SynerFlex priceWhen it comes to joint health supplements, how much should you expect to pay? What’s a fair price? We love a good deal as much as the next person. But we do get a bit suspicious when something is too cheap. After all, we all know the old adage “you get what you pay for.” If something is cheap, we expect it to be, well, cheap.

So what’s the price of SynerFlex joint health formula?  The Synerflex price is about $1.33 per serving if you buy 1 bottle, and about $1.19 per serving if you take advantage of our multi-bottle savings.  That may be more expensive than some other joint products. While we can’t tell you what goes into their products, we can tell you exactly what goes into each bottle of SynerFlex…

Is SynerFlex Expensive?

Well, at first glance, some might think so. But we know what makes SynerFlex so much better than every other option out there. See, for those few extra cents a day, you don’t just get a so-so product. You get the SynerFlex formula…

First, we start with Hyal-Joint, which isn’t just ordinary hyaluronic acid. It’s a proprietary blend of ingredients, including hyaluronic acid and collagen, working together to make both even more effective. Then, we add boron. But as with the hyaluronic acid, we don’t just use any boron. Instead, we insist upon calcium fructoborate, a superior form of boron that’s both bio-available and bio-active. Translation – it works!

If you wanted to, you could probably find this combination of hyaluronic acid and boron – not the same quality, mind you, but the basic ingredients – at a drugstore. So why should you choose SynerFlex?

Because those aren’t the only ingredients in SynerFlex. What you can get at a drugstore isn’t enough for us. Not when there are other superstar ingredients that can help boost the effectiveness of SynerFlex and take your joint comfort to the next level…

Ingredients for Fast Relief

We’ve also added hops flower extract, called Perluxan.  While boron and hyaluronic acid can take a while to build up in your system, hops help you feel better faster. We included Boswellia serrata extract to help ease that stiffness in your joints. Finally, ginger root and black pepper are antioxidant extracts that help you fight off free radicals. Plus – black pepper helps the body absorb minerals, so all of the ingredients start working even sooner. And as with our anchor ingredients boron and hyaluronic acid, we demand the highest quality for all our ingredients, so we can provide you with superior product formulations at all times.

And here’s something else you may not have known – SynerFlex is the only joint health product available on the market today with this unique, specialized formula. Sure, there are others that claim to be as good, but only SynerFlex contains these ingredients in the exact amounts for optimal joint health.

SynerFlex Price: Is Superior Joint Health Worth a Few Extra Cents a Day?

If you bought all of these supplements individually, you’d have to spend at least $52, probably more once you add in shipping. That’s $1.73 per dose, not including shipping costs. Then you’d have to worry about taking the correct dose of each one, and balancing the amounts so that each ingredient can achieve ultimate effectiveness.

But we’ve done all of that for you. Your daily dose of SynerFlex has everything you need to maintain optimal joint health – just the right amount, every time. Plus, with SynerFlex (and all NorthStar Nutritionals products) you’re satisfaction is always assured with our Gold Star Guarantee. That’s something you won’t get anywhere else.

SynerFlex might cost a bit more than other joint products. But once you factor in the quality and peace of mind that comes with it, we think you ‘ll agree that it’s worth every penny. Sure, there may be other, cheaper, products – but there’s only one SynerFlex.

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