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  1. Tap into your body's natural and preferred energy source

    If you didn't think this was possible before, I'm here to tell you that you can
    power through your 3 p.m. slump without making another pot of coffee. You can
    tackle projects around the yard without hiring a contractor. And you can take
    your grandkids on a day trip to the zoo without crashing after visiting the

    All you have to do is tap into your body's natural and preferred energy source.

    You see...

    Most energy drinks contain caffeine or other stimulants. This is a major
    roadblock, I know. You do want more energy...but you don't want to take a

    And the good news is, you don't need to -- because there are ways to give your
    muscles more of what they naturally need...

    Super-fuel "cranks your engine"

    In 2009, scientists recruited a small but select group of bodybuilders to take 10
    grams of an all-natural super-fuel for 30 days. They also followed a weight
    training regimen designed to increase lean muscle mass.

    This super-fuel substance is not a stimulant, like caffeine. It's a natural
    substance found in each and very one of your cells. That's why non-meat heads
    like you and me need it! Plus, your body uses it for energy metabolism. This
    substance also forms the primary building block of adenosine triphosphate

    ATP is the preferred source of energy for your skeletal muscles and heart tissue.
    So the more ATP available, the happier your muscles and heart are likely to be.
    The only problem with ATP energy is that your body quickly depletes it.

    But this super-fuel helps replenish ATP...

    And after just 30 days, the elite body builders who took this natural super-fuel
    noticed a distinct difference in their workouts. In fact, the results suggested
    that these already physically superior men increased their total work capacity
    and bench press strength...in just four short weeks!

    Now, I'm no body builder and couldn't keep up with these elite athletes at the
    gym even if I tried. I like to stay in shape but I'm certainly not a heavy-
    lifting gym rat. I know you probably aren't either.

    But energy is energy.

    So just imagine what it can do for you during a stroll around the neighborhood...
    or shopping with friends... or working in the yard!

    Raw energy -- without the let down

    You'll find this all-natural super-fuel in each and every serving of NorthStar
    Nutritional's energy drink called Vital Power. In fact, Vital Power contains 2.5
    g of this super-fuel.

    Plus, unlike many power drinks, Vital Power doesn't contain caffeine or other
    stimulants. It doesn't even contain sugar. It contains the all-natural sweetener
    Stevia. It's sweet, but it won't cause a sugar crash.

    Better yet, you don't even have to hit the gym to feel its affects!

    Plus, Vital Power contains another type of fuel that may...

    Enhance physical performance and EXPLOSIVE POWER!

    You see, red grapes contain key antioxidants that may help protect cells from
    exercise-induced oxidative damage. So your recovery after a big day of activity
    may go a little easier.

    You see, these antioxidants flood your muscles and appear to help:

    • Wipe out free radicals

    • Promote muscle recovery after exercise

    • Increase vitamin E in the blood, a powerful antioxidant

    • Protect muscles from exercise-induced damage

    All of this means Vital Power can help you play on the beach all day long with
    the grandkids... and still be ready to do it all over again tomorrow!

    In fact, my cousin Fenton, a body builder and trainer in his early 60s, loves
    Vital Power. At 6' 3'' and 238 lbs, Fenton can bench 290 to 300 pounds. Plus, he
    can flat dumbbell press 80-85 lbs. He does three sets of ten of these bad boys.

    Fenton wrote me recently to say that Vital Power has rocked his world:

    When I first starting using this, I mixed it with a bottle of
    water and drank it before the workout. Not much happened, but I
    did notice a slight elevation of energy.

    After about a week, I decided to drink it while I was working

    And BAM!

    It was like I was shot out of a cannon. All I felt was energy and
    more power during my workouts using this mixture. I can lift more
    weight and more sets than before. I got guys now asking what
    I'm on and where can they get it.

    Plus, remember Vital Power does not contain stimulants. Fenton noticed this key
    difference right away. He said, "The one thing about this power that really
    turned me on was it had NO SIDE EFFECTS. No caffeine rush. No jitters. Just raw

    As I told you earlier, I hate the gym. It's torture for me. I like being outside,
    so I'd much rather hit the trails or play a game of tennis. And since using Vital
    Power myself, I've noticed that my energy throughout the day is much steadier. No
    3 p.m. slump. Plus, I have more endurance to start a project around the house
    late in the day.

    It's so simple. Just sprinkle a packet of Vital Power in your water or over ice.
    It goes to work helping fuel you through your day and keep you going until

    P.S. Better yet, you can try Vital Power RISK-FREE for a whopping 120 days! I know
    you'll like Vital Power as much as Fenton does. But if you don't, simply return
    any unused packets and we'll promptly refund your money, less shipping.

  2. Skip the boring treadmills! Make exercise fun in the New Year

    This week, I promise not to bore you about the importance of getting your heart pumping for at least 30 minutes, three times a week. You've heard it before. But I do have a suggestion for all you non-treadmill-loving readers out there who are looking for a way to mix up your exercise routine in the New Year. Try bouncing!

    You could bounce on your bed, but I recommend investing in a mini-trampoline with bungee-type springs. Bounce while watching TV shows, listening to music, or talking on the phone.

    Switch bounce positions every few minutes to keep things interesting. Go from bouncing on the balls of your feet to bouncing on your heels. Not only is bouncing surprisingly fun (try it, if you don't believe me), it's also easier on your joints than walking or running.

    Aim for 30 minutes of straight bouncing to get your heart rate up. But how do you know how hard you should work? Well, first ask your doctor and make sure you're fit for aerobic exercise. Then, you'll need to figure out your goal pulse. Do that by subtracting your age from 220. Multiply that number by .8 for your target pulse rate per minute.

    Try to reach your target level five to 10 minutes into your workout and keep it there for a few minutes to start. But remember, slow and steady wins the race. Trying to do too much, too fast will only get you into trouble…or it will become too hard and you'll quit.

    And remember, it's supposed to be fun. So don't get too caught up checking your pulse or figuring out how many calories you've burned!

  3. You can turn back the clock on back curvature

    In photos taken in your 20s and 30s, your shoulders are back, your head's held high, and your back's as straight as a rod. (Just like your mother always taught you!) But as you've gotten older, things may have changed. Your back's not as straight as it used to be. You may have even developed a curve in your back known as a dowager's hump. This kind of curvature of the upper spine -- called hyperkyphosis -- is all too common among women over 60. Though men get it too, a dowager's hump mostly occurs in women with a history of osteoporosis or arthritis. Hyperkyphosis develops slowly over time as the vertebrae in the spine weaken. This makes it almost impossible for you to stand up straight. As a result, you can lose up to a foot of your height. Plus, the condition is often painful. Worst of all, for anyone who's supposed to be enjoying their "golden" years, this condition can wreak havoc on your self-esteem. Most people (even doctors!) think that once you develop the hump, there's nothing left to do but accept your fate. At best, you can try to slow the progression of the curvature. But that's simply not true. A new study out shows that you can significantly improve this condition by making one simple change to your exercise routine. New hope for lost causes... A team of scientists from UCLA recruited 118 men and women ages 60 or over with moderate hyperkyphosis. Though, when looking at the details of the study, I'd call it more than just "moderate" hyperkyphosis. Each of these men and women had curvature of the spine of at least 40 degrees or more. But despite their disability, each of the men and women remained in overall good health. No one had other serious ailments. They were all able to stand up independently. And none of them used a medical device, such as a cane or walker, to help them get around. But these men and women did experience pain. And about 60 percent of them said they experienced frequent or daily pain. So what did the UCLA scientists propose to do with these patients? Send them to yoga class, of course! Yoga: Not just for suburban moms and celebrities Scientists separated the patients into two groups. One group took a yoga class three days a week for six months. The other group attended an informational luncheon once a month during the study period. Well, how did the two groups compare after six months? You guessed it. The yoga group improved quite a bit. In fact, they decreased their spinal curvature by about 5 percent after just six months. On the other hand, the seminar group increased their spinal curvature after six months. In addition, the yoga group experienced less upper back pain and less insomnia. They also stood up more quickly from a seated position. Plus, they showed small improvements in their overall height. Turning back the clock on back problems Yes, I know. A five percent improvement isn't a total cure. But remember, hyperkyphosis takes a lifetime to develop. And these women improved their posture in just six months, instead of experiencing a decline. Plus, their pain improved as well as their mobility. Indeed, that's medically remarkable! In my book, it's like these women turned back the clock 5 to 10 years just by taking a yoga class. Imagine how they'd feel after taking yoga for several years. In closing, remember this: the human body is an amazingly resilient machine. Even a condition like hyperkyphosis -- once thought a lost cause -- can improve with the right tools!

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