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The breakthrough in hair science that takes you from “bald” to bold!
  • Helps your hair make a comeback with this hair science revelation
  • Goes to work fast—no matter what shape your hair is in
  • Helps save the hair you have with four different baldness blockers
  • Thickens, strengthens and promotes healthy hair with special minerals
  • See and feel a difference in 30 days—or you pay nothing!


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Prime Power

Revolutionize your sex life with Blood of the Mountain
  • Experience the sex-surging results of the legendary ancient aphrodisiac "Blood of the Mountain"
  • Enjoy firm, durable erections and a sudden spike in your libido
  • Enhance your stamina so you always finish strong
  • Reignite the passion in your relationship and have the kind of sex you and your wife really want
  • GUARANTEED or your money back!

Prime Power

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ProTeva Plus

Peeing Problems Are Quickly Blamed On an Aging Prostate…But What if it's NOT Your Prostate?

  • Fully draining your bladder so it's HOURS until you feel the urge to go again...
  • Enjoying peace of mind, even when you DON'T know where the nearest restroom is...
  • Promoting healthy bladder tone and function
  • And reducing nighttime bathroom trips for a more restful night's sleep

ProTeva Plus

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Magnum Drive

The ultimate bedroom breakthrough
  • Re-ignite your desire
  • Re-charge your performance
  • Re-invent your sex life for...

The best sex of your life—for the rest of your life!

Magnum Drive

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Prostate Defense

Before your next
bathroom break

  • Amazing 4-Phyto breakthrough
  • Complete, high quality formula
  • Easy-to-swallow capsules
  • Promotes prostate health


Prostate Defense

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Argi-Vive III

Is great sex just a drink away?

  • Nine of the most powerful pro-sex substances on Earth
  • Long-lived stamina & rock-hard erections
  • Surging desire & the oomph you need to go all night
  • Fast-acting, delicious effervescent drink
  • Unlimited WORRY-FREE Trial with our Gold Standard Guarantee!

  • SAVE OVER $53!

Order Blender Bottle to mix your product with ease!


Argi-Vive III

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The best mixer since the wire whisk!

  • Mixes even the thickest ingredients with ease
  • Secure screw-on lid to avoid spills
  • Helps measure ingredients precisely
  • Fits in most car drink-holders
  • Easy to clean – dishwasher safe
  • BPA free

  • BlenderBottle (R)

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    Ultimate Vigor

    The "hallelujah!" secret to all-night sex

    Ultimate Vigor is designed to:

    • Boost the very substance that makes you a man—free testosterone
    • Increase your ability, libido and performance
    • Easily support every aspect of a surging sex life with all-in-one power
    • Four energizing B vitamins for "encore after encore" power

    Ultimate Vigor

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    Ultimate PRO Support

    Prostate support has never been more powerful and affordable!
    • Five of the best prostate protectors
    • Helps keep your prostate healthy
    • Supports a powerful stream so you can help drain your bladder with ease
    • Reduces nighttime bathroom trips to help you  sleep more soundly and wake up refreshed

    Ultimate PRO Support

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    Ultra Turbo

    Great news, men: Make sex steamy and make it last!
    • Enjoy rock solid results for as long as you want
    • Get extra support to keep you going strong in the bedroom
    • Give your woman the best night of her life

    Ultra Turbo

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    Complete Prostate Support

    The trusted formula that restores your confidence, dignity and manhood
    • Promotes strong urinary flow and complete bladder emptying so your bathroom schedule can be the last thing on your mind
    • Provides the tried and true prostate-supporters like saw palmetto, pumpkin seed oil and pygeum, as well as some breakthrough ingredients based on the latest scientific research, like lycopene, zinc and vitamin E
    • Delivers everything you need and nothing you don’t for optimum prostate health

    Complete Prostate Support

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