1. [WHOOPS!] Docs are giving UTI patients the WRONG MEDS!

    Ladies, it's a classic case of insult after injury.

    Because when you go to your doc for that "down there" pain… when you have yet ANOTHER urinary tract infection

    You're NOT being given the best-of-the-best treatment.

    In many cases, you might be getting the LAZIEST option possible – just to get you out of the clinic faster!

    New research exposes the ugly truth about how UTIs are treated by the mainstream.

    It shows that too many women get…

    • the WRONG drug…
    • the WRONG duration…
    • or even BOTH problems at ONCE!

    The numbers are SO ugly that your chance of getting the RIGHT treatment for a UTI… even by mainstream standards… is worse than a coin flip.

    But I've got what you need to put the odds back in your favor.

    Murphy's law of UTIs

    As far as many doctors are concerned, the main clinical benefit of antibiotics isn't that they make the INFECTION go away.

    It's that they make YOU go away!

    When patients get a pill, they leave happy. Problem solved!

    Except the drugs are pretty hit-or-miss.

    Sometimes, they DON'T work… and you need to come back in for a different prescription. Sometimes, they DO work… but can lead to sickening side effects, including a secondary infection.

    And even when they SEEM to work perfectly… the infection may have gone away on its own just as quickly WITHOUT meds.

    So as you can see, a LOT can go wrong here…

    And the new study finds doctors are making it a whole lot WORSE with poor decisions on how to treat UTIs every single day.

    It finds that they're giving 47% of their female patients a drug that DOESN'T meet mainstream guidelines for treating urinary tract infections.

    Worse yet, their prescriptions almost always run WAY too long… with 76% taking the drugs LONGER than clinically necessary.

    That can:

    • DISRUPT natural bacteria levels
    • TRIGGER digestive problems, and
    • EXPOSE you to a potential superbug infection.

    The mainstream wants docs to prescribe the meds that meet guidelines for the right period of time.

    But let's face it: Even the "right" prescription is often the WRONG move!

    The BEST way to beat UTIs is with a time-tested natural therapy that your own doc'll turn his nose up at.

    He might even shake his head sadly at you for believing in this "nonsense."

    But it's NOT nonsense.

    It's MEDICINE!

    Cranberry works for UTIs -- and the studies prove it. Just pass on the bottled juice drinks… and don't even think about the gelatinous goop that slides out of a can on Thanksgiving.

    You specifically want D-mannose, a simple sugar found inside the cranberry that can stop the bacteria behind most UTIs from "sticking" to the walls of the urinary tract.

    Instead of taking hold and causing an infection, they slip out in the urine harmlessly.

    This won't work in EVERY case. But for simple, uncomplicated, ordinary UTIs… it's an excellent first choice.

    And if you don't feel better in a couple of days, you can talk to your doctor about possible drug options.

    Just make sure you get the RIGHT stuff for the RIGHT length of time.

    In Your Corner,
    Dr. Allan Spreen

    P.S. There's one antibiotic for complicated UTIs you'll want to watch out for… because it's been associated with a SCARY death risk!

    Click here to find out which antibiotic you should NEVER let your doc prescribe.

  2. Cranberry juice protects against more than just UTIs

    You probably already know that drinking cranberry juice can help prevent urinary tract infections. That‘s because cranberry juice zaps the E. coli bacteria responsible for most UTIs.

    But did you know that cranberry juice might even protect you against the far more serious staph infection?

    Not all bacteria are created equal...

    The bacteria known as S. aureus can cause a range of staph infections. In fact, these pesky bacteria can cause everything from minor skin infections to deadly internal infections. They become dangerous when they attach to a host cell and form a "biofilm." This thin, sticky film creates a happy haven where the bacteria can grow and spread.

    Unfortunately, many strains of the S. aureus bacteria have become resistant to antibiotics. And that‘s why staph infections are so worrisome in hospitals. Once you get one, it‘s very hard to treat. In fact, according to one study, deaths from staph infections have doubled between the years 1999 and 2005.

    Cranberries thwart staph infections

    But U.S. scientists recently discovered that regular old cranberry juice cocktail could protect you from these deadly infections. They gave one group of patients a serving of cranberry juice and gave the other group of patients a placebo drink that tasted like cranberry.

    Then the scientists collected urine samples from the patients and placed the samples in petri dishes that contained strains of the E. coli or S. aureus bacteria. Amazingly, they found that the samples taken from patients who drank cranberry juice had a clear advantage. These samples didn‘t allow the harmful bacteria to take hold.

    According to the study‘s lead author, "We saw essentially no biofilm in the staph samples, which is very surprising because Staph aureus is usually very good at forming biofilms. That‘s what makes it such a health problem."

    Bottom line: Drink cranberry juice, especially if when you‘re hospitalized. It just may prevent you from developing a staph infection.

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