1. GUYS: Cholesterol drug can WIPE OUT your testosterone

    Sometimes, the biggest threat to your health ISN’T some contagious bug.

    It’s mainstream health advice! 

    Just about ALL of it’s wrong…

    From the low-fat diet that can SAP you of your strength and energy… to the notion you need to BLOCK the sun, depriving your body of vitamin D and nitric oxide.

    Now, the latest science shows how one of the most common and basic pieces of mainstream wisdom could DESTROY an older guy’s vitality.

    It’s a popular drug… pushed on MILLIONS, and for decades now.

    But as a new study shows, it can hit below the belt – literally – by ROBBING you of your manly hormones.

    The REAL reason you feel so crummy

    Testosterone is essential – and not just for your sexual prowess.

    When hormone levels drop, it’s easier to GAIN weight… especially fat, like the so-called “spare tire” around the middle… and LOSE muscle.

    Your energy levels SINK… and your mood PLUNGES right along with it.

    That’s not all, not by a long shot…

    Because your T levels are also CRITICAL to your overall cardiovascular health.

    That makes what the new study found more than a little ironic.

    A drug that’s supposed to IMPROVE your cardiovascular health can actually cause testosterone levels to sink like a stone.

    It’s those statin drugs given to cut cholesterol -- and in the new study, these meds DOUBLED the odds of low testosterone (a.k.a. hypogonadism).

    Now, they’ve got three different ways to define low testosterone…

    But it no matter which one the researchers picked, the guys in this study were low by ALL of them!

    The researchers say statins might SCREW with the pituitary gland.

    Now there’s a nice thought! You’d think, I dunno, maybe they woulda worked that out BEFORE pushing these drugs on tens of millions of unsuspecting Americans for years at a time???

    But that’s not the only reason for it.

    There’s another one -- a little bit of basic biology they DON’T like to talk about because it DOESN’T fit the mainstream narrative.

    You NEED cholesterol!

    Even so-called “bad” cholesterol ain’t ALL bad.

    Cholesterol is an essential ingredient in the hormone recipe… especially for steroid hormones including androgens (testosterone) and estrogens.

    If you check the fine print of some statins… y’know, the part no one ever reads (except for me)… some even WARN the drugs could mess with hormone production.

    If you’ve been on statins… or if you’re taking them right now… get your hormone levels checked.

    And while you’re there, talk about getting off the meds… which you almost certainly DO NOT NEED.

    Then, once you have the doctor’s OK, take two quick actions:

    1. FOR YOUR HEART: Instead of statins, you’ll get much better heart protection from natural options such as L-Carnitine, coenzyme Q10, magnesium and vitamin E (as mixed tocopherols).
    2. FOR YOUR HORMONES: If your testosterone levels are low, you can often raise them naturally with some basic diet changes. Switch to a high-protein diet, don’t stress over natural animal fats, and avoid soy and vegetable oils.

    If those don’t do the trick, you may need hormone supplementation.

    Speak to a naturopathic doctor who can help you figure out the best approach for your situation.

    In Your Corner,
    Dr. Allan Spreen

  2. GUYS: Here's the REAL reason you feel so DRAINED

    If you're a guy past 60… they'll blame your age before you even finish telling 'em what's wrong.

    You're battling low energylow libido… and rising heart risks all at the same time…

    And they'll practically roll their eyes at ya.

    This is what happens!

    They'll INSIST it just comes with the turf… that you're lucky to still be alive… and SWEAR there's not a heckuva lot you can do…

    So get used to it.

    Well, my friend, I've got some news for you today.

    It's NOT just your age. It DOESN'T have to come with the turf. And you sure as shells DON'T have to get used to it!

    New research reveals one of the true causes of "aging" problems in men…

    A reason why testosterone levels are PLUNGING globally.

    How your DIET can wreck your HORMONES

    OK, so to some extent you CAN blame your age. Testosterone levels tail off as guys get older.

    You can fix that, as you'll see in a moment.

    It's mainstream diet advice!

    The low-fat, veg-heavy diet can put the freeze on hormone production, causing levels to sink and… well… you know what happens next.

    You lose your strength, energy, and willpower.

    Muscle MELTS OFFfat BUILDS UP… and your libido GOES SOUTH.

    And… worst of all… low testosterone can cause or worsen heart disease.

    The new study finds that, overall, low-fat diets send T levels into a NOSEDIVE by an average of 10-15%... when compared to a high-fat, high-protein diet.

    But some low-fat diets are worse than others.

    The worst of all? You guessed it -- the vegetarian lifestyle is pretty much a death sentence to hormone levels.

    "Going green" will cause your testosterone to sink by 26%.

    They don't tell you THAT when they push this diet on you!

    This isn't some new discovery, either. This is just basic human biology.

    Your body needs a certain ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids

    But the modern diet… especially the low-fat diet, and cooking with vegetable oil… throws that equation WAY outta whack.

    You end up far too heavy on the omega-6 side of the equation… which can switch the cells that make testosterone "off."

    Too much omega-6 can even shrink your nuts – and no, I'm not kidding about that!

    In addition, the soy that's present in so many low-fat and vegetarian foods is essentially a plant form of estrogen… and that, of course, will also lay waste to your body's testosterone.

    Oh, and it's been linked to "man boobs."

    So, you get smaller nuts… bigger boobs… and, well, how much of a man is even left at that point???

    Fortunately, it's easy to turn this around and restore balance:

    • DITCH plant and seed oils
    • AVOID soy, and
    • DON'T be so afraid of animal fats and proteins.

    But even with a PERFECT diet, testosterone levels can dip with age…

    So get yourself tested to see where your levels are.

    If you're not too far out of the zone, try some basics like those dietary changes I just mentioned…

    As well as pregnenolone, which the body converts to other hormones including testosterone.

    If they're very low… or not responding to these steps… you may need natural hormone therapy in the care of your doctor.

    In Your Corner,
    Dr. Allan Spreen

  3. BEDROOM BLUES may be hiding a DEADLY risk [Yikes!]

    You know the score by now... It’s not just about how LONG you live… Just as important is how WELL you live. Maybe even more so. Because if you’re not livin’ the good life every day, what’s the point??? And when it comes to the pleasures of life, there’s nothing BIGGER and BETTER than the ones that come in the...
  4. Prostate drugs increase risk of diabetes and cardiovascular events

    If you have an enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia, BPH) and your doctor suggests a drug, run for the hills. Because the drugs designed to fight BPH zap your testosterone and turn men into Eunuchs. And if that weren't enough to discourage you from ever taking a drug to treat BPH, a new FDA warning might.

    Ongoing FDA reviews suggest that men taking one class of drugs used to treat BPH run an increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular events.

    Don't treat BPH with a machete

    Benign prostatic hyperplasia is the gradual enlargement of the prostate. It can begin in men as young as 30. But in older men, it's as common as gray hair and wrinkles. In fact, by the time a man hits 50, he's got about a 50 percent chance of having an enlarged prostate.

    Most of these men just grumble about it over beers with friends, but don't actually seek treatment. However, for about half of men over 50 with BPH, the condition does become "clinically significant," which means that they do seek some kind of treatment.

    Surgery for BPH (with a procedure called a TURP) is usually considered a last resort. More often, doctors will turn to drugs to deal with nagging BPH. One kind of drug your doctor may prescribe is called an alpha-blocker. These drugs relax the muscles in your prostate and bladder. That means they don't actually shrink your prostate, but can improve urine flow.

    But, more likely, your doctor will send you home with a drug like Avodart or Proscar to actually shrink your prostate. In fact, these are the most common types of drugs used to treat BPH. But a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that men taking Avodart (and Proscar too, I would assume) are paying a heavy price.

    According to the study, Avodart does appear to shrink the prostate gland. But among the average of 3,000 men taking Avodart for four years, sexual dysfunction was also significantly higher when compared to the placebo group.

    And that's not all...

    The men on Avodart were nearly twice as likely to experience heart failure compared to the placebo group. Plus...Avodart didn't actually reduce a man's risk for aggressive prostate cancer tumors any better than a placebo! The drug only shrunk the slow-growing and harmless tumors.

    And then there's a class of drugs called GnRH antagonists...

    Doctors use these drugs as palliative treatment for men with advanced prostate cancer. These drugs however, don't cure prostate cancer; they just shrink the tumors to make you more comfortable. They also shrink the prostate by zapping all the testosterone (and I mean ALL of it) from your body.

    Drugs that castrate men

    Eligard is one kind of GnRH antagonist. And one of the worst, if you ask me. According to the drug company's own clinical trials, men who used Eligard for just two to four weeks saw testosterone levels drop to below the "castrate threshold."

    This means that Eligard--in just two to four weeks--can push a man's testosterone so low, it's as if he's been castrated! (And, oh yes, it shrinks your prostate gland as well...because you've got no testosterone left in your body.)

    So, any doctor who prescribes a GnRH antagonist to treat BPH has to be off his rocker. Unfortunately, it happens all too often! And that's a shame...because men need testosterone for so many, many reasons. And sexual function is just one small part. It's also well known that testosterone plays a major role in regulating heart health and preventing diabetes.

    In fact, that's why I was not all surprised to receive a warning from the FDA in my Inbox a few weeks ago. Turns out, the FDA is looking into GnRH antagonists because men taking them seem to increase their risk for diabetes and cardiovascular "events."

    Now, you might not worry about those substantial risks if you've got advanced prostate cancer and just want some relief from the pain. But there's no way a sane man with BPH should take a GnRH antagonist, when he knows he might get diabetes or have a heart attack or stroke as a result.

    Shrink the prostate without drugs

    The good news is; there's plenty of ways you can help manage your prostate size without resorting to drugs. Here's a list of steps I recommend every man over 40 should take to keep his prostate healthy:

    1. Lose weight. Just getting your waistline under control can cut your risk of BPH by 50 percent!

    2. Avoid antihistamines, decongestants, alcohol, and caffeine. Each of these can make your BPH worse.

    3. Drink water when you're thirsty and urinate frequently during the day. Try not to hold it too long if you can help it.

    4. Hydrotherapy (sitting in a warm or hot bath) every day can help ease symptoms and increase circulation to your prostate region.

    5. Eat raw pumpkin seeds every day. They are rich in zinc, a mineral shown to help reduce the size of the prostate gland.

    6. Look for a high-quality prostate support formula that contains saw palmetto, pumpkin seed oil, nettle root, vitamin E, selenium, pygeum africanum bark extract, and zinc.

    If you follow each of these steps, I feel confident you'll notice a difference in just two to three months.

    For really persistent cases of BPH, you may want to consider taking some straight beta sitosterol. It's a plant sterol found in saw palmetto and used widely in Europe to treat BPH. You may also consider upping your zinc intake. Zinc supplements usually come in 30 mg tablets. Just make sure to add 2 mg of copper for every 30 mg of zinc (as zinc depletes your stores of copper). Just don't go over 100 mg per day of total zinc because that can depress your immune function.

    Lastly, there's an excellent FREE report called 5 All-Natural Solutions for Banishing Prostate Problems for Good that I recommend every man read. The fact is; you don't have to go under the knife--or risk your manhood --to get your prostate back to peak condition. You do have options. Just click on the link to get your free report and exactly learn how to create a healthy prostate without drugs or surgery.

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