1. [URGENT] How QUITTING an opioid could WRECK your health

    They rushed to get you ON the painkillers… and now they’re rushing to get you OFF.

    And in both cases, they’re not only WRONG…

    They’re leading to TRAGIC consequences for America’s seniors, who are caught in the middle of an increasingly BIZARRE and totally UNSCIENTIFIC approach to pain.

    Yes, friend, this one’s about the opioid drugs that have sucked the soul out of entire American communities.

    This one has hit patients battling nearly EVERY form of agony:

    • back pain
    • knee arthritis
    • neck pain
    • neuropathy
    • migraines
    • injuries
    • …and more.

    If you’re NOT taking them now… make sure you NEVER get started.

    But if you or a loved one ARE on one of them right now… there’s something ELSE you need to know about these drugs.

    Quitting can be just a dangerous!

    The looming opioid ‘cliff’… and how NOT to fall off it

    You’ve seen it in movies, when junkies on hard drugs howl in pain on a dirty mattress as they go through the DTs after they’re cut off from their supply.

    Well, friend, that ain’t just in pictures.

    That can happen when you’re cut off from opioid drugs suddenly -- especially if you’ve had high-dose and/or long-term use.

    Common withdrawal symptoms include:

    • more pain
    • suicidal thoughts
    • psychological distress
    • anxiety
    • nausea
    • sweats and chills, and
    • rapid heartbeat.

    This isn’t a movie. This is the NIGHTMARE facing ordinary Americans, as a new report finds the rug’s being YANKED right out from under them.

    They’re calling it the “opioid cliff” -- and right now the majority of pain patients are PLUNGING off it.

    According to this latest report, the number of Medicare patients PULLED off opioids has increased by nearly 50% over 5 years…

    And in 80% of cases, it’s cold turkey (or close to it)… despite the well-known problems of this approach.

    Even the guidelines urge docs to ease off slowly to help patients back into normalcy.

    Clearly, just as they DIDN’T get the message about the dangers of opioids in the first place, they’re NOT getting the message about how to help patients quit right now!

    If you’re on these meds yourself, it’s long past time to take a DIFFERENT approach.

    Just don’t go it alone. And definitely DON’T jump off that cliff.  

    If your doc hasn’t suggested it yet, ask about tapering. And if he tries to pull the plug on you at once, DEMAND that tapered treatment.

    But don’t stop there.

    The opioids might be gone… but your pain will still be around…

    And you DESERVE relief. Real, safe, lasting relief.

    The best approach will depend on your specific pain, but some good places to start include…

    • B vitamins for nerve pain
    • platelet-rich plasma for slow-healing injuries
    • acupuncture and/or massage for back and knee pain
    • UC-II collagen for arthritis damage
    • drug-free topical ointments for quick on-the-spot relief from life’s everyday aches.

    If your doc ISN’T open to these safe, proven pain treatments… tell him to go take a flying leap

    And find an integrative doc who’s NOT going to leave you high and dry.

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

  2. [BUSTED!] Pain ‘advocates’ caught hiding an ugly secret

    Well boo-hoo-hoo!

    Some of today’s “top experts” on pain are practically WEEPING in public… but it’s not because of pain.

    No, it’s because several “pain groups” – organizations that claim to advocate for patients with chronic pain– are going belly-up.

    “Oh no!” the experts are weeping. “Who will speak for the pain patients now???”

    But don’t break out the tissue boxes just yet.

    See, there’s one key reason these groups are shutting down all at once.

    They’ve been BUSTED in a scheme that reveals the ugly truth…

    They NEVER really spoke for patients in the first place!

    Not only have they NOT helped patients -- they’ve HURT millions of Americans and RUINED countless lives.

    Stepping aside is FINALLY doing them a favor.

    If you’re battling pain yourself, you STILL have someone to advocate for you… and help you get RID of it once and for all.

    It’s the same guy who’s been there all along… ME!

    Beat ALL your pains… no sham groups needed

    Earlier this summer, the American Pain Society became the second pain group this year to shutter.

    It filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection… and its board voted to shut the whole thing down.

    Like I said, don’t shed a tear for them.

    A lot of their “advocacy” was to ensure that patients were able to “choose” opioid drugs.

    A report in the U.S. Senate last year found they collected close to $1 million in payments from drug companies that make opioids.

    In their public statements, they DOWNPLAYED the risks… and OVERSTATED the benefits of these highly addictive painkillers.

    According to The Guardian, at least one former bigwig admits to having painted a rosy picture in order to get more docs to prescribe opioids.

    Of course, they CLAIM they did nothing wrong. But a pile of lawsuits over their close ties to the opioid industry will tell you otherwise.

    In fact, those legal battles are the main reason they’re going broke!

    And that’s led to their most outrageous claim yet.

    This group has needlessly helped steer Americans intoopioid abuse and addiction

    Yet it now has the NERVE to suggest it’s just “another victim” in the opioid crisis!

    Give me a break!

    They DESERVE to go out of business. They deserve to go to PRISON, if you ask me.

    But rather than face the music and take responsibility, they’re running away.

    It’s not just this organization -- the ENTIRE patient “advocacy” industry is awash in Big Pharma bucks, especially the ones that are supposed to advocate for pain.

    And SEVERAL have already shut down as Big Pharma’s opioid money has been drying up.

    Fortunately, if you’ve got pain… I’ve got answers.

    And NONE of my solutions come courtesy of Opioids Incorporated.

    Many of today’s most common aches and pains can be tamed with topical remedies such as capsaicin and menthol.

    Those include:

    • back pain
    • knee pain
    • muscle soreness, and
    • stiff and creaky joints.

    Look for a quality ointment that contains both ingredients -- along with other natural pain-fighting superstars.

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