These scientifically-studied ingredients in this formula help…

  • Stop hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and fatigue
  • Boost your low libido
  • And helps you lose stubborn belly fat
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EstroBest is the first and only formula created for women over 45 that uses the clinically studied doses of both these breakthrough ingredients:

The fast-acting herbal trio that helps balance your estrogen levels and “turn on” your estrogen receptors to…

  • Cool hot flashes,
  • Relieve headaches and joint discomfort,
  • Erase dizziness and fatigue,
  • Increase lubrication,
  • And more!

Plus, the cortisol-lowering ashwagandha, to help…

  • Lower your stress levels,
  • Boost your memory,
  • Rev up your thyroid,
  • Power up your libido,
  • And help you effortlessly lose extra weight.

With EstroBest, you get a complete formula that addresses all of the issues you’re facing at this time in your life.

Remember to read all labels, check all ingredients and follow all directions before using any products.

You should always consult with your physician before using this or any such products.


Protect from heat, light, and moisture. Store at 15–30°C (59–85°F).

Do not use if seal is broken.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

“I’ve been taking EstroBestfor two months and it is working for my hot flashes and night sweats. My skin is less dry now. My sex life has been great because of I’m having fewer hot flashes and night sweats!”

-Jane B., Des Moines, IA age 72.

“No more night sweats. yeah!! I’ve been taking EstroBest about three months. I’m not as hot all the time since I started taking it. I had large oil pimples, that's what I call them. At least 5 at any given time. They hurt and were red. The acne is clearing up now. The flashes have lessened and not as vicious. I researched for a long time. This product does what you said it would do. I'm really happy with it.”

-Margaret P., Morristown, NJ*

“My wife has experienced better sleep and reduced hot flashes since starting EstroBest two months ago. She says it really works.”

-Susan R. Sterling, VA*

*Individual results may vary.