You’d think shelling out extra scratch for organics would give you BETTER… CLEANER… and SAFER food.

You’d THINK that… but you’d be WRONG!

In too many cases, that “ORGANIC” label screaming at you from the front of the package is little more than a SCAM – one that’s aimed at separating you from your hard-earned cash.

In some cases, what’s inside those foods is nearly as bad as what’s in the cheap-o non-organic foods you’re trying to avoid!

Now, a report reveals a completely ALARMING ingredient hiding in DOZENS… if not HUNDREDS… of packaged organic foods.

The feds once admitted it SHOULDN’T be in there

And they VOWED to order it out.

Except they went back on that decision – and that means you and your loved ones could be at risk!

How a promise from the government is worth ZIP

The hidden ingredient, called carrageenan, is made from seaweed.

So far, so good.

It’s used to improve texture in foods and as a stabilizer in drinks. It’s found in processed foods… frozen foods… deli meats… and precooked chicken and other poultry products.

But there’s a BIG problem with this stuff.

Your immune system can think it’s a THREAT… and react with inflammation.

And in some people, that can lead to serious health threats.

According to the Cornucopia Institute, this particular form of inflammation could lead to:

  • inflammatory bowel disease (especially ulcerative colitis)
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • arteriosclerosis, or
  • cancer.

One animal study found carrageenan in the diet can lead to colon cancer!

But it’s not just the BIG THREATS you gotta worry about. This stuff can ALSO lead to the small-time miseries you’d just rather not deal with -- such as bloating, diarrhea, nausea, and other gastrointestinal symptoms.

Some people who’ve had lifelong battles with diarrhea have found the problem VANISHES when they ELIMINATE all sources of carrageenan.

This SHOULDN’T be an issue for people who switch to clean organics. In 2016, the National Organic Standards Board ruled that carrageenan be REMOVED from the list of acceptable “organic” ingredients.

Except the USDA just backtracked on that.

Call this a good reminder that slapping “ORGANIC” on any kind of packaged or processed food doesn’t magically make it better.

In many cases, these supermarket staples are just OVERPRICED versions of the same junk you’re trying to avoid.

Heck, many “organic” foods aren’t even from the United States. They’re shoddy imports from places like China… which aren’t held to American standards and aren’t as easy to inspect and investigate as domestic products are.

And along with shady origins, a 2017 report found many foreign imports… including organics… are chemically FUMIGATED when they enter the United States.

MMMmm-mmmm! Love them delicious chemical fumes! (Said no one ever.)

And then there are the OTHER scams they pull.

Look closely at the word “organic” on the label and you might find it really says “made with ORGANIC ingredients”… which really means that it’s only PARTLY organic.

This doesn’t mean you should give up and buy junk. Just the opposite.

Stick to organics -- but avoid packaged foods in general, no matter WHAT’S on the label.

Buy FRESH… and buy LOCAL when you can.

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen