For years, they IGNORED it.

If you asked about it, they'd BLOW YOU OFF.

And if you came right out and ADMITTED to taking melatonin for sleep…

They'd practically MOCK you for it.

"Oh, you're one of THOSE, are you?" a conventional doc might say with a dramatic roll of the eyes.

Well, friend, it looks like they're not rolling their eyes anymore.

Melatonin has their attention now – and instead of MOCKING you over it, they're doing everything they can to SCARE YOU AWAY!

What's changed?

Not the melatonin. As you'll see in a moment, it was – and remains – the BEST natural sleep aid out there.

Here's the REAL reason they're driving home the fear factor… and trying to get you to QUIT.

As more Americans discover melatonin… more Americans are DITCHING sleep meds.

They're discovering they DON'T need those drugs to get a full night of perfect refreshing shuteye.

And they certainly DON'T need the side effects…

Like the morning-after "hangover"… cognitive issues… and serious long-term risks…

Which could include DEATH , by the way. (Pleasant dreams!)

Melatonin does the trick WITHOUT all that… making it a THREAT to the establishment.

As a result, you get headlines like those we're seeing right now… ones that claim TOO MANY people are TAKING TOO MUCH melatonin.

Sounds serious, right?

In fact, it may sound REALLY bad when a new report claims the number of people going beyond the "highest" dose of 5 mg has QUADRUPLED.

But don't head over to the local ER looking for "melatonin overdose" victims. Ya probably won't find any.

If you take too much melatonin, you MIGHT be extra sleepy the next day… or have a headache or tummyache.

It's certainly not like taking too much of a sleep med… which could flat-out KILL ya.

Oh, and "quadrupled" sure sounds scary… but it's still only the TINIEST fraction of people.

Here's what they're REALLY afraid of…and why they're HYPING this new report.

It's not the supposed increase in people taking higher doses of melatonin.

It's the increase in the number of people taking melatonin, period!

The same study finds melatonin use overall has more than QUINTUPLED… with 1 in 50 American adults now taking it at least sometimes.

That means more than 1 in 50 American adults are potentially off the market for "sleeping pills."

And that's a THREAT to the bottom line!

Feel free to continue to be that threat. When they're scared of you, that's a sign you're doing something RIGHT.

And if you want to try melatonin… or are using it already… I don't typically recommend 5 mg.

SOME people may need that much. Your doc can help you figure out if you're one of 'em.

In general, I find about 3 mg will do the trick -- but many people get help from even lower doses.

So, start small… and see what happens.

I like the spray form… as it gets absorbed much more quickly than a capsule, so it goes to work right away.

And for anybody on the younger side… say, under 45… I usually go with valerian.