1. [WARNING] Too-popular ‘heart protection’ med could RAISE heart failure risk

    They call it a “risk.”

    I’ve got another word for it: FRAUD!

    A drug that’s supposed to PROTECT your heart could instead give you HEART FAILURE.

    Here’s what makes this such a nightmare

    It’s not some obscure or weird little med that no one’s ever heard of. It’s one of the most commonly used medications on the planet!

    You definitely know someone taking it. You might even be on it yourself.

    I’m talking about aspirin.

    If you or your loved ones are on it… it’s time to get on the phone and ask your doc if there’s a way out.

    But as you’ll see in a moment, it’s bad news even WITHOUT this ugly risk.

    And fortunately, there are better and safer ways to get more complete and lasting heart protection.

    Taking the pulse on new aspirin risk

    Aspirin’s already SO notorious for bleeding problems… including and brain bleeds

    Officials PULLED their recommendation of it years ago for primary prevention (i.e. stopping a first heart attack).

    But NOT EVERYBODY got the message.

    Millions are still on daily aspirin -- and the new study finds they could be sitting ducks for a scary new risk.

    In people who already have one risk factor for heart problems… taking this drug faithfully could raise the odds of heart failure by 26%!

    That’s pretty much EVERYONE on aspirin, by the way. That’s WHY you’re on it – you have a risk factor, or maybe multiple risk factors, and hope the drug will help even the score.

    Instead, it’s doing just the opposite.

    That means MILLIONS of older Americans are now facing this risk – one that most likely aren’t even aware of.

    This new study from the European Society of Cardiology isn’t generating big headlines over here.

    So lemme give it to you straight.

    Unless you’re one of the folks in some very specific situations who MIGHT need to take aspirin…

    It’s high time to quit.

    Just don’t give up the drugs on your own. Studies show quitting aspirin suddenly could be as dangerous as taking it. So, make sure your doc’s on board and can help you quit safely.

    Then, get cracking on a better plan for heart health… one backed by science that can deliver real protection without putting you at risk of heart failure.

    For starters, I generally suggest…

    • CoQ10
    • L-Carnitine
    • magnesium, and
    • vitamin E as mixed tocopherols.

    A naturopathic physician can help you figure out a more specific plan customized to your risks and needs.

  2. REPORT: What ‘aspirin therapy’ can REALLY do to seniors [Yikes!]

    Every time I see yet another aspirin commercial, I’ve gotta wonder…

    What in the HECK ever happened to truth in advertising???

    Clearly, it’s a concept that DOESN’T exist anymore…

    Because if they were REALLY forced to give you the truth… they wouldn’t be ALLOWED to market it as some heart-saving wonder drug.

    They’d have to show frantic phone calls… ambulance lights

    And terrified seniors being RUSHED into the ER after suffering from internal bleeding.

    “I FEEL LIKE I’VE BEEN STABBED FROM THE INSIDE!” would be about as honest an endorsement as they could show!

    So, let ME give you what THEY won’t -- and that’s the ugly truth about aspirin.

    How it DOESN’T work

    And more importantly, how you can get the heart protection you need… WITHOUT those risks!

    Get the HEART-SAVING benefits of aspirin… with ZERO risk!

    Years ago, they had everyone over 40 absolutely CONVINCED that an aspirin a day will keep a first heart attack away.

    Now, millions have undoubtedly paid a high price for little to no ACTUAL protection.

    And new research shows how as you get OLDER… the risks get even BIGGER.

    In seniors even so-called “baby” aspirin increases the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding by 60%!

    Bad as that is, this gets a whole lot WORSE…

    Because a second study just out finds that aspirin can not only increase your risk of cancer… but speed the growth of the DEADLIEST tumors!

    If you’re past 70, the old “aspirin a day” plan will DOUBLE your risk of death from a stage 3 tumor… and boost the risk of a stage 4 death by almost a third.

    Short of going in your sleep at the age of 110, there aren’t too many “good” ways to die. But I can assure you… dying of a stage 3 or 4 cancer is one of the absolute WORST.

    Yet THAT’S what aspirin can do to you!

    You’d think with these risks… the benefits would be off the charts.

    But here’s the thing about that…

    The “benefits” for primary prevention are almost nonexistent. 

    One study a few years back found aspirin cuts the chance of a first cardiovascular event like heart attack or stroke by a crummy 11%...

    But it increases the risk of a dangerous bleed by 43%.

    It’s so bad that even the mainstream is starting to sound like… well… they’re sounding more like ME!

    The American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association last year finally updated their guidelines… and recommended AGAINST aspirin for most people.

    Yet the word hasn’t gotten out -- close to 30 million Americans are still taking it daily.

    If you’re one of them, talk to your doc about quitting (just don’t do it on your own) and trying something safer instead…

    Like a mix of heart-friendly basics, such as…

    • CoQ10
    • L-Carnitine
    • magnesium and
    • vitamin E as mixed tocopherols.

    Real protection. Real benefits. And no bleeding!

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

    P.S. Earlier this year, I shared how taking too much aspirin could lead to a terrifying stroke-like problem. If you missed that one… or just want to take another gander at it… click here.

  3. Is it a stroke… or just your aspirin acting up???

    I don’t know what it’ll take to get people off the aspirin wagon. There have been WARNINGS… but the warnings were pooh-poohed. There have been STUDIES… but the studies were ignored. And there are about a gazillion people who can tell ya first-hand about the toll this drug takes on the gut… ripping up the walls like you swallowed a...

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