A new study published in the Journal of Pediatrics caught my attention this week. It said more than 75 percent of children with type-1 diabetes aren’t getting enough vitamin D.

While I’m glad those darn pediatricians (the doctors most likely to put their head in the sand and keep it there) are paying attention to how much vitamin D their patients get, their solution to the problem is mind-boggling!

Lead author of the study, Britta Svoren, M.D., wrote ‘We need to make sure all youths in general are getting enough vitamin D in their diets.’ In their diets? Are you kidding me!

Do you know how many glasses of milk a kid have to drink to get the equivalent of just 30 minutes spent in the sun?

Way too much!

As you’ll recall in my Guide to Good Health (10-23-08) from just a few months ago entitled ‘Pour Yourself a Tall Glass of Sunshine,’ I reminded everyone that the best source of vitamin D is sunshine. Just a half hour of sunshine daily without sunscreen will give you up to 20,000 IUs of vitamin D. This limited amount of time is also safe for children.

So, if your child’s got type-I juvenile diabetes, make sure the little tyke gets some daily rays every day. Forget the milk. It’s full of hormones, hard to digest, and the cause of lots of allergies.