"Shoveling coal on the fire"

Some people have such a great attitude that they deserve a round of applause. That's how I feel about Timothy K. from Texas who wrote to tell us about his positive experience with Magnum Drive.

Timothy's email made me chuckle because he seems to be approaching what can be a really uncomfortable problem for guys ...troubles in the bedroom.... with a healthy sense of humor.

And I'm happy to report, that with the help of Magnum Drive, Timothy seems to be on the right track.

Timothy wrote "...this stuff seems to be shoveling coal on the fire in the right place so far. I'm going to keep on taking it, and listening to that "bedroom voiced gal" that does the net commercial ;o) and we'll see if that will get all of the starch back in the old "pickle" for me."

Way to go Timothy!

And if you do decide to give Magnum Drive a try (and why wouldn't you since your satisfaction is guaranteed, or we'll send you a refund!) be sure to drop me a line to tell me how well it worked for you.

Oh, and don't forget, I issue "bonus points" if your email is sprinkled with a healthy dash of humor too.