1. The SHOCKING reason why you should ALWAYS 'cheat' on your doctor!

    You might think the world of your doctor… and trust him to the ends of the Earth and back again.

    But do yourself a favor, my friend, and take a page out of Ronald Reagan's book…

    TRUST… but VERIFY!

    Reagan didn't come up with that, by the way. It was an old saying by the Russkies that the Gipper turned back on them.

    But new research shows why that should apply as much to your healthcare as it does to nuclear missile talks.

    I'm talking about medical malpractice.

    And taking this one extra step…VERIFYING your doctor's advice, even if you TRUST him… could make a LIFE-OR-DEATH difference!

    Get the RIGHT treatment… EVERY time

    I know we ALL like to trust our doctors.

    But I've got 1,740,000,000 reasons to be skeptical of ANY diagnosis from ANY doctor… no matter how good they are.

    Because that's how much insurers pay out each year to settle diagnostic-related malpractice suits, according to a new analysis.

    No doubt, SOME of those suits are bunk.

    Insurers often look for the fastest, cheapest way out – and sometimes, coughing up dough to shut up some nut with a weird claim is way more efficient than going to trial.

    But the bulk of those cases are caused by docs who've royally SCREWED UP!

    According to the analysis, there are 3 most common reasons for those big mistakes.

    REASON #1: Test? Who needs a test???

    I know, I know. We get tested up the wazoo. We get so many tests, so often, for so many reasons… and many of them are unnecessary.

    Yet the new analysis also finds many cases of malpractice could've been AVOIDED if docs had just ordered up a key test to CONFIRM or DOUBLE-CHECK the diagnosis.

    And nearly 1 in 4 got the right test results at the right time… but didn't actually follow up with the patient about them.

    REASON #2: Show me a sign!

    Nearly as many docs mess up because they've MISSED a key warning sign, test result, or symptom – one that, in hindsight, was STARING them right in the face.

    In other words… they weren't paying attention, or didn't take a close enough look at the test results and/or the patient's description of their signs and symptoms.

    REASON #3: Paging Dr. Know-it-All

    The new study finds 36% of malpractice cases involve “confirmation bias” -- or when docs settle on a diagnosis early and then ONLY look at the evidence that supports that initial knee-jerk reaction (emphasis on the “jerk”).

    Too many docs are SO full of themselves that they think they know what's wrong right away… practically the moment the patient walks in… and nothing they learn after that will SWAY them.

    What do these 3 problems I just shared with you have in common?

    Nearly ALL of them could be solved by getting a second opinion

    And I don't just mean the doc bringing in a colleague from the same practice to stand next to him and nod in agreement.

    Go and get a truly independent opinion from a doctor or specialist at a separate practice.

    And ideally, get the opinion of a naturopathic physician – one who's willing to take some time and go over ALL of your options instead of the most profitable one.

    In Your Corner,
    Dr. Allan Spreen

    P.S. Some docs shouldn't even be in business. Click here for how to spot one who's NOTHING but trouble… from MILES away!

  2. What new medical paperwork might REALLY mean for you [A closer look]

    You doctor may not have changed.

    His office may be in the same place.

    You might have the same struggles with parking… the same old magazines in the waiting room… and the same reception staff waiting to greet you.

    But next time you walk in, they could hit you with something VERY different.

    They may call it a “new form” or “just a new policy.” Some may even make you watch a snoozy video about a bunch of legal stuff.

    Don’t gloss over that paper. Don’t fall asleep during that video, either… even if it was scientifically crafted to make you tune out.

    And whatever you do, DON’T sign on the dotted line – because if you put your name on that page, you might NEVER get it back!

    A plot to STEAL a basic right from you

    After nearly a year of endless shutdowns and lockdowns… EVERYONE is struggling right now.

    That includes DOCTORS… because patients are postponing, well, EVERYTHING.

    Bloomberg reports that over the past year, medical office revenues have PLUNGED by an average of a third.

    And the news agency says that’s allowed big-money private equity firms to SWOOP IN and BUY UP practices left and right – turning once-independent doctors’ offices into their latest McMedical clinic.

    Even if the clinic LOOKS largely the same… the key difference could come when you show up one day, and they ask you to sign a new form…

    One that SURRENDERS your basic right to go to court, should anything go wrong during your care.

    These huge firms are no doubt worried that a single case with a MASSIVE jury award could bring down their entire house of cards.

    So, they’re pushing “binding arbitration.

    That’ll lead to LOWER legal feesSMALLER settlements… and usually TOTAL privacy, with secret settlements.

    That way, there’s NO negative press… and you can’t even complain on Yelp!

    Don’t get me wrong here -- lotsa jury awards are WAY, WAY, WAY outta control.

    Who can forget that $3 million McDrive-Thru coffee case?!

    But this push into corporate medicine… ENFORCED by binding arbitration… is STEALING your basic American rights.

    And at literally EVERY age group.

    In one horrific case, a stillborn baby’s death was blamed on malpractice

    But mom, dad and even the unborn baby had all WAIVED their legal rights during an earlier, happier visit.

    So, it went to arbitration instead of medical malpractice court.

    That’s just ONE example of a cradle-to-the-grave DESTRUCTION of your rights – but I’m not here to get political on you.

    I’m here with what it means for your health… your safety… your care… and your treatment.

    We all love our doctors. That’s why we stick with ’em.

    But no matter how FOND you are of yours… THINK TWICE before signing ANY of these agreements.

    Maybe you can’t imagine EVER needing to sue your doc for malpractice… but stuff happens.

    And if not with the doc himself… then maybe with someone ELSE on the staff, who’d be protected by these blanket agreements, too.

    Here’s my advice…

    NEVER sign these things on the spot. Tell ’em you want time to think about it.

    Take it home. Read it over. Speak to your family.

    If you ever DO sign of these agreements… or if you already have… they’re NOT ALWAYS legally enforceable.

    Patients don’t always know that… so they go into the arbitration.

    But now that YOU know this dirty secret, you can talk to your OWN lawyer -- instead of being STRONG-ARMED by their corporate attorneys.

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

    P.S. Last year, I shared with you how the mainstream medical industry has been COVERING for docs who shouldn’t be in business… yet are STILL practicing under the radar while SKIRTING discipline. Missed my email? Read all about it right here.

  3. Spot a doc who’s NOTHING but trouble… from miles away!

    I swear, you can’t even turn your darned back for a SECOND in this business. Because the moment you do… The moment you let your guard down… The moment you think nothing could possibly go wrong now… That’s EXACTLY when they stick it to ya! A staggering new report shows how the mainstream medical industry has been PROTECTING itself… by...

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