Safety alert: Popular toothpaste loaded with triclosan

 I’ve told you about the potential endocrine disruptor triclosan before. In fact, I’ve even warned you that this chemical is found in some toothpaste. But now a new report just released by Bloomberg News has put this highly controversial chemical front and center once again.

Triclosan—commonly used in products marked as antibacterial—has been linked to thyroid problems, heart issues, developmental problems in animals, and cancer-cell growth. And, Bloomberg has revealed, millions of Americans are unknowingly putting it into their mouths every single day.

It turns out Colgate loaded up their best-selling Total toothpaste with triclosan.

I’d like to say that’s the worst of the news, but it’s not. A lawsuit over a Freedom of Information Act request forced the FDA to release toxicology studies from Colgate’s application 17 years ago. And let’s just say what they revealed was not pretty, and it’s easy to see why the agency chose to keep them under lock and key all this time.

According to experts, the fetal bone malformations in mice and rats that were uncovered in some of the studies should have been red flags that the chemical was doing a number on the endocrine system, and disrupting hormonal functions.  We already knew triclosan was bad news, but the Bloomberg report reveals just how flawed the FDA’s approval policies actually are.

If you have a tube of Colgate Total—or any other toothpaste that makes antibacterial claims—in your medicine cabinet, you might want to seriously think about tossing it.