There's a drug out there that's used across the nation to help some of our SICKEST and WEAKEST patients cope with one of the WORST side effects of cancer care.

But the TRULY sickening thing ISN'T the treatment.

And it's not the cancer.

It's what this drug could do to you!

A new report shows how patients given a med to fight nausea could face something a whole lot WORSE than the heaves…

And, in some cases, even worse than the cancer itself.

It could lead DIRECTLY to one of the nation's TOP CAUSES of both disability and death.

Most patients have HEARD the horror stories of cancer treatment… and they EXPECT the side effects.

But when they hit…

When you actually FEEL them firsthand…

You realize pretty quick that NOTHING you've heard has TRULY prepared you for the nightmare you just stepped into.

The most common and often most debilitating side effect of conventional cancer care is constant, chronic nausea.

In some cases, you can't go ANYWHERE without a bucket!

It can make it impossible to make plans… do stuff… and even just handle normal activity…

Including showing up for treatment.

Docs often prescribe a class of medication called antidopaminergic antiemetics for cancer patients with severe nausea (as well as for other, non-cancer patients with other issues, such as migraines).

But you don't want these meds for ANY reason -- because the new study finds they can MORE THAN TRIPLE your risk of an ischemic stroke!

That's the most common form of stroke, where clots form and clog up the pipes to your brain… cutting off the supply of blood.

That can lead to severe damage… including permanent problems and in some cases even death.

Men face a higher risk than women here.

And two drugs in particular – metopimazine and metoclopramide – appear to present the BIGGEST danger.

But whether you're a guy or a gal, you want to avoid ALL drugs in this class…

Especially since you have another option.

There's a widely known treatment for nausea that's proven to work, even in cancer patients… but most docs won't even MENTION it.

It's ginger.

Cook with it… get some ginger chews… or even sip some ginger ale (this is just about the ONLY time you'll ever hear me suggest a soda).

Ginger is safe and delicious – but if you hate the taste, ginger capsules are readily available.

It works wonders for nausea… and it won't give anyone a stroke.

In fact, it's a very mild blood thinner… so ginger could actually help IMPROVE circulation, instead of causing a blockage.

Now, if you do ever find yourself suffering from a stroke for ANY reason, remember that EVERY second counts.

Don't wait – get help right away.