1. Allergy relief NOT worth killing yourself over [Are they KIDDING?]

    It’s not just you…

    Allergies ARE getting worse.

    And they’re not just limited to spring anymore.

    MORE people are MORE miserable for MORE of the year -- including right now in summer, when allergies USED to at least tail off a little bit.

    Not anymore.

    But of course, the drug industry sees that as a chance to push MORE sales of MORE drugs!

    And today, I’ve got the scoop on another “more” they hope you never hear about… as the FDA has delivered a warning over a common allergy drug.

    Turns out it has MORE risks than you’ve been led to believe!

    But don’t worry… I’ve got a way to get MORE relief, right when you need it most.

    The BEST way to beat seasonal allergies

    Earlier this year, AccuWeather warned that the 2020 allergy season would start SOONER

    And last LONGER.

    Worse yet, folks who have grass allergies in particular “will face a long and severe season into summer.”

    It’s not just grass; the rest are worse than ever, too. In some parts of the country, ragweed season is now 25 DAYS longer than it used to be.

    That explosion of allergies has led to an EXPLOSIVE market for medication – and not just for antihistamines.

    More than 30 million Americans now take a prescription-based anti-inflammatory drug known as montelukast (a.k.a. Singulair).

    The FDA has a frightening new alert for all 30 million of them.

    Turns out the price for a breath of fresh mucus-free air could be… are you ready for it?… SUICIDE.

    They’ve added a black box warning to the drug’s packaging over the risk… and they’re telling docs to STOP giving it out so quickly and easily.

    They now say the drug SHOULDN’T be a first option… especially for people with allergies… and ESPECIALLY for people with mild symptoms.

    But guess what?

    It NEVER should’ve been ANYONE’S first choice for allergies in the first place! And it certainly NEVER should’ve gone into widespread use like this.

    This risk ISN’T new.

    This drug has a long and scary history of doing weird things to your brain -- and not just causing suicidal thoughts or actions.

    It can lead to depressionaggressionnightmaresheadaches… and more “severe neuropsychiatric symptoms.”

    Call me crazy, but there’s NO need for any of that – not when studies show OTHER ways to ease the worst of allergy season.

    Even if you seem to have allergies in EVERY season, you can try these 4 simple tricks…

    1. TWEAK your diet. Processed foods can make allergies worse, and gluten in particular can stimulate mucus to enhance the misery. On the flip side, spicy foods can CLEAR mucus… and local honey can help you build tolerance to local pollens.
    2. PURIFY your air. Get a good purifier with a HEPA filter and use it in spring, summer or whenever allergies strike. Some have a specific “allergy” setting to suck in pollens. Just remember to change the filter.
    3. GO herbal. Natural therapies including nettle, goldenseal, butterbur, and/or astragalus can all help. Some people absolutely SWEAR by them.
    4. LOAD UP on vitamin C. Try increasing your intake into the multi-gram range.

    There’s also one other option, but I gotta warn ya…

    Your doctor will absolutely HATE it!

    It’s homeopathic medicine – which most mainstream docs DESPISE and SWEAR it can’t possibly work.

    But it DOES… with a catch. In this herbal practice, there’s no one-size-fits-all remedy for allergies.

    It’s all based on specific triggers and symptoms – so, do a little research, maybe mix and match a little to find what works.

    For more help, speak to a naturopathic doc with experience in homeopathy.

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

  2. ‘Mystery’ illness… SOLVED! [But YOUR doc may be no Sherlock]

    You know something’s WRONG…

    And you feel downright AWFUL.

    But whaddaya get from your doc?

    MAYBE a shrug… and DEFINITELY a drug.

    Fact is, he has NO CLUE how to solve the mystery that’s PLAGUING you.

    But I do.

    See, DOZENS of today’s most debilitating symptoms often boil down to 1 simple culprit.

    To fix all of them… you’ve got to find what’s hiding in plain sight.

    The culprit that’s hiding in plain sight

    If you’re experiencing symptoms with no clear cause, it may be time for a little investigating.

    I’m talking about…

    • chronic pain, including joint pain and fibromyalgia
    • inflammatory conditions
    • digestive struggles, including bowel disorders
    • cluster and migraine headaches
    • rashes
    • respiratory conditions
    • mood disorders, including anxiety and depression
    • and more.

    Here’s what might SHOCK your doc…

    The suspect you’re looking for could be food allergies!

    That’s right – food allergies in adults are FAR more common than your doc may think!

    In fact, 26 million adult Americans have food allergies – and HALF of them developed the allergies AFTER childhood.

    Believe it or not, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    Tens of millions more also have food SENSITIVITIES, which are harder to detect. They NEVER show up on the standard skin prick test used for allergies.

    In fact, I’ve seen tons of people with CLEAR symptoms from specific foods… but negative on those tests.

    Sure, there are food allergy blood panels out there -- and while they’re much more reliable than skin testing, they’re not great.

    In the past, I've gotten a 50-food panel for my own patients to see if it fit the situation. Sometimes it did, and sometimes… not so much.

    That’s why docs give up and shrug… and then give you the drug.

    But not me…

    When medical tests fail, it’s time for some good old-fashioned detective work.

    Get yourself a notebook – just like a reporter or detective carries. This notebook is your food diary.

    TRACK what you eat… and also your problems. Over time, you’ll be able to MATCH what you ate to your symptoms.

    Sometimes it’s easy and leaps right off the page…

    Other times, it’s tough, especially if you eat foods with a lot of additives.

    In that case, the best way to be REALLY sure is to pair your food diary with elimination and/or rotation diets.

    As you avoid the problematic foods, you’ll see symptoms practically VANISH.

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

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