Looks like we just spotted the BIGGEST threat to summer fun this year.

It AIN'T the coronavirus. It's NOT shark attacks.

It's not even drowning… although the lifeguard in me will always remind you to be extra careful at any body of water deeper than a puddle.

The REAL danger this summer is… NAGGING!

Yes, my friend, you could suffer from a fatal case yourself if you give into the mainstream grousing over "sun safety"… and coat your skin in sunscreen.

You've already heard me warn over this stuff.

But new research goes even further… revealing a WHOLE NEW NIGHTMARE linked to common sunscreens from major brands.

And believe me: You want nothing to do with this junk!

Scary new ingredient found in sunscreen

The new report finds a toxic chemical called benzene in at least 78 different sunscreens and related products tested.

Some had MORE THAN 3X the supposed "safe" limit set by the FDA – which itself is a joke because there's NO safe level of exposure.

Not when you consider that benzene isn't just linked to any ol' cancer.

It's linked to BLOOD cancer.

That's a form of the disease so devastating that it's responsible for 1 IN 10 cancer deaths.

For years, the cosmetics industry has insisted that sunscreen just sits on your skin… like a shirt or something… and DOESN'T penetrate into your body.

But extensive (and long-overdue) research published just last year found that's NOT TRUE at all.

Your skin sucks it up like a sponge.

And from there, it goes DIRECTLY into your bloodstream!

So now… in an attempt to AVOID a largely non-serious case of skin cancer… you're unwittingly putting a chemical that causes BLOOD CANCER directly into the BLOOD.


The company behind the new tests is urging a recall of every product with benzene.

But let's face facts here…

Benzene might not be the WORST thing in sunscreen!

Many contain chemicals such as known hormone blockers – ones linked to cancer, hormone disruption, reproductive problems, and more.

You don't want this toxic waste anywhere NEAR your skin!

Here's what I do about the sun: I make sure I get out under it EVERY DAY, and I do it WITHOUT sunscreen.

About 15-20 minutes of sunscreen-free time every day can help to:

  • GENERATE vitamin D for healthy mood
  • PRODUCE nitric oxide
  • STIMULATE immune function, and
  • ENGAGE the whole night-day hormone process for more restful sleep.

Any longer than that… I put on a long-sleeve shirt, move to the shade, or at least park myself under an umbrella.

If I'm on the beach or in some situation where I can't avoid direct sun exposure, THEN I start to slather.

I still use the old PABA-based sunscreens we had as kids… and I put it only on highly exposed parts of the body like the nose, under the eyes, and so forth.

If you want to give a try, beware that it stains clothing. Like, kiss-that-shirt-goodbye kinds of stains.

So, that's a downside.

The feds and some consumer groups say zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are the safest "main" options, so you might want to consider those as well.

In Your Corner,
Dr. Allan Spreen