When they put you on a blood thinner, they’ll INSIST it’s to save your life.

They KNOW the dangers. Even a paper cut can make your home look like a crime scene.

The risks – which also include internal bleeding – are INFAMOUS.

But take it anyway, they’ll say. Take it EVERY DAY.Never miss a dose, and never quit.

But there’s one HUGE exception

If you’re going in for surgery, you need to STOP!

That contradiction is more than just a head-scratcher.

It’s a blood-red flag!

Fortunately, there IS a way to thin your blood safely… and NOT have to stop for surgery.

You’ll get ALL of the benefits -- WITHOUT the bloodbath!

Meet the SAFEST blood thinner on the planet!

Suggest omega-3s as a blood thinner to a mainstream doc, and he’ll flip out.

“No, no, NO! That’s junk science. That’s quackery.That’s nonsense. That can’t possibly thin your blood.”

But if you’re going in for surgery, that very same doc will tell you to stop taking your fish oil supplements beforehand, just like it’s a blood thinner.

Just try and figure that out!

I call it like I see it…

It’s a CONFESSION that fish oil DOES thin the blood!

But if you’re on fish oil, you DON’T have to miss a dose… even if you’re going in for surgery.

In fact, taking it can actually HELP prevent deadly complications!

In a new study, folks were given very high doses of fish oil in the days before heart surgery.

Day of the procedure, they were given lower doses… but still higher than what most people take.

And during the operation and after, they had NO extra risk of complications.

In fact, they had a LOWER risk of bleeding problems!

That’s NOT TRUE of ANY current pharmaceutical blood thinner on the market (which is why they make you stop taking it).

Only fish oil.

And that’s not the only way this stuff can beat Big Pharma’s blood thinners.

The omega-3s found in fish oil can also cut your risk of:

  • heart disease by 40 percent
  • heart attack by 28 percent, and
  • death from heart failure by 10 percent.

The omega-3 fatty acid EPA specifically has been found to cut the risk of:

  • heart attack by 31 percent
  • stroke by 28 percent
  • heart-related death by 20 percent

Obviously, blood thinners are serious business… and it’s not always going to be a one-for-one trade with fish oil.

In other words, don’t try this at home, kids.

Work with your doc – ideally a naturopath who understands this stuff.