The federal government's BIGGEST LIE about the flu shot was just exposed… and you'll never guess who busted them.

It wasn't a hard-working researcher sifting through medical reports in the middle of the night.

It was the federal government itself!

They were just FORCED to admit that this year's vaccine was a TOTAL DUD.

You remember how hard they pushed it, right?

All the DIRE warnings of the worst winter ever… all the GRIM predictions of a flu season SPIRALING out of control… and all the ENDLESS pressure for EVERYONE to get the vaccine.

Instead, it was one of the MILDEST winters on record for flu.

Normally they'd praise the vaccine. SEE??? IT WORKED!!!

And they might've gotten away with it, too.

Except this year, SOMETHING ELSE happened.

They were forced to share their numbers… and it turns out the flu shot made NO DIFFERENCE at all!

It would be HILARIOUS… if it weren't so outrageous.

I mean think about it…

Every year, they feed the flu shot propaganda machine with a steady stream of WILD claims about all the MAGICAL benefits of vaccination.

I've seen reports that claim the flu shot can miraculously prevent heart attack… stroke… Alzheimer's disease… and more.

Now, they're admitting the sad truth: It can't even prevent the flu!

The new data from the CDC finds the shot's effectiveness – based on doctor visits for flu – was just 16%.

They admit that number is "non-significant." But lemme put it to ya this way: It offered NO PROTECTION at all!

But what about all these dire warnings of a terrible flu season? You'd think that if the vaccine were a bust… everyone would be sick with the flu, right???

I don't know a SINGLE person who got the flu this year -- and it's not just me.

The stats show this was one of the MILDEST years on record!

So, the shot didn't work… AND we didn't have a major flu emergency.

Ya gotta wonder… Did we EVER need the shot?

The answer might surprise you!

See, even in a "good" year… when the shot is more effective than this year's vaccine… it's not exactly a winner.

Even when it cuts flu risk in half – and that's a "good" year, by the way – it doesn't mean it protects half of the people who are vaccinated.

It means if your odds of getting flu were about 3%... the shot will reduce the risk to 1.5%.

Big whoop.

Here's a better option…

Lose some weight… reduce sugar… and sleep more. Those three very basic actions will arm your immune system.

Then, take plenty of vitamin D… which studies have found to be exponentially MORE effective than the flu shot (and, unlike the flu shot, it really CAN protect against heart disease and more).

If you happen to get sick – which, again, could happen even if you DO get a flu shot – load up on vitamin C. I usually take a few thousand milligrams all at once when I'm ill (which isn't often)… then 1,000 mg every hour until I'm on the mend.

If you're not used to vitamin C at higher doses, that can make you gassy and may even lead to diarrhea… so you may want to start out with smaller doses, spaced out throughout the day.

Olive leaf extract… grapefruit seed extract… and elderberry extract can also help against flu infection if you're already sick.

Work with a doc who practices naturopathic medicine on a plan that's best for you.