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  1. How trying to save your hair could cause you to lose your life

    Losing your life to keep your hair

    It's high on the list of worries for us guys. Sure, if you're not one of us you can go ahead and call us vain if you want. But the fact is losing our hair makes us feel like less of a man and, frankly, just plain old. And many of us...perhaps even you...will do pretty much whatever it takes to stem the flow of hair loss.

    If you have any doubt about just how motivated we American guys are to keep our domes topped with a healthy head of hair you only need to take a glance at the swift sales of baldness drugs in the United States. It's clear that worrying over hair loss is practically a national obsession.

    And with two thirds of American men experiencing some hair thinning by age 35, and the vast majority of us...85 percent...experiencing significant hair loss by the time we reach 50, that's a whole lot of obsessing.

    But what if I told you that your obsession with holding on to your full head of hair could cost you your manhood and, perhaps, even one day your life? Because according to disturbing research that's what one popular baldness drug, that's been linked with sexual problems and now serious depression, may do.

    Baldness pills can be bad news

    The drug finasteride (brand name Propecia) may already sound familiar to you. It was in the headlines earlier this year when its manufacturer Merck finally bowed to the overwhelming evidence that it could cause sexual side effects. In April of 2012 Merck added warnings to the drug's label that men taking it could experience libido problems, develop ejaculation disorders, and even have trouble with orgasms. And for some men those sexual problems can last well after they stop taking the drug.

    Now you'd think that horrifying list would be enough to send any man straight to the garbage can to toss his box of baldness pills. But either because they haven't heard the news yet...or because their longing for a full head of hair is stronger than their horror ...many men are still taking this drug. (I should also mention that Merck markets this same drug as an enlarged prostate remedy under the name Proscar.)

    But new research, to be published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, might have those guys gaining a whole new appreciation for their chrome domes. If you happen to be one of those unlucky men who develop those persistent sexual side effects I mentioned above you may also be at a significantly higher risk for developing depression and, most frightening of all, suicidal thoughts.

    Imagine... losing your life just to keep your hair.

    From sexual side effects to suicide

    The 61 balding men in the study were physically healthy. They had no former history of sexual problems or psychiatric issues. And they were not taking any oral psych prescriptions.

    But they all had one more thing in common, and that's being former finasteride users. Well that, and the unfortunate sexual side effects that came along with that history.

    The 61 men--along with a 29 man control group of balding men who had never taken the drug--took a self-administered Beck Depression Inventory test. The vast majority of former finasteride users had some symptoms of depression.

    In fact, according to the test results 11 percent of the finasteride guys had mild symptoms of depression, 28 percent had moderate symptoms, and a hefty 36 percent were saddled with severe symptoms. But the most shocking finding of all was that a full 44 percent of them reported suicidal thoughts.

    In stark contrast, only 10 percent of the control group had mild symptoms of depression and a paltry 3 percent reported suicidal thoughts.

    The lead researcher on the study, Dr. Michael Irwig, said about the results, "The potential life-threatening side-effects associated with finasteride should prompt clinicians to have serious discussions with their patients."

    I couldn't agree more Dr. Irwig... and the sooner the better.

    But I would also add this. If you're on this drug make an appointment TODAY with your doctor to discuss getting off of it as soon as possible. Because let's face it... no locks are as lovely as your life.

    And if you've never taken finasteride for your hair loss for goodness sake, whatever you do, don't start!

  2. Support your urinary system with ProTeva Plus

    The hidden cause of your pee problems?

    If you're a guy fifty or over you might want to brace yourself before reading any further. I have some news to share that just might shock you.

    Stop me if any of this sounds at all familiar...

    Your nights are packed with potty runs that produce nothing more than a frustrating trickle. And your days are a virtual bottleneck of annoying bathroom breaks.

    Tell your friends this and they will respond as a chorus "It's your prostate!" But if you've been to the doctor and he has declared you and your prostate perfectly healthy, there may be another cause of your frequent urge to go.

    Once we turn fifty or so we're constantly bombarded with messages about how prostate concerns are now OUR concerns. We're told at every turn that we better start supporting our prostates NOW since virtually all "older guys" will eventually be in the same prostate boat.

    But, consider this: what if it's NOT your prostate?

    What's the REAL cause of your bathroom blues?

    What if there's another big reason that guys find themselves always making sure they know where the closest bathroom is? Could the reason for the peeing problems almost all older men encounter really go beyond the prostate?

    The answer is yes. And that reason is almost always overlooked, but it's just as obvious as...well... the nose on your face. And for many men who've tried just about "every prostate solution under the sun" it can be like a miracle once they receive the support they REALLY need to promote "normal peeing."

    The fact is your pee system is made up of two major organs...the kidneys and the bladder. And these organs work hard all your life to filter out toxins, store urine, and remove it from your body. Yet despite all they do for you, they go virtually ignored and unsupported.

    Think about it for just a moment.

    After being worked and stretched to capacity over and over again for 50 or more years is it really any wonder that the bladder begins to stretch and weaken? And the kidneys start to get worn and tired? So even if your prostate is in perfect condition, peeing can become more difficult, and fully draining your bladder can sometimes seem like a distant dream.

    But things can be different. In fact, you can naturally support your entire urinary system...your kidneys AND your your prostate to boot. And it's probably a whole heck of a lot easier than you think.

    The three-pronged approach to keep "peeing perfectly"

    Now, since we're talking about three major organs here supporting them with a three-pronged approach to help maintain "perfect peeing" just makes sense, wouldn't you agree?

    You can call me a supplement geek if you like (in fact it's a label I wear proudly) but that's why I'm super excited to tell you about the brand-new solution I helped create. It's Northstar Nutritional's new triple protection formula, called ProTeva Plus.

    It's the first formula I'm aware of that doesn't simply label your pee problems a "prostate issue," while ignoring your hardworking and aging bladder and kidneys. Instead ProTeva Plus is designed to give all three organs the support they need.

    First up is an herb that could very well become your kidneys' best friend.

    I'm willing to bet you've never even heard of lindera root extract. And chances are, unless he has spent some time in China or practices traditional Chinese medicine, your doctor hasn't heard of it, either. But for thousands of years traditional healers have used this herb to treat frequent urination and help maintain healthy kidneys.

    Next up is the herb that Ayurvedic healers swear by when it comes to giving your bladder the support it needs.

    It's thought that three leaf caper can help you maintain bladder strength which can, in turn, help address that frustrating trickle we talked about earlier. And that urinary tract support is why ProTeva Plus packs a powerful punch of this Ayurvedic favorite.

    And the final powerful prong in the ProTeva Plus approach is one that you may have heard of before. Horsetail, long a favorite of prostate formula makers, is considered to be one of the most powerful natural pee inducers we know.

    But there's more to this herb than meets the eye. Hiding within horsetail is a silicon secret. You see, your body uses silicon as a building block to build...well...just about everything. And since horsetail packs in a healthy size portion of the stuff, your bladder and kidneys get an extra shot of silicon support.

    If these three powerful ingredients were all that you find in ProTeva Plus, I would already be singing the formula's praises. But there are five more prostate heroes packed into these easy to swallow softgels.

    To get all of the "perfect peeing" details on ProTeva Plus... plus a special opportunity to try out the powerful three-pronged formula for yourself... just click here.

  3. Wearing tight pants can harm men's health

    Fashion forward men pay health price

    You may have heard of that abomination known as "skinny jeans" (hopefully you don't wear them yourself). Perhaps your child or grandchild likes to sport a pair of them from time to time. Well, if that child is male I have a warning that you...and he...ought to hear.

    Men are paying a very high price for fashion. A recent survey found that 50 percent of men who wear tight-fitting jeans experience groin discomfort and, shockingly, more than 25 percent of them suffer from bladder problems.

    According to one expert wearing your jeans too tight can lead to an over-active bladder, fungal infections, and low sperm counts.

    But the most frightening (not to mention painful) finding of all was that one in five of the skinny jean guys suffered from a twisted testicle from wearing the ill-fitting pants.

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