This time of year it can start to feel like the warm weather and sunshiny skies will never return. And it’s also prime time for that last cold of the season to sneak up on you, kicking you when you’re down.

And with all the cold prevention advice I’ve given over the years there is one tried-and-true method that always tops my list. It happens to also be the simplest of all, and that’s frequently washing your hands.

I know it’s not very exciting, but I can tell you from experience it works. And now a new review in the Canadian Medical Association Journal is backing me up.

A look at 67 randomized controlled trials found that simple hand washing couldn’t be beaten for warding off the sniffles and sneezes.

Add some zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D and a quality probiotic to the mix and you might just be able to skate right on through to spring without having to suffer through one last cold.