QUICK FIX addresses this HIDDEN cause of sleep disruption


It’s incredible how badly they managed to SCREW UP the lightbulb.


For more than a century, we were fine with plain ol’ incandescent bulbs. Then, some D.C. geniuses decided we needed “new” bulbs to save energy.


First, they gave us CFL bulbs filled with mercury… turning any room where one breaks into a hazmat zone.


Then, they cooked up LED bulbs… which are HUGELY expensive and cast a harsh and artificial light that NO ONE likes.


But many of us use them… because the old bulbs are getting so hard to find.


Well, friend, a new report confirms that the LED bulbs can do more than make your room glow like you’re in a nuclear furnace.


They can SCREW with your sleep.


Fortunately, I’ve got a quick fix for this unwanted DISRUPTION.


How your LIGHTBULBS are messing with sleep


Those new LEDs… the ones that cost a pile of cash but promise to last for years… crank out high levels of BLUE light.


The light doesn’t LOOK blue, mind you. But the cells in the back of your eyeballs pick it up on those blue wavelengths… and send signals to your brain.


The brain then thinks, “Blue skies! Daylight! YES!!!!”


It WANTS you to be awake and alert for your day… even if it’s the middle of the night.


So, it NEVER triggers the “settle down” process needed for good rest… such as cranking out the sleep hormone melatonin.


And THAT’S a key reason people CAN’T sleep… or can’t sleep WELL… according to the new report from University of Houston researchers.


They’re working on a “better” bulb with a special computer chip to make the blue light more violet -- and supposedly less damaging.


I’m sure they’ll cost even more and have a whole new set of issues.


For now, if you can’t find the old “filament” bulbs… look for an LED with blue-filtered light.


They’re harder to find (of course). And they’re more expensive (of course).


But at least they won’t UNDERMINE your brain and MESS with your sleep cycles.


It’s not just the bulbs, by the way.


If you spend a lot of time staring at a screen… and who doesn’t?!… you’re probably getting a literal EYEFUL of those same blue wavelengths, every single moment.


LED screens are heavy in blue… but here are 2 steps you can take:


  • Look for a setting that turns down the blue. In an iPhone, for example, it’s called “night shift”… and you can even set it so that the blue levels drop specifically in the evening. Many other devices have similar settings.


  • If you’re a hardcore screen junkie, I’d suggest breaking that habit… but if you can’t or won’t, you can get a pair of “blue blocking” glasses designed for screen use that filters out some of that harsh light.


If you’re still struggling to sleep, it may not be the LED light alone SABOTAGING your melatonin levels.


Age can also mess with your “sleep hormone.”


Fortunately, melatonin supplements are inexpensive… highly effective… and easy to find…


Unlike a decent lightbulb.


In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen


P.S. You may be TEMPTED to try sleep meds… but don’t GIVE IN to that temptation! Because a 2019 report found they’re ALL dangerous.


Think I’m exaggerating? Click here to read the details for yourself.