looking for. Now I can have an occasional treat! My physician is in agreement with me taking GlucoComplete and is quite surprised how much it’s helped.
I never miss or skip a dose!”

—Elizabeth H., Nevada

Keep in mind—those are real reviews from real people. And they’re just a few of the 11,306 happy, healthy GlucoComplete users.

They got a handle on keeping their glucose healthy, took back control of their life, and now they enjoy all the things that blood sugar stress had stolen from them. I’m talking about...

  • Foods with actual tasteunlike the cardboard “alternatives” they insist on calling “food”...
  • Lasting, natural energy—that comes from maintaining healthy blood sugar levels...
  • Travel and spontaneity—without having to worry about what’s on the menu...

Not to mention,

  • A little freedom from the STRESS—Ever feel like keeping your blood sugar healthy dominates your life? Wouldn’t it be grand NOT to have to think about it so much?

That’s why I’m so excited for you to try GlucoComplete. You could finally escape the glucose gridlock and start living again...

But there is a catch—there’s only one way to get your hands on GlucoComplete, and that’s through Real Advantage Nutrients.

But that’s actually good news for you. Because by reading this report, you can unlock a very special offer... And it could save you a fistful of cash on premium blood sugar support...

It couldn’t be simpler:  Just order a 3 or 6-month supply of GlucoComplete today, and you’ll get a sizeable discount off the single-bottle price.

Check out the pricing to see what I mean. I know you’ll appreciate the savings...

And keep in mind, if you just want to get started with a one-month supply, you can do that too.

But whichever option you choose, let me tell you about our convenient free delivery service. You’ll love this, because it will lock in today’s discounted price forever*—and save you even more by entitling you to FREE shipping.

Here’s how it works...

When you place your order today, you’ll be given a chance to sign up for a free membership in our Auto-Delivery Service. Just check the Auto-Delivery Service box during checkout and we’ll take care of the rest.

Then, just when your initial order is about to run out, our system will automatically alert us and we’ll rush a fresh supply of GlucoComplete directly to your door.

You never have to lift a finger to keep enjoying powerful blood sugar support.

And as if cutting-edge, natural support for healthy blood sugar wasn’t enough, consider this: as long as you remain a member of Auto-Delivery Service, you will never pay a CENT for shipping. EVER.

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Sound like a fair deal?

And don’t worry—there are no strings attached here. I can’t stand “legalese,” fine print, or any other such trickery. And I wouldn’t subject you to that nonsense either.

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So if you try GlucoComplete on Auto-Delivery Service and LOVE IT, simply do nothing and you’ll keep getting it for as long as you want.

But if not, I’ve got you covered. Because GlucoComplete is backed by my no-questions-asked UNLIMITED GUARANTEE.

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Combine the hassle-free convenience of Auto-Delivery Service with my ironclad Unlimited Guarantee, and you can feel confident placing your order for GlucoComplete today.

So I urge you to add GlucoComplete to your shopping cart right now...

Remember, you’re taking a powerful step toward maintaining healthy blood sugar. And your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, or your money back.

So please, don’t wait any longer. Order your supply of GlucoComplete today.

—Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld, M.D.

P.S. I almost forgot—I’m expecting a strong response to this discount. Things could get out of hand, and I may be forced to cancel this deal very soon. So if you want to take the next step to supporting healthy, worry-free blood sugar, there’s never been a better time to try GlucoComplete. But remember, it’s only available through Real Advantage Nutrients. So order today.

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“I decided to try GlucoComplete because I was concerned about my blood sugar. It provided the results I was expecting in 30 days. I can cheat occasionally even though I am trying to eat healthier. I definitely got a good value with this product. It made me a believer.”

—Gary Garbor, Raleigh, NC*


“A friend of mine turned me on to GlucoComplete. It provided results in about 4 weeks. Now I can occasionally eat foods and desserts that were forbidden. It was really an exciting experience.”

—Jack Regal, Marquette, MI*


“I have been using this product for a few months and it seems to be doing its job well.”

—Marlene Brown, Ontario, Canada*


“This really works—my blood sugar numbers are holding steady around 96.”

—Deanna P., Flagstaff, AZ*


*Individual results may vary.