1. New drug research STALLED… only AFTER getting the green light?!

    Remember how I recently shared with you the UGLY truth about the OVERHYPED Alzheimer’s drug approved over the summer?

    It FLUNKED the studies that were supposed to “prove” it worked.

    But the company behind it pulled some last-minute shenanigans to get the feds to APPROVE it anyway – AGAINST the advice of the agency’s own experts.

    The only condition? They just have to KEEP studying it to show it works.

    That could take YEARS. Meanwhile, every desperate patient who tries this drug is essentially being treated as a lab rat!

    It’s hardly the FIRST case of this.

    A new report finds the FDA has given quick approval to DOZENS of drugs

    With little to no evidence.

    The SLOW walk… after FAST approval

    A new report looks at 253 drugs authorized via the FDA’s accelerated approval program… all of which are SUPPOSED to remain under study to prove they actually deliver.

    But the report in The BMJ finds 112 of them still HAVEN’T been proven effective.

    And that’s not even the SCARIEST number here.

    Are you sitting down?

    There are 24 STILL-UNPROVEN meds that were approved through this system MORE THAN 5 YEARS AGO.

    Six of ’em have had SOME kind of outcome – withdrawn, approved, or postponed – but the rest NEVER put up the proof.

    The companies behind a dozen of the drugs didn’t even bother answering questions from The BMJ.

    Of the 6 left, 4 were still in the “patient recruitment” phase of their trials… and 2 were still “in discussion” with the FDA about the trials they say they PLAN to run.

    Yeah, I’m betting they’re just gonna milk this out for years and years… and hope NO ONE NOTICES!

    If that’s not the SUREST sign that drug company execs and the feds have nothing but COMPLETE CONTEMPT for the rest of us… I don’t know what is.

    You gotta take matters into your own hands. When a doc prescribes a new med, don’t just take it.

    Talk to him.

    Find out…

    • WHAT it is
    • WHAT it does
    • HOW it works
    • WHAT the risks are, and
    • WHAT evidence they have for it.

    Most importantly, ask if it’s been through the FULL process… or if it’s STUCK somewhere along the way. 

    I’m not gonna tell you whether to take it or not take it.

    That’s up to YOU.

    The important thing is that you KNOW… so that you can make the best possible decision for your health…

    And not what’s best for some greedy drug boss.

    In Your Corner,
    Dr. Allan Spreen

  2. Study finds glyphosate levels in people up 1,200 percent

    Dear Reader,

    Do you have cancer-causing weed killer glyphosate, a.k.a. Roundup, inside of your body? How about your kids and grandkids?

    According to some new research, that's not just a possibility... but a probability.

    Some stunning findings have just been released showing that we're all being turned into walking test tubes in Monsanto's long-running experiment with this chemical.

    And doing whatever it takes to reduce exposure has now become more urgent than ever before.

    The time is now

    Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, have been studying human exposure to glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup) for over two decades. And their most recent findings are unbelievably frightening.

    After analyzing urine samples from volunteers in southern California for the past 23 years, they've now found that the number of people who have the chemical in their body has increased 500 percent, and the amounts of glyphosate they harbor have gone up by a whopping 1,200 percent!

    Yet back in the early 1990s, when they started this testing, almost none of the participants had detectible levels.

    Now, if you ask the FDA, CDC, or some other so-called health agency what that means, you'll probably hear the old "don't worry, be happy" refrain they've all been handing out for years.

    And if you ask the folks at Monsanto, they'll tell you that there's nothing unusual about those numbers. In fact, they're "consistent with prior reports," and in no way "raise health concerns."

    Well, OK, if they say so!

    In all seriousness, the harsh reality of this situation is that, while we really don't know exactly what this is doing to us (and even scarier, what it could be doing to our kids), what we've heard so far isn't very reassuring.

    For example:

    • In a study out of the UK, rats who were fed low levels of glyphosate were at significantly higher risk of developing nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, or NAFLD, which can destroy your liver before you know what's happening. And the levels of the chemical detected in people just so happen to be "100-fold greater" than in those rats.
    • Several years ago, glyphosate was found to interfere with bacteria in the GI tract, which can cause essential amino acids to be depleted.
    • It's also been linked to kidney and liver damage, as well as being a likely contributor to a whole host of diseases such as IBS, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's.
    • And last, but certainly not least, two years ago, the World Health Organization said that glyphosate can "probably" cause cancer in people -- that's right, not rats or mice but human beings.

    But instead of our regulators pulling in the reins, glyphosate use is now totally out of control.

    And it's not just used on Frankencrops anymore, but loads of other foods as well. As we told you, Monsanto has been encouraging farmers to apply it as a drying agent on everything from lentils to peas to oats -- even oats that end up in baby food!

    While those California researchers are planning to conduct studies looking at liver disease, including NAFLD in people, I don't think we have the luxury of waiting for those results.

    That's why the most important thing you can do for yourself and your family is take these three steps to reduce your glyphosate exposure right now:

    #1: Don't be tricked by TV ads into using Roundup or any other weed killer anywhere in the vicinity of your home.

    #2: Give the boot to any products containing the big four Frankencrops -- corn, soy, canola, and sugar that comes from sugar beets -- unless they're organic or certified as GMO-free.

    #3: Whenever possible, avoid using nonorganic lentils, peas, dry beans, flax, barley, potatoes, and oats, as these may be subject to post-harvest glyphosate applications.

    Getting the glyphosate beast back into its cage, unfortunately, is next to impossible at this point. But thanks to these findings, at least we know what we need to do to keep it from attacking us.

    To Taking Action Now,

    Melissa Young

  3. Watch out for vitamin D carpetbaggers

    Well, what do ya know? Vitamin D has finally hit the big time.

    In fact, sometime in the near future, you might be able to say taking it prevents cancer. And you won't go to prison for it. And you won't have to pay a whopping fine... even you're a merchant selling a product that contains vitamin D!

    As you remember...

    A few weeks back, I told you that the FDA only allows drug makers to talk about diseases. And there are very few exceptions in the vitamin world. Selenium is one of them. Merchants can make "qualified claims" about selenium and cancer prevention. And now, vitamin D seems on the brink of achieving the same superstar status!

    Late last month, the Alliance for Natural Health-USA announced plans to petition the FDA on behalf of vitamin D. They are submitting a "qualified health claim" to the FDA about cancer prevention with vitamin D based on literally 6,000 published studies.

    If the FDA approves it, you may see something like this on your milk jug: Contains vitamin D, proven to help in the prevention of breast cancer. Of course, the jug will probably be pink.


    So, yes, I'm certainly wary of the vitamin D carpetbaggers jumping on the bandwagon to boost sales. But I guess I'll live with it. Better to let vitamin D out of the closet than keep its potential under wraps.

  4. The melamine scandal continues

    In November’s Guide to Good Health, we talked about the dangers of melamine in infant formula. I just wanted to update you on that story. The whole mess started in China, where thousands of babies got sick because they drank formula tainted with melamine (a type of plastic used to make countertops). Apparently, it was purposefully added in China to artificially boost protein content in infant formula. Since this whole story broke, the FDA has found trace amounts of melamine in several brands of U.S.-manufactured infant formula. Companies here have been scrambling to ease the minds of parents and get rid of the melamine (even though the FDA says trace amounts are safe). But the fallout in China has been tremendous. There’s nothing like a major worldwide PR scandal to make the Communist Party really angry. Government officials have been stripped of their power, production plants have closed, and thousands have lost their jobs. In December, 17 of the men charged with producing, selling, buying and adding melamine to the infant formula were put on trial. Last week two of these men were sentenced to death. During the sentencing, one of the men knelt on the courtroom floor and pleaded for forgiveness from the victim’s families. The only bright spot in this whole tragedy is that maybe the U.S. will actually start taking a closer look at products imported from China. Well, we can always dream, can’t we? In the meantime, folks, buy organic. Buy local. And breastfeed your babies whenever possible!  

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