SynerFlex Supplement PricesSynerFlex Supplement Prices: How Much Does SynerFlex Cost?

When it comes to supporting your joint health, it’s easy to say there’s no cost too great!

But realistically, you need to know if the price of SynerFlex is actually affordable.

Especially when there are so many supplements available, at such very different price points. It’s tough to know a good price versus what’s just too expensive.

So, in this article, we’re taking a close look at the price of SynerFlex… helping you discover just how affordable it is.

“What Makes SynerFlex Different”

SynerFlex doesn’t only bring you a single ingredient.

Instead, you get 8 separate joint supporting ingredients in one powerful formula – taking on nearly every cause of your aching joints.

We start with the proprietary blend, Hyal-Joint, which gives you 2 of those 8 ingredients – hyaluronic acid and hydrolyzed collagen.

Hyaluronic acid is how your body creates synovial fluid, the “lubrication” in your joints. And collagen is a key component of healthy joints. Put them together in Hyal-Joint and use it the way we do in SynerFlex, and you’ve got healthy joint support.

And we didn’t stop there. We added the ingredient, hops flower extract – the same hops flower you get in beer – to support joint comfort, so you can feel better often within days.

Your 4th ingredient is boswellia serrata extract, or AKBA, for its anti-stiffness properties. When your healthy joints are moving easily, without stiffness, that’s AKBA at work for you – so of course, we added plenty of it.

We call boron the “master mineral” when it comes to bone and joint health. The early trials were so impressive and encouraging that we made it the 5th ingredient in SynerFlex.

The last 3 ingredients – ginger root, black pepper, and long pepper – are combined to create our bio-enhancer blend. Ginger and pepper are antioxidants that help your body fight the free radicals that can damage your joints. Plus, indications are that pepper helps your body absorb the other ingredients even better than it would on its own. So this bio-enhancer blend takes the SynerFlex formula and kicks it up a notch.

So how does the SynerFlex supplement price compare to these individual ingredients? Let’s break it down and see –

What If You Purchase All Those Ingredients Yourself?

The SynerFlex supplement price is $39.95 for a one month’s supply. To even come close to the SynerFlex formula, you’ll need…

  • Hyaluronic acid supplements at $9.99 per month.
  • Hops flower extract at $3.49 for a 1.5 month supply.
  • Boswellia serrata extract at $8.27 for a 20 day supply.
  • Boron at $4.86 per month.

Just those 4 ingredients cost $26.61, which makes this option seem less expensive than SynerFlex.

And it would be easy to think that… expensive except for 2 things: the formula above is still missing four ingredients and that’s not even a month’s supply.

While those are equivalent amounts of each ingredient, you’ve got less than a month of the boswellia, and more than a month of the hops. You have to juggle bottles and keep track of how much you have left of each ingredient – not to mention finding space for all those bottles.

As for the other 4 ingredients, the reason I didn’t list them is because you can’t find them. The hydrolyzed collagen isn’t sold in an equivalent amount, for any price. And you can’t find the ginger, black pepper, and long pepper bio-enhancer blend all in one place, either.

So sure, the price of the SynerFlex supplement is more – but you get more. Lots more. You simply cannot reproduce the SynerFlex formula by using individual supplements.

Plus, SynerFlex is backed by our Gold Standard Guarantee. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the healthy joint support, simply return your order and we’ll refund your purchase price. It’s that simple.

And if you order today, we’ll take an extra 10% off, just for giving SynerFlex a try. Enter promo code W650R4ZF at check out, and we’ll take the 10% off, automatically.

Now you know - no matter how you look at it, the SynerFlex supplement prices make as much sense as using SynerFlex.
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