1. Common reflux drugs in URGENT new warning from mainstream

    You wanna know when things are REALLY BAD with a drug?

    When the establishment actually ADMITS there's a problem… and says it's time to TAKE ACTION…

    Without being FORCED into it.

    So I gotta wonder…

    Just HOW BAD are things with proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) given for reflux… that they're now URGING people to QUIT them???

    We might NEVER find out!

    I can take some not-so-wild guesses, though – because these drugs are FAR WORSE than anyone has officially let on.

    And if you're among the 40% of seniors who take them at least some of the time, then I've got what you need to safely quit and get real drug-free relief without the risk.

    It always happens when you create a monster: Eventually, the monster turns on you.

    PPI drugs did MONSTER sales… brought in MONSTER profits…

    And now are having MONSTROUS effects on the people who've been taking them… especially long-term users.

    These drugs have been linked to risks for:

    potentially deadly infections (especially pneumonia)

    nutritional deficiencies due to absorption issues

    bone loss, including bone breaks and fractures


    kidney disease

    …and honestly, that's just the SHORT list!

    So now, the establishment is starting to warn most people OFF the drugs…

    With a new report in the journal Gastroenterology that says TOO MANY people are taking them TOO OFTEN…

    And facing UNNECESSARY danger as a result.

    They say unless you have a very specific and very serious condition requiring the meds – idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, Barrett's esophagus, complicated reflux (NOT the usual cases), that kind of thing – it's time to work your way off, with a doctor's help.

    Normally… I'd CELEBRATE that. But I'm gonna hold off on the balloon drop.

    First, they CAUSED this problem in the first place… with the overuse of the meds AND the push to make them available over-the-counter so people could unwittingly SELF-MEDICATE themselves right into the danger zone.

    And second, until I see some REAL results… until I see an actual real-world effort to cut the use of these medications… I'm going to remain skeptical that they're actually trying to "help" patients.

    If you're not on them, DON'T start. And if you are on them, DON'T keep taking them.

    Of course, there's an ugly catch built into that…

    If you've been using the meds regularly, quitting can cause what's known as a rebound effect, where the acid comes back worse than ever.

    This ISN'T a sign you have extra bad reflux and need the meds. The meds CAUSED this effect!

    It's almost as though they were DESIGNED to make you THINK you need them.

    That's why the best approach is to work with a doc who can help WEAN you off the drugs without so much misery…

    Although it can be a little tricky no matter what you do.

    For quick relief from reflux agony, try something called DGL. The "L" is for licorice -- but it's an herbal root, not the candy. (The "DG" is for deglycyrrhizinated, meaning a potentially harmful compound called glycyrrhizin has been removed).

    But also take another action: Get control over the cause of your acid problems.

    For most people, a combination of acidophilus supplements and digestive enzymes will do the trick…

    But a doc who practices naturopathic medicine can help customize a more specific plan of attack for you if necessary.

  2. Could this common reflux drug GIVE YOU the ‘stomach flu’?

    In many parts of the country, the “cold” season is giving way to the “cold and wet” season… which will then be replaced by the “just wet” season.

    That means people will spend a LOT of time indoors… cooped up together… probably learning to recognize each other by smell alone over these next couple of months.

    But you could end up sharing something a whole lot worse

    A virus!

    Too much time in closed quarters allows viruses to spread quickly -- especially the nasty germs behind stomach infections.

    But a new study shows that if you get sick, it’s not just each other you can blame.

    It’s your MEDS!

    Acid relief… WITHOUT infections!

    New research finds a scary new risk associated with the PPI meds taken for acid reflux by so many millions -- especially seniors.

    They can lead directly to viral gastroenteritis.

    And the reason is baked into the very nature of how the drugs operate.

    See, that bubbling cauldron of acid in your stomach can BOIL germs alive… including the germs behind nasty stomach infections.

    When all is well, the acid can KILL a “stomach flu” virus -- even if you’ve been exposed, as you often are this time of year.

    But when those acid blockers “work”… and your acid levels drop… the bugs survive.

    And when they survive, you get sick.

    REALLY sick.

    Like, I’m-just-gonna-spend-the-night-here-in-the-bathroom-so-I-don’t-miss-the-toilet sick.

    It’s so bad, the new study finds that taking PPI drugs will increase your risk of the acute viral form of gastroenteritis by whopping 80%.

    That’s overall.

    In seniors, the risk is even bigger – because these drugs will DOUBLE your odds of facing this nasty infection!

    The biggest jump in risk is in winter…

    But other studies have also found that PPIs will increase the risk of any number of infections that could STRIKE at any time of year.

    And that includes one of the worst of all -- C. diff, which has been turning into one of the nation’s top superbug threats.

    One study found PPIs increase the risk of C. diff by as much as 60%.

    Trust me – a little extra acid isn’t nearly as bad as “deadly diarrhea.”

    For some quick acid relief, try licorice… and I don’t mean the candy. You want an extract of licorice root sold as DGL.

    But to get complete control over long-term issues with stomach acid, you need more than just that.

    Try these two natural therapies…

    • Acidophilus: Don’t just swallow it, as you normally would. Pop open the capsules into your mouth and into your saliva to absorb and swallow.
    • Digestive enzymes: These will improve digestion, and ultimately stop acid from bubbling up where it shouldn’t. Look for a formula that includes betaine hydrochloride.

    These two steps will work MOST of the time. But not ALL of the time.

    If you’re still having problems, get tested for other possible causes of reflux… including an undiagnosed ulcer and/or food sensitivities.

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