Forget nails on a chalkboard.

Having a migraine is like the other kind of nails… driven right into your brain.

And most of the 40 million Americans who get NAILED by these headaches believe there’s NO option… but to just “deal with it.”

It turns out that one key cause of that driving pain ISN’T in your brain at all.

It’s in your stomach!

Millions of Americans are following a key piece of diet advice that the medical mainstream has been HAMMERING into us for DECADES now.

And it’s having an absolutely DEVASTATING effect on people prone to migraines.

But it’s not all bad news…

Because new research shows it’s not too late to UNDO the damage.

And once you turn it around… you can get the REAL and LASTING relief you’ve been BEGGING for.

Is this ‘diet swap’ the TRUE cause of your migraines?

Somewhere along the way, lard was replaced with shortening… and then shortening was replaced with vegetable oil.

Now, I’m not saying lard is PERFECT (although it’s certainly not as bad as they’ve made it out to be).

But those replacements over the years have been far, far WORSE on any number of levels…

As shortening and vegetable oils turned out to be loaded with artery-clogging trans fats (even today’s “trans fats free!” versions often still have some).

Now, the new study reveals one more way allegedly “healthy” vegetable oils can lead to medical misery.

They can TRIGGER those migraines.

The MORE of them in your diet… the MORE pain you can expect.

But the same new study finds one simple change can turn things around in a hurry…

Delivering FEWER headaches and LESS pain.

Researchers gave 182 patients struggling with frequent migraines one of three diets.

The first had the usual high levels of cruddy vegetable oils… and of course it led to the usual levels of pain.

But the other two diets turned the ratio around. Both of them reduced the intake of vegetable oils.

One just boosted levels of omega-3 fatty acids

And the other INCREASED levels of omega-3s… while REDUCING omega-6 fatty acids.

BOTH of them led to dramatic improvements in migraine levels.

The one with just the omega-3 tweak resulted in…

  • 2 FEWER raging headaches a month, and
  • 1.3 FEWER hours in pain each day, on average.

The one with the better omega-3/omega-6 ratio delivered even BIGGER results, with…

  • 4 FEWER headaches a month, and
  • 1.7 FEWER hours of daily pain, on average.

Overall, the two diets combined to cut that raging pain by 30-40%.

You can try this for yourself easily enough by cutting back on vegetable oil with two simple steps:

  • DON’T cook with it.
  • DON’T consume packaged or prepared foods that use it.

It’s that simple.

There’s no special diet to follow…or books to read… or whatever.

Just eat natural foods… built around proteins, fats (like lard), and dairy (like butter) from fish and grass-fed animals

And your omega-3/omega-6 ratio will swing right back into balance.

A natural diet will also help you avoid the chemical additives in processed food that can trigger migraines.

If that doesn’t work, a naturopathic doctor could help put you on an elimination or rotation diet… which could help identify food allergies that might be the hidden culprit behind your migraines.

Taking a B complex could also cut migraine frequency IN HALF…

And butterbur has been shown to help cut the FREQUENCY and SEVERITY of migraines, too.

In Your Corner,
Dr. Allan Spreen