1. [Warning] THIS prostate approach putting older guys in the crosshairs

    Well, guys, it looked like the kinder… gentler… and less aggressive approach to prostate cancer didn't last very long.

    They SWORE they would be more careful…

    They INSISTED the willy-nilly screening of every man would come to an end…

    And they PROMISED to stop the over-treatment of the disease… as most prostate cancer cases can be safely IGNORED.

    Instead, they sold us a bill of goods!

    New numbers show how all that talk-talk-talk of a BETTER approach to prostate cancer is just a pile of HOLLOW words.

    They're quietly returning to their old bad habits.

    Ya know, the ones that have left guys struggling with the long-term side effects of treatment…

    Including incontinence and impotence.

    But there's a way to make sure you don't fall for this new hoodwink!

    Remember when you could get a "free" PSA test in the weirdest places… like at ballgames and such?

    That WASN'T a public service.

    That was part of a MASSIVE swindle to scare guys with "elevated" PSA levels… which would lead to a referral to a clinic for painful biopsies…

    Often followed by aggressive and sickening treatments… including surgery, radiation, and pharmaceutical castration.

    Then, the jig was up: Multiple studies showed all that extensive screening and treatment didn't mean spit on the only measure that truly matters.

    It DIDN'T lead to increased survival. And it DIDN'T cut the death rate due to prostate cancer.

    The PSA test was so "over" that even conventional health authorities TURNED AGAINST it for most guys in most situations.

    But conventional medicine is like a jilted lover. They just can't quit you… or, at least, can't quit your prostate.

    A new study shows they're slowly and quietly reverting to their old bad habits.

    After years of PSA tests dropping, the numbers are back on the rise… increasing by 12.5% within just four years.

    They seem to be specifically targeting guys who are MOST CONCERNED about their health… but LEAST LIKELY to benefit from screening and treatment.

    Yes, friend, they're going after seniors.

    The PSA testing rate has jumped by 16.2% in men between the ages of 70 and 89.

    We know where more screenings lead.

    They lead to more biopsies, first off… which are NOT harmless.

    They're painful (they're sticking a needle up the you-know-what after all). They could lead to infection.

    And POKING a harmless tumor could cause cancer cells to pop out and potentially SPREAD… which is how a HARMLESS tumor turns into a DANGEROUS one.

    And secondly, more PSAs and more biopsies lead to more treatments – which, as we've already established, does NOT lead to fewer deaths.

    I won't say you should never, ever get a PSA test or any other screening.

    I will say this…

    If you have ZERO symptoms… and your doc is pushing for one anyway… ask why.

    Do some homework… and make your own decision based on facts.

    And if you get screened… and it turns out you DO have cancer… don't assume treatment is an automatic. Most guys do just fine with the watch-and-wait approach.

    When you reach the point where you're ready for treatment… consider some non-invasive approaches, like HIFU (which sounds like a form of martial arts, but isn't).

  2. [BREAKTHROUGH] Save your prostate from AGGRESSIVE cancers!

    Stop the presses, guys!

    If you have prostate cancer

    If your own doc has warned you this is the “worry about it” type of tumor… and you’re in line for treatment…

    I’ve got the news you’ve been DESPERATE to hear.

    Because new research reveals a treatment option that can STOP the cancer

    Without WRECKING your life.

    You know what I mean. Those “down there” problems guys face after treatment.

    But this new option practically ELIMINATES that risk!

    In many ways, it’s the game-changer the WORLD’S been waiting for – preventing misery, while ensuring longer survival and better health.

    NEW prostate treatment changes EVERYTHING

    We’re THANKFULLY long past the “bad old days”… where EVERY case of prostate cancer meant aggressive surgery to RIP the thing out.

    Nowadays, most early-stage tumors AREN’T treated… or treated only MINIMALLY.

    But it gets dicey from there.

    Once you’re past the low risk category… they’re back to the old heave-ho…

    TEARING out even moderate-risk tumors with some of the most aggressive treatments possible.

    There’s surgerydrugsradiation

    And who knows? They might even treat you to the trifecta.

    Any ONE of these treatments can make you say goodbye to your sex life… and hello to adult diapers.

    But new research reveals another option.

    It’s one that can…

    • SHRINK the tumor
    • STOP the spread
    • CUT the risk, and
    • SAVE your life.

    And it can do it with virtually NO risk of those debilitating quality-of-life problems!

    It’s a form of ultrasound, given with high intensity and highly focused…

    And that’s pretty much the treatment’s name, HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound).

    This minimally invasive treatment blasts SOUND WAVES at the tumor…

    KILLING the cancer while SAVING the prostate itself.

    No need to slice it out. And no need to blast radiation at the poor thing, either.

    The guys in the new study all had a Grade Group 2 or greater cancer. But two years after treatment, 91% had avoided the need for more aggressive treatments, including radiation and/or surgery.

    They also reported ZERO major complications… including ZERO deaths and ZERO fistula cases…

    And only 13% of patients reported even minor complaints.

    Most significantly, there was ZERO impact on continence.

    No leaks… no drips… and NO diapers!

    The treatment also had minimal effect on sex function -- and we know from other studies even that usually clears up fast, so you can get back to the birds-and-bees stuff in a flash.

    The only downside to the treatment is this…

    It’s HARDLY used here!

    It’s more common in Europe -- but there are some places here in the U.S. that offer it.

    And with studies like this, you can bet it’ll become even more common in a hurry.

    Search online for the Focused Ultrasound Foundation for more on where it’s available… and of course talk to your own doc if you think it might work for your case.

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

    P.S. Patients are awakening to the HORRORS of conventional cancer treatments… and learning the truth about alternative treatments that really WORK… without toxic side effects.

    Click here to find out why that’s got the mainstream running SCARED.

  3. Benefits of cranberries for men may include better prostate function

    Cranberry juice isn‘t just for women anymore. A new study finds that cranberries also help men improve their prostate and urinary function. For the study, Czech researchers recruited 42 men with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS). LUTS is a common problem that affects about 40 percent of older men. Symptoms include slow flow, dribbling, hesitancy, and incomplete voiding. The men in the study also had benign prostatic hyperplasia (or BPH), elevated PSA levels, and non-bacterial prostatitis. The researchers wanted to see if taking a cranberry extract would improve urinary function in men with these pre-existing conditions. So they gave half of the men 1,500 mg per day of dried cranberry extract for six months. The other men received a placebo during the same timeframe. According to published research, the men taking the cranberry supplement showed significant improvements in six different areas:
    • Healthier scores on the International Prostate Symptom test
    • Increased urinary flow
    • Decrease in the amount of urine left in bladder after voiding
    • Increase in total volume of urine
    • Reduced PSA levels
    • Overall improvement in quality of life
    In addition, the men taking the cranberry extract reported zero side effects. (That‘s an important factor, when you consider the serious side effects associated with most prescription drugs used to treat BPH.) On the other hand, the men taking the placebo experienced no improvements in urinary or prostate function.

    Seven steps to a healthier prostate

    Last May, I talked about six steps to follow for a healthier prostate. And based on the results of the Czech research, you may want to consider adding a seventh step and take some cranberry extract every day...especially if you‘re over 50 and suffer from BPH or urinary problems. Dried cranberry extract is pretty easy to find. It comes in capsule form. Just make sure to give it some time before you expect to see any results. It may even take six months of steady supplementation before you experience any improvements in urinary flow.

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