I don’t think there’s ANYONE on the planet pushed through more misery than cancer patients.

They’re manipulatedsickenedbeaten down… and outright abused.

And I can say one thing for sure after over 4 decades in medicine…

It’s NOT because of the disease!

It’s the mainstream treatments for it…

And how cancer docs treat their patients like walking ATMs.

Cancer patients get treatments they don’t always need… including more aggressive treatments than necessary

So shady docs can CASH IN on their misery.

And once the final check clears… they’ll pat you on the back and walk away!

But for patients, the battle is often just beginning… as many end treatment feeling WORSE than they did before the whole thing started.

And many suffer from REAL… LASTING… and DEBILITATING pain.

Now, new research reveals a way to CHASE AWAY the pain after cancer treatment – and it’s something the mainstream absolutely HATES.

Poke away the cancer pain

I get what the mainstream has against acupuncture.

It’s a BUSINESS threat!

If it ever went into widespread use, acupuncture could put entire practices outta work – including rheumatologists, physical therapists, chiropractors and more.

Especially for back and knee pain.

And I get what patients have against it. It’s WEIRD!

Plus, there are needles, and who likes needles? No one, that’s who.

Me? I’m a put-up-or-shut-up kinda guy. I want to see the evidence – and if it works, it works.

And let me tell you, friend: It WORKS.

Now, this new study shows how it helps fight the types of aches and pains many people face after cancer treatment, specifically in the…

  • lower back
  • knees
  • hip
  • thigh, and
  • leg.

At the start of the study, the cancer survivors rated their pain levels between a 5 and 5.6 on a 10-point scale.

Three months later, the ones given “usual” mainstream care – including steroid shots and physical therapy – were practically UNCHANGED, with pain levels dipping by a paltry 0.48 points on average.

But on the other hand, 2 kinds of acupuncture DELIVERED… and delivered BIG.

One of them provided more than 4X the relief… with pain levels plunging by more than 2 points.

It was a form developed by the U.S. military called auricular acupuncture… which focuses on the ears.

Now, some people DO NOT lIke needles on the ears… so, of the 143 who tried it, 15 quit over ear pain.

Can’t hack the ear pain? No worries.

A SECOND form of acupuncture delivered EVEN BETTER results.

It’s called electroacupuncture -- and as the name suggests, they send a little zap through the needles so you feel a bit of a tingle, which stimulates a greater response.

As a result, pain levels DROPPED by 2.39 points… and it was comfortable enough that only 1 of the 145 patients given this form of acupuncture quit over side effects.

This is the second study over the past year or so to find that some form of this ancient “needle therapy” can help with cancer-related pain.

So, as far as I’m concerned, they’ve PUT UP the evidence… and now it’s time for the mainstream to SHUT UP.

And if you have any ongoing pain conditions yourself – from cancer or anything else – you don’t have to be shy about giving it a try.

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen