Your doctor DEPENDS on it…

The FDA absolutely SWEARS by it…

And the drug industry makes BILLIONS from it.

But if you think medical research is on the up-and-up, friend… then I’m here with a bucket of cold water.

Because as you’ll see in a moment, many of the studies used to PUSH drugs through the approvals process… including medications you might be taking right now… aren’t built on PURE science.

They’re based on more spin than a political campaign! 

That makes sense on some level, since medicine today is more about politics than science… as the past year or two have shown so clearly.

So today, let me share how they pull off this ugly sleight-of-hand… and what to ask your doc before you swallow a single pill!

Behind the studies used in drug approvals

The biggest torture facility in the world isn’t some CIA black ops site… it’s not some terrorist cave… and it’s certainly not Gitmo.

It’s America’s scientific journals!

Medical researchers will TORTURE their own numbers… practically waterboarding the poor things… until they get whatever result they’re looking for.

A recent report in Science News shows how researchers manipulate the concept of “statistical significance” – a.k.a. the key part of any study that essentially “proves” your drug works.

It’s what’s left over after you’ve made all your statistical adjustments and arrive at what’s called the “P value.”

But it turns out there’s a LOT of room for shenanigans in there – and researchers take FULL advantage of that!

This report SHOULD be a bombshell.

Except we’ve heard it before – we’ve been hearing it for years – and NOTHING has changed.

Back in in 2005, Stanford epidemiologist John Ioannidis declared that “false findings may be the majority or even the vast majority of published research claims”…

And that HALF or more published studies CANNOT be replicated.

It’s one of the most viewed scientific papers ever published online…

Yet here we are… more than 15 years later… and it’s STILL being ignored.

These under-the-hood number games are just ONE way they mess with data.

In some cases, trials are SKEWED BY DESIGN -- where they play with everything to get the results they want.

We’re talking drug dosagesplacebo ingredients… and even patient profiles.

Think of it as gerrymandering, only within a study instead of congressional districts (like I said, “science” shares a LOT with politics these days).

They’ve even been caught simply TOSSING OUT studies they don’t like.

Again, NONE of this is rare.

Remember the popular NSAID drug from Merck that got PULLED off the market? (You know the one…)

That ENTIRE scandal… in which the painkiller was pulled after literally KILLING patients… was built around allegations of MANIPULATED data and SKEWED clinical trials.

And how about Novartis, which was at the center TWO MAJOR SCANDALS involving data manipulation in less than a decade.

In one case, studies around the cardiovascular drug valsartan were retracted in Japan after an employee of the Japanese subsidiary allegedly fiddled around with data while hiding his affiliation with the company.

He was fired AND arrested… and Novartis claimed he’d gone rogue and acted alone.


Then, in 2019, the FDA accused the company of monkeying with datasurrounding its gene therapy drug.

Busted again??? What are the odds?!

You want an eye-popping experience? Check out a website called Retraction Watch, which posts info on studies that are retracted… almost EVERY DAY.

And in too many cases, it’s for dirty tricks the public NEVER hears about.

More than 150 studies related to COVID-19 alone have already been withdrawn or retracted!

That’s pretty amazing for a disease that didn’t exist less than two years ago.

OK, so what’s this mean for you?

DON’T fall for any razzle-dazzle in the glowing media reports about this, that, or some other new drug making headlines.

And certainly DON’T jump to “ask your doctor about” whatever new drug the voice in the TV commercial is urging you to try.

If you doc recommends a drug, do your own homework. Check sites such as Retraction Watch. And have an honest conversation about why he wants you to take it.

Ideally, work with a naturopathic physician, who will know when you might actually need a drug… and more importantly, when you don’t.

In Your Corner,
Dr. Allan Spreen

P.S. In 2019, a top university paid top dollar to the feds to settle allegations that one of their scientists FAKED research to win government grants. I had the story for you back then – but if you missed it, or need a refresher, give a click right here.