Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you’re sharing this cherished day… and a nice meal… with those you love.

Because by serving up a big ol’ bird at the dinner table, you could be sharing the BEST way to nourish yourself with an essential mineral

One that TOO MANY people are getting TOO MUCH of… and of the WRONG KIND.

The science shows that there’s a problem with iron… but the media isn’t breathing a WORD about it.

And if you’re taking iron supplements, you could be in the crosshairs for a deadly form of CANCER.  

Fortunately, there’s a way to get your iron AND dodge that risk…

And it starts with your Thanksgiving feast.

The bird is the word

There’s a health crisis that gets ZERO attention from the mainstream

And I mean absolutely NONE.

But recent research shines a long-overdue light on the risks linked to the most common forms of iron.

It’s NOT the safe, natural, and healthy iron you’ll get from an evening shucking oysters.

It’s two OTHER forms, called…

  1. ferric citrate
  2. ferric EDTA.

Odds are, you’re putting these two forms of iron into your body every day.

They’re found in common supplements… including some multivitamins… and are added to foods for fortification.

Now, the latest research links these forms of iron to a deadly cancer that KILLS 1,000 Americans every single week.

I’m talking men and women alike, especially older folks.

We’ve seen this link before in studies on mice. But the mainstream has always blown it off because… well, they’re mice.

That’s what they say, anyway.

I think the REAL reason is that recognizing this danger would cost the food industry BILLIONS, as they’re forced to switch to BETTER sources of iron.

So, they keep it quiet.

Well, friend, it’s time to wake up and smell the rust -- because the new study put these forms of iron to the test in HUMAN cells and found we’re not so different from mice after all!

At least, when it comes to colon cancer risk.

In lab tests on human colon cells, they found that BOTH of these forms of iron triggered the release of a compound that shows up when cancer is forming, called amphiregulin.

The link was so strong that the researchers said it would be unethical to repeat these tests inside living, breathing humans.

Yet the food industry is “testing” it on YOU right now, every day!

Now, iron is an essential mineral. You’d DIE of anemia without it.

Fortunately, the study finds no link to ferrous sulphate, another common form of iron used in food and supplements…

But that’s not ideal, either.

It’s a little harder on the stomach… and it’s not the best form for your body to use.

The absolute BEST way to get the iron you need is from foods such as fish, shellfish, meat, and poultry, like chicken, duck, and turkey (especially dark meat).

On a day like today, you could get a 3-for-1 special and indulge in some of that turducken!

Gobble gobble!

Calves’ livers are a great source of iron, too -- especially if you fry them up with some sautéed spinach.

But don’t go overboard. The RDA for iron is set far too high.

Unless you’re diagnosed with an iron deficiency or some other problem, don’t start popping iron pills.

If you DO need the stuff, you can find iron supplements based on desiccated liver to give you the lift you need… without the risks.

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen