Discover how to keep healthy blood sugar with Gluco-Sure—NorthStar Nutritionals' best natural blood sugar support supplement. Gluco-Sure is designed to help you...

  • Support optimal glucose metabolism...
  • Maintain healthy insulin sensitivity for balanced blood sugar...
  • Reduce post-meal blood sugar blips so you can power through your day...
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 If you’ve been worried, nervous... 
absolutely dreading your next doctor’s appointment, relax
Because you’re about to discover how to...

Ace your next
blood sugar check-up

With the help of the blood sugar secret you’ll
actually want to BRAG to your doctor about...

Dear Reader,

That’s right! It’s the reason Pat from Buford, Georgia can’t wait for her next blood test and why Mary from Salt Lake’s doctor was visibly shocked

But until now, they were just like you, haunted by that date looming on the calendar. You know... the one constantly reminding you that your blood sugar exam is coming soon. The one that has you dreading that painful conversation where your doctor tries to scare the daylights out of you (and succeeds)...

But even though you’re doing everything he said to keep your blood sugar healthy, you’re still filled with that sense of dread and worry—wondering what your doctor will say this time. But I promise you...

Today, you’re going to discover how to change ALL OF THAT...

I’m Dr. Allan Spreen, Chief Research Advisor for NorthStar Nutritionals. I’ve been a medical doctor for over 30 years and I completely understand why you don’t look forward to your doctor’s appointments. But I’m here to tell you...

Next time, things really CAN be different. Because next time, you’re going to...

Have more than a healthy diet and exercise
on your side—

Now, you can have the same incredible blood sugar secret as Pat, Mary and so many others. That’s right—you’ll have the same secret as all the others whose doctors grinned, shook their hands and said...

"Everything looks great! Keep up the good work!"

Because all across the country, folks are telling their doctors about this natural blood sugar supporter, and get this—

Even skeptical doctors are being forced to admit—
It’s working!

And I assure you—it could happen for you! Just ask Ron from New Paltz, New York what happened the last time his doctor called. Because his doctor actually congratulated him and told him to—"Keep on doing it!"

And, friend, they’re not the only ones. Nope, not by a long shot. I’ve received so many letters and emails sharing happy news from people who’ve put this incredible secret to work for them. Some of them are so ecstatic with their blood sugar that they’re actually looking forward to their next exam. In fact, some even said they can’t wait to see their next lab results!

Why shouldn’t that be you!? Finally, it can be—easily. Now you can also

Have this natural blood sugar secret
on your side...

Helping you keep your blood sugar in the normal, healthy range and finally, stop worrying!

Because now you’ll have all the confidence you need to face your doctor—and whatever tests he throws your way. So the next time you see your appointment circled on the calendar, you might call to see if they can take you sooner!

Because long before he gets those results back, you’ll already know it’s working.

Like Darren from Hawaii who said, “It’s like I’m a whole different person—ask my wife and kids! I can actually feel the difference.”

Or William from Saginaw, Michigan, who wrote in to say, “This is working great so far. Nothing I’ve tried in the past has worked. I feel 100% better.”

Now, why shouldn’t you feel just as great or be just as happy with your blood sugar? So, let me show you exactly how it could all be possible—so you can start living your life without all that stress weighing you down.

It doesn’t take a doctor like me to tell you watching what you eat and keeping active are very important. But what you’re about to discover is targeted support and it works like a charm when you add it to your routine...

It’s revolutionary...It’s convenient...
It’s changing lives...

It’s called Gluco-Sure! And "sure" is right!

Because this special formula wasn’t just designed to help keep your blood sugar balanced so you’ll feel healthy and energized—It was formulated to help you feel "sure" that you’re doing all you can to keep your blood sugar healthy.

Now, I realize you may have tried a blood sugar supplement before. So let me show you why Gluco-Sure is so different...

Or you could just ask Ted from Minnesota , who told me, “To make a long story short, Gluco-Sure has been the only natural product that actually did the job.”

You see, Gluco-Sure was scientifically designed to exceed your expectations in every way. And I’m so proud of what it’s done for so many people already—that I can’t wait to hear what it does for you...

So how does it work?

Well, in just a few moments I’ll reveal the surprising secret to Gluco-Sure’s revolutionary blood sugar support. Because while many products have just one or maybe two "active" ingredients, Gluco-Sure aims to trump everything else out there, with what I call...

The Fab 4 of blood sugar breakthroughs—

And any one of these amazing breakthroughs alone can help ease your worries. But put them all TOGETHER?!

Well, that’s the dream-team of ingredients that makes Gluco-Sure the go-to source for outstanding blood sugar support for thousands of people. And, as you’ll see, each ingredient is backed by the scientific research, analysis and testing that NorthStar

Nutritionals demands for all of our industry-leading supplements...

You see, our research team carefully selected each ingredient to complement the others so you can support your blood sugar from every angle.

And as a doctor who’s seen it all in my 30+ year medical career, there’s not a doubt in my mind that this advanced formula could change your life. So let me get right to it and explain how these four exciting breakthroughs make Gluco-Sure the legend it is.

The first is a surprising discovery that actually went...

Unnoticed by most of the world
for generations...

But it’s been prized in India for centuries—where you’re just as likely to see it on the dinner table as you are in a blood sugar supplement.

It’s called Coccinia Cordifolia (or more simply, Ivy Gourd) and at first glance, you might easily mistake it for a cucumber. But make no mistake, this is a glucose dynamo that’s finally starting to get the attention it deserves from Western doctors...

Because new research indicates that it could support your blood sugar in two incredible ways. First, research suggests that it may support the function of natural insulin in your body by helping move sugar from your blood and into your cells for energy. Eating right and getting plenty of exercise are essential to keeping this process in check. But now—with the natural power of Ivy Gourd on your side—you can give your body’s sugar metabolism some extra support...

So you can help the sugar in your blood get into your cells the way nature intended. And that’s just how researchers think it works. Wait until you see what it does...

When scientists put Ivy Gourd to the test in a double-blind, placebo controlled trial conducted by the supplier of this amazing extract, the results were very promising.

Researchers gave one group of people the amazing Ivy Gourd extract, while another group received a placebo for 90 days. Both groups were advised to eat a healthy diet and engage in moderate exercise. Then, the researchers measured each person’s blood sugar after 45 and 90 days—

And, imagine their delight and amazement when the Ivy Gourd group showed this remarkable response—

When compared to their starting values, the Ivy Gourd group experienced...

  • Improvements in fasting blood glucose levels...
  • Decreases in postprandial blood glucose levels, and...
  • Improvements in A1C levels, too!

So you can bet I made sure Gluco-Sure contains the full research dose of Ivy Gourd used in the study. And you can try it for yourself, right now.

However, I do need to mention, supplies could go very quickly. That’s because there is only one source of standardized Gencinia® Ivy Gourd extract available in the U.S. and NorthStar Nutritionals has secured access to it. You see, we believe this standardized source is the best kind of Ivy Gourd for you to use.

In fact, the Ivy Gourd in each capsule of Gluco-Sure is developed exclusively for us and each batch is sent with an official certificate of analysis—confirming its standardization. So when you open your first bottle of Gluco-Sure, you can be sure you’re getting the very same Ivy Gourd used in the study I just mentioned. And it’s the same Ivy Gourd that’s given so many people new confidence to face their doctor.

Like Maggie from Little Rock, who told me...

“I started using Gluco-Sure in January 2012. My doctor was very pleased with my results. I’m hoping to keep surprising him!”

Now, before I get too far ahead of myself, let me show you the three other blood sugar breakthroughs packed inside this revolutionary formula.

Just like Ivy Gourd—this next ingredient went relatively unnoticed for centuries, outside of its native land even though records of its medicinal use can be traced as far back as 1,600 years ago.

Scientists call this unstoppable force of nature Agaricus Blazei.

Now, that’s quite a fancy name, isn’t it? Well, it’s a tropical mushroom from Brazil—only over there, it goes by a few other names as well, one of which is, "Cogumelo de Vida" which literally means—

Mushroom of Life...

I’ve got to hand it to our friends in Brazil—they couldn’t have picked a better name because there’s hardly anything this mushroom can’t do.

Traditionally, Agaricus Blazei has been used to support the immune system, strong bones, healthy circulation and even digestion. But as you’re about to discover—that’s nothing compared to how it can help you keep your blood sugar in the normal, healthy range.

New research indicates that Agaricus Blazei may be one of the world’s greatest natural blood sugar supporters. You see, a recent scientific study found that a 1500mg dose of Agaricus Blazei could help boost adiponectin—which is a key component of your blood sugar health.

You may have heard of it before. Adiponectin is another hormone, along with insulin, that helps regulate how sugar is used in your body. So keeping healthy adiponectin levels may be another great way to keep your blood sugar healthy and in the normal range. But that’s just for starters...

Because that study I just mentioned also shows that at the same dosage, Agaricus Blazei could also maintain healthy insulin sensitivity, helping to...

"Unlock" your cells so they let sugar in

And when your cells respond like they should, it helps keep your blood sugar balanced and your energy banks full.

"Mushroom of Life" is starting to sound like an understatement!

Not only could it support one of your glucose regulators, adiponectin, but it could also help promote healthy insulin sensitivity at the cellular level!

That’s why we just had to include 500mg of Agaricus!

Just imagine...

Soon, your worries could be tumbling like dominos. Because like the preliminary research shows, Ivy Gourd could support the function of the natural insulin you’ve got to help support healthy sugar metabolism while Agaricus Blazei could help promote healthy insulin sensitivity to help your cells get the fuel they need to keep you energized!

Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

And I haven’t even shown you the last two ingredients that make Gluco-Sure the super-star supplement it is! Because each of them is...

Considered critical for healthy sugar metabolism...

And with good reason. The first is chromium. Scientists have been impressed with chromium since the 1950s, when its blood sugar health benefits were first discovered.

It all started when researchers fed their lab rats a diet deficient in chromium and then realized that the rats began to have some trouble processing their blood sugar. But when the scientists added chromium back to the rats’ diet, sure enough—the rats’ ability to clear sugar from their bloodstreams improved.

Soon after, scientists began exhaustive studies on chromium, becoming decades of research. Report after report showed that chromium is an essential nutrient for your blood sugar health.

And now researchers think they’ve finally figured out why...

Several important studies indicate that chromium helps support healthy insulin sensitivity. Because it appears that chromium directly supports the "insulin receptors" on your cells. Not only does this help you move sugar out of your blood—it also helps make sure you’ve got the energy you need to stay productive and alert...

Now, I’m sure you don’t want to wait another minute to learn how you can get your hands on Gluco-Sure and start enjoying stress-free blood sugar support. And I promise to show you, but first, you’ve got to see the final ingredient that gives Gluco-Sure its unparalleled power—

Making it a #1 choice for your blood sugar health...

Like chromium, the final ingredient is also an essential nutrient for your whole body.

It’s a member of the B vitamin family and...

It doesn’t just support your sugar metabolism—
it’s directly involved

It’s called biotin, and like chromium, it has been studied for decades. That’s because your body uses biotin in the crucial process of converting carbohydrates into the glucose your body needs.

But what really makes it a blood sugar support standout are its side benefits. Because biotin could also help support your skin and nerve health too. So in addition to helping you convert food into energy, Biotin helps make sure all your bases are covered—giving your skin and nerves some additional support, too.

But as amazing as biotin and chromium are on their own...

When biotin and chromium are combined—
it takes the blood sugar support in Gluco-Sure to
a whole new level

You see, several recent trials have tested the benefits of using biotin and chromium together. In fact, I have three of them on my desk right now—

And all three showed that a combination of 2 mg biotin and 600 mcg chromium may help support normal blood sugar levels. But not only that, in one of the trials—hemoglobin A1C was also reduced. And that’s exciting because that’s a measure of what blood sugar levels have been like over a period of two to three months!

And that’s not all...

One of the other trials even showed that the same combination of biotin and chromium may support healthy cholesterol levels, too! So while scientists are still investigating this, these three trials are a good indication that the combination of biotin and chromium may be another great way to support your blood sugar health.

Besides, in addition to the blood sugar benefits, your body relies on both biotin and chromium to help metabolize the carbohydrates you eat so they’re both important to your blood sugar health.

And Gluco-Sure simply would not be complete without them...

So by combining biotin’s blood sugar benefits with chromium, Ivy Gourd and Agaricus Blazei, you’re getting well-rounded support to help...

Keep your blood sugar metabolism running nice and smooth...

And I’ve heard from so many folks telling me what Gluco-Sure has done for them...

Like Jeanne from North Carolina, who told me, "It worked! Others haven’t. I’ve been feeling pretty peppy! My blood sugar had been a concern for a few months. But about a month before my blood test, I started taking Gluco-Sure, and the A1C average stayed within range. I really wasn’t expecting such measurable results."

Or Louisa from South Carolina who said, "I am amazed at what two little capsules can do! I won’t ever be without Gluco-Sure..."

And I want you to discover what Gluco-Sure could do for your health! So you’ll be brimming with the energy you need to live your life how you want—instead of being bogged down with stress...

Because Gluco-Sure doesn’t just give you premium blood sugar support, it gives you peace of mind, too. With Gluco-Sure, you’ll always know that you’re doing something extra to keep your blood sugar in check.

So you won’t dread doctor’s visits anymore—
you’ll actually look forward to them...

Because you’ll finally have more than your diet and exercise plan to rely on to support healthy blood sugar. But, maybe after hearing so many incredible stories from others who turned to Gluco-Sure and how they’re finally feeling great about their blood sugar health, you’re still wondering... "Yes, but will it work FOR ME?!"

Friend, Gluco-Sure is such powerful, complete support, my team at NorthStar Nutritionals has 100% confidence that Gluco-Sure will work for you. And, that’s why, we’re ready to offer you an extraordinary GUARANTEE.

Right now, you can try Gluco-Sure for as long as you need without any worry at all. You see, we know Gluco-Sure is the real thing and we want to prove it to you today. So you can try Gluco-Sure for as long as you like and see how it changes your life.

That’s unlimited time to...

Feel the natural power of top-of-the-line
blood sugar supporters working for you...

So you can feel invigorated by natural energy, enjoy a good mood and less worry. (And you may even find yourself teaching your doctor a thing or two about blood sugar!)

But if for any reason, Gluco-Sure isn’t the most reliable way to maintain healthy blood sugar that you’ve ever tried or if you aren’t 100% satisfied in any way, just send it back (even completely empty bottles) at anytime for a FULL refund, less shipping, no questions asked.

Just for a moment, think of everything you’re doing right now to keep your blood sugar healthy. Finally—you can give yourself an extra advantage.

With all that hard work, imagine how easy it is to add Gluco-Sure to your life...

It’s the simplest thing you’ll do all day!

And each day, you’ll feel great knowing you’re getting scientifically designed blood sugar support—all from one source. Better yet, imagine how you’ll feel as your worry begins to vanish like morning mist.

What could possibly be better?

So get your own Gluco-Sure now by clicking below and remember, if you’re not 100% DELIGHTED by your new results, we’re giving you our unlimited Gold Standard Guarantee to return Gluco-Sure for a full refund, less shipping.

However, as I mentioned earlier, supplies are extremely limited. To be sure you don’t miss out, please order now. And, to make sure you get the supply of Gluco-Sure you need, we are allowing new customers like you to order up to 6 bottles at a substantial discount.

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It takes all the work out of reordering—and it’ll save you a bunch of money, too. Here’s how it works...

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I can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t experience what life could be like with Gluco-Sure. But please remember—Gluco-Sure is the ONLY supplement available in the U.S. with standardized Gencinia® Ivy Gourd, and we’ve seen demand skyrocket when news like this first gets out. So if you’re ready to give your blood sugar the kind of support only Gluco-Sure can deliver—don’t wait to place your order.

Don’t put yourself through one more day of worry and guilt...

Or spend one more week dreading your next doctor’s visit...

Things could finally be different. You owe it to yourself to see what Gluco-Sure could do for you!

Simply click on the button below to change your life today!

Thank you for your time.

Dr. Allan Spreen
NorthStar Nutritionals

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"This was my 3rd order of 6 bottles of Gluco-Sure so I have been taking it for about a year and a half.  I come from a family where my grandmother, father, 3 brothers and my sister all have blood sugar issues.  About 3 years ago, I started exercising more than usual and being very cautious with my diet.  For about 6 months this effort made no difference.  So I started doing some research online to see if there was something more I could do.  I read about Gluco-Sure and decided to order.  I have taken 2 capsules every morning after breakfast for the last year and a half.  I had a doctor's visit 3 months ago and was told that my numbers were in the normal and healthy range.  I am so grateful to hear this.  I will continue taking Gluco-Sure because it is the help I need while helping myself with diet and exercise.  Thank you."

—Suzanne Wisniewski, San Antonio, TX*

"I've been taking Gluco-Sure for the better part of one year.. To make a long story short, Gluco-Sure has been the only natural product that actually did the job. I am convinced that because of Gluco-Sure, I have maintained healthy blood sugar. In several visits to my regular doctor, I have had no mention of any problems."

—Ted Prendergast, St. Paul, MN*


"This is working very well for me. As long as it works for me, I will continue to order it!"

—Paula Swisher, Wilmington, NC*


"This is a good product and it works for me. Please keep this product in stock because it helps to keep my glucose in check."

—Donna Connor, Macon, GA*


"I have been using GLUCO-SURE for a long time  -- IT WORKS!"

—Chris Killabrew, Hot Springs Village, AR*


*Individual results may vary.