1. [Cholesterol alert] Here’s the statins side effect they hope you’ll FORGET!

    Trying to sell a drug with memory loss as a side effect???


    That’s what they’re hoping, anyway… with the latest pitch for cholesterol-lowering statin drugs.

    One recent report goes ON and ON and ON about all the dangers… all the side effects… and all the open questions about the drugs.

    Yet in the end, the part that MATTERS most…

    The part many doctors SKIP TO when they’re skimming journal reports…

    It goes right ahead and urges docs to PRESCRIBE the drugs anyway!

    Maybe they’re taking statins and suffering from memory loss so severe they forgot what they had just written.

    So today, I’ve got a refresher… for them and for everyone else pushing statins… on why these cholesterol meds are such as BAD idea.

    What docs are told to IGNORE in treating ‘high’ cholesterol

    Let me start where your doc will likely start… and skip right to the end of the report in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

    That’s where it concludes that docs should “have confidence and share with their patients that short-term lipid-lowering therapy in older patients, including with statins, is unlikely to have a major impact on cognition.”

    I gotta wonder if these people are yoga teachers in their spare time…

    Because WOW is that a stretch!

    Let’s start with the key phrase in there: “short-term.

    Statins aren’t like antibiotics. No one’s taking them for the “short-term.”

    Most folks are expected to take them FOREVER – so that pretty much cancels out the rest of the sentence.

    Even more alarming, that same report… the one that says docs should “have confidence” the drugs won’t screw up your memory… doesn’t seem to have any confidence in that statement AT ALL!

    Earlier in the report, they wrote of one study that found a “trend toward an increase” in Alzheimer’s risk – and that was after just 4.5 years on the medication.

    What’s more, older folks who START OUT with cognitive problems are more likely to develop dementia and changes in episodic memory, according to another study cited in the same report.

    So clearly, they ARE worried about SOMETHING to do with cognition and these drugs.

    They just FORGOT all about it by the end of the report.

    Not exactly something to “have confidence” in, if ya ask me!

    And that’s not all that SLIPPED their collective minds.

    See, when it comes down to it, cognitive problems… memory loss… and even the potential for Alzheimer’s disease AREN’T the worst risks linked to statins.

    Not by a long shot.

    There are others – much more serious and far more frequent side effects, like severe and of course the neat little fact that taking the meds can CAUSE .

    The report even mentions that early on, calling the diabetes risk “well established”… but then essentially says docs just don’t care.

    “[F]or the greater part, this risk is not factored into clinical decision making given the overall benefits of statins in patients at risk for diabetes who have indications for statin therapy.”

    Not factored in??? You GOTTA be joking!

    There’s a better option for cholesterol “control”

    Mostly STOP trying to control it.

    Don’t let it go TOO crazy, mind you.

    But the single-minded obsession over LDL numbers is wrong and dangerous – especially when the cholesterol itself is NOT the cause of cardiovascular problems.

    Here’s a better approach to blood vessel health

    Follow a natural diet with NO processed foods and STRICT limits on carbs, and…

    Try natural therapies such as…

    • policosanol (10-20 mg, which you can combine with red yeast rice and fish oil)
    • niacin (vitamin B3) (250 mg)
    • L-carnitine (1,000 mg)
    • coenzyme Q10 (100 mg)
    • magnesium (500 to 800 mg), and
    • vitamin E as mixed tocopherols (400 to 800 IU).

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

  2. PROOF! Everything you’ve heard about cholesterol is WRONG

    If you’re SO OVER the idea that all your favorite foods are somehow “bad” for you…

    If you’re SICK to death of being treated like a human pincushion for constant cholesterol checks…

    And if you’re just plain FED UP with taking drugs to cut your LDL… and battling the side effects that come along for the ride…

    Then I’ve got the news you’ve been waiting for!

    The GREAT CHOLESTEROL MYTH has just been BUSTED once and for all – and now, it’s not just me saying it.

    A major new study now PROVES… beyond all doubt… that generations of fear-mongering over cholesterol is just plain WRONG.

    If you’re NOT on cholesterol meds, here’s all you need to make sure you NEVER get started on them.

    And if you ARE on them, it’s time to march into your doctor’s office and demand some answers.

    Because odds are… you’re NOT getting the protection you think you are!

    The TRUTH about cholesterol-lowering drugs

    Yes, my friend, it turns out you DON’T need those cholesterol meds they’ve been relentlessly pushing on everyone over the age of 40.

    Taking them WON’T save or extend your life, but that’s not all.

    They also WILL expose you to a nightmare list of side effects… for absolutely ZERO benefit.

    I’m talking about fatiguepain… and brain fog… just to name a few.

    And this isn’t just one little study of a handful of people.

    It’s a MAJOR analysis of DECADES of science, with researchers honing in on 35 clinical trials on statins, ezetimibe, and/or PCSK9 meds versus a placebo or “usual care.”

    More importantly, each of those studies lasted at least a year.

    What they discovered doesn’t just SHAKE the foundation of cholesterol theory.

    It SHATTERS it!

    They found NO consistent benefit to meeting cholesterol goals… with three-quarters of the studies finding NO benefit in terms of death risk

    And nearly half finding NO benefit on the overall risk of cardiovascular disease.

    What’s more, if there were ANY truth to this theory at all, we’d see at least a trend -- that bigger drops in LDL levels would lead to bigger benefits.

    But that didn’t happen.

    In fact, they found no link AT ALL between how much LDL levels dropped and any possible outcomes.

    A handful of the studies found benefits here and there -- and even then, they were modest.

    But the overall sum of the combined data showed no consistency… and that was true for all 3 types of medications.

    In other words… it’s not just the drugs that are flawed.

    The very notion of “cholesterol control” itself is the problem!

    Of course, DON’T stop any med that you’re on without talking to your doctor first. Everyone’s situation is different.

    But you DO want to have that conversation – and make sure he’s aware of this new study published online by in the highly respected (and VERY mainstream) BMJ Evidence Based Medicine.

    If it turns out you’re in a special risk category… and DO need to cut your cholesterol and/or triglycerides… you have other options besides those meds, including…

    • red yeast rice
    • niacin
    • policosanol, and
    • fish oil.

    For maximum heart protection in general, don’t stress your LDL…

    And certainly don’t fear your favorite natural foods like meat, eggs, and cheese… just because of their supposed cholesterol levels.

    Instead, focus on proven protection.

    Keep a healthy weight… go for a walk each day…

    And make sure you have the nutrients that can keep your blood pumping and your heart beating, such as…

    • fish oil
    • L-carnitine
    • coenzyme Q10
    • magnesium, and
    • vitamin E as mixed tocopherols.

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

    P.S. Want to know what REALLY happens when your cholesterol levels drop… and why you shouldn’t OBSESS over your levels? Click here to find out.

  3. People are dying to avoid heart disease

    Cholesterol-lowering statin drugs have been on the market for well over a decade now and represent one of the biggest pharmaceutical money-makers in drug history. But for as many statin prescriptions as are written every year, you would think that heart disease would have slipped down a notch or two from it‘s No. 1 spot in the "top causes of death" list. Yet it hasn‘t budged. That‘s at least partially because, even though statins have proven beyond all shadow of any doubt that they can effectively lower cholesterol, they have yet to prove an ability to prevent strokes and heart attacks. In fact, roughly 50 percent of all heart attack patients have what are considered to be normal, healthy cholesterol levels. So, researchers are trying a different angle. Rather than more drugs to lower bad (LDL) cholesterol, they‘re developing new drugs to raise good (HDL) cholesterol. The good news is, a lot of them work! They‘re actually raising HDL cholesterol levels by as much as 61 percent in some cases! But they‘re also causing an incredible number of heart attacks, kidney problems and death. Pfizer had to pull the plug on an $800 million investment in an HDL-raising drug called torcetrapib for just that reason. Of course, what Merck, Pfizer, Roche and their respective brethren aren‘t telling you, is that good old fashioned niacin will do the trick for pennies a day and no prescription. Sure, some people experience a mildly uncomfortable "flushing" from niacin. But it‘s very temporary and tends to go away once the body has grown more accustomed to the increased niacin. It‘s a small price to pay when compared to the potential heart attacks, strokes, kidney failures or deaths that come with these "cutting edge" medications. Of course, if you‘re just not into pills, exercise is also a great HDL-booster. It comes with no harmful side-effects, and more often than not, exercise is free!  

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